Jujutsu Kaisen: No, Yuji Itadori Doesn’t Have a Heavenly Restriction! Here’s How We Know!

Jujutsu Kaisen: No, Yuji Itadori Doesn't Have Heavenly Restriction! Here's How We Know!

Yuji Itadori is, as everyone knows, the principal protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is the boy who ate Sukuna’s finger and has, thanks to that, received a boost in his cursed energy and has, thus, become the principal character of the story. Now, while powerful and possessing many new techniques, one cannot but wonder why Yuji never activated any of his powers before, as he certainly is powerful now. Could it be that he actually has Heavenly Restriction? We’ll soon find out.

No, Yuji Itadori does not have a Heavenly Restriction, as it would have been revealed by now, seeing how the story has reached a certain point where that fact would have become obvious. Only three characters with a Heavenly Restriction have been identified so far, and they are Kokichi Muta, Toji Fushiguro, and Maki Zenin. Itadori was simply a non-sorcerer for the majority of his life, but when he consumed Sukuna’s fingers, his dormant cursed energy activated itself, and he learned how to use it and control it thanks to his mentor, Satoru Gojo. But no, there was never a possibility that he had a Heavenly Restriction, and the manga never really hinted at that being possible at any point.

As you might have deduced for yourselves, Yūji Itadori will be the focus of this article as we expand on the answer we have given above. We shall tell you everything you need to know about his powers and abilities, as well as how the theory that he could have a Heavenly Restriction in Jujutsu Kaisen is actually related to his special status in the series. In case you’re not up-to-date with everything that has been going on in this great series, we have to warn you that some spoilers might be present in this article.

No, Yuji Itadori does not have a Heavenly Restriction; he is simply a bit odd in some aspects

Even though Satoru Gojo is the series’ most popular character, Yuji Itadori is actually the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen. The story starts with him, and while it does drift a bit from time to time, we assume that it will end with him one way or the other.

Yuji Itadori is certainly an intriguing character, especially since he’s grown a lot from his debut appearance and has also become one of the series’ most important fighters, which says a lot because he had absolutely no powers at the very beginning.

And while this has an explanation, some fans have speculated that Yuji Itadori might have a Heavenly Restriction, and before we actually reveal how powerful he is, we are going to explain why this is not a possibility.

A Heavenly Restriction is not the result of a decision; rather, it is a form of a Binding Vow enforced from birth. They severely restrict the physical capacities of those who receive them, yet the benefits they provide are substantial compared to the expense. It is now impossible to determine precisely how and what causes someone to experience this kind of restriction; pure luck may be one of the contributing variables.

It is nevertheless really interesting to look at each example because of how radically different each one is from the others. Other than this, there isn’t much information accessible about this vow, so this is basically everything we know about it.


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Those with a Heavenly Restriction have little to no cursed energy at all, and their abilities are severely limited. They gain other benefits, but as far as cursed energy is considered – they are severely limited or, in Toji’s case, have no cursed energy at all.

Now, as far as Itadori’s case is concerned, we know that he had exceptional physical abilities before he became a Jujutsu sorcerer and that, at the same time, he had absolutely no cursed energy whatsoever. This, of course, immediately reminded fans of Toji’s case, and fans suspected that Itadori might have a Heavenly Restriction himself, as he had some of the benefits provided for by a Heavenly Restriction while unable to use his cursed energy. But that is simply not true.

Namely, all people have cursed energy, but not all people are jujutsu sorcerers. Itadori is just an example of a character who was unable to use his cursed energy and was a non-sorcerer at the time, but when he came into contact with Sukuna’s fingers, his cursed energy levels rose, and he was finally able to become a sorcerer. But, the ultimate proof that Yuji is not an example of a character with Heavenly Restriction is the fact that his abilities developed and grew independently of Sukuna.

Namely, if Itadori indeed had a Heavenly Restriction, his powers and abilities would completely depend on Sukuna, but Sukuna was only an amplifier in his case and not a proper source of his powers and abilities.

If the Heavenly Restriction theory were true, we would have found out about it by now. So no, Itadori does not have a Heavenly Restriction, and to show you that this is true, we’re going to go over his powers quickly.

Yuji is a skilled fighter who can use finesse and earth-shattering attacks. Yuji can execute a finely tuned attack, adjusting the power in his fist and stopping it just before it connects. Master of Taido and an excellent martial artist, Yuji is strong and knowledgeable enough to quickly grasp a weapon despite having no official instruction. However, it should be mentioned that his inexperience makes it difficult to direct Cursed Energy into a weapon.


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He is so incredibly fast that, while he was a student at Sugisawa Municipal High School, he was renowned for completing a 50-meter track in just three seconds. Like how he can easily and quickly flee from his opponents’ reach, he can do so even while hauling objects or people along with him. He can run while conducting several exorcisms simultaneously and move around the entire battlefield to his benefit.

Itadori is naturally curious and constantly comes up with fresh questions for his professors on top of everything else. He has little trouble understanding simple lessons, but he usually takes his time with more difficult ones so he may master them quickly. He is skilled at going forward because of his great attention span. He took only a few hours to complete the first level of Satoru Goj’s movie-watching training, and even after learning from Aoi Todo, he kept making swift progress and leveling up his strength and use of cursed energy.

Satoru Gojo said that Itadori would eventually be able to use Sukuna’s skills since they could become a part of him. It has been established that if Yuji ingested one of the Nine Cursed Wombs, one of two things would happen: either Sukuna, in his present form, would turn into a Cursed Womb, or the Nine Wombs’ consciousness would vanish, and they would become Yuji’s Cursed Energy because Sukuna would kill them.

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