Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s How Many Fingers Yuji Itadori Ate So Far

How Many Fingers Did Yuji Itadori Eat Why

Another day, another article about the relationship between Sukuna and Yuji Itadori. The two main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen – one the hero, the other the villain – Yuji and Sukuna have a very special bond, which has been a fact since the beginning of the series. The bond, of course, started with Itadori consuming Sukuna’s first finger, and since then, the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen has been consuming Sukuna’s fingers one after another. In this article, we are going to tell you just how many of Sukuna’s fingers Yuji has consumed up until this point in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • When Sukuna died 1,000 years ago, his fingers were detached from his body and turned into cursed objects so that he could be resurrected. Unfortunately, Yuji Itadori consumed one finger.
  • This act brought on the partial resurrection of Sukuna, who actually wanted to find and consume all of his fingers so that he could regain all of his previous powers.
  • While Yuji was Sukuna’s vessel, the protagonist had consumed 15 fingers in total before Sukuna left his body for Megumi’s, and consumed four additional ones, bringing the total to 19.

How many fingers did Yuji Itadori eat in the manga?

The issue of Sukuna’s fingers is a complex one and fans of the manga and the anime might have different answers when asked – how many fingers has Itadori consumed so far? As far as the manga series is concerned, Yuji Itadori consumed a total of 15 cursed fingers belonging to the powerful cursed spirit, Sukuna, before Sukuna broke away from him and took over Megumi’s body.

The first finger was consumed when Itadori and his companions attempted to save Fushigoro and his friends. The second finger was eaten before Itadori joined Tokyo Jujutsu High. The third and fourth fingers were retrieved from finger bearers in the Cursed Womb (Prison) and Origin of Obedience Arcs. The fifth finger was given to Itadori by Nanako and Mimiko Hasaba during the Shibuya incident.

Finally, in Chapter 111 of the manga series, Jogo fed Itadori ten of Sukuna’s fingers at once, bringing the total to 15 fingers. This is the final finger Itadori consumed as Sukuna’s vessel; although Sukuna will consume more fingers (see below), this will happen in Megumi’s and not Itadori’s body, so Itadori did not consume them.

How many fingers did Yuji Itadori eat in the anime?

As far as the anime series is concerned, we can now confirm – now that the Shibuya Incident Arc is over – that Yuji has consumed all of the 15 fingers in the anime as well. With the Shibuya Incident over, all the consumption events were depicted in the anime as well, so the total count is the same in both major works.


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How many fingers did Sukuna eat?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sukuna has consumed more fingers than Itadori. Namely, at one point in the story, during the Culling Game Arc, Sukuna decided to replace Yuji’s body with Megumi’s, thinking that Megumi would be a better vessel, both because his soul had been broken and because he had access to more powerful techniques. After this happened, the four fingers that Uraume had found in the meantime were also given to Sukuna, so he ate them all, bringing the total to 19. Only one finger, hidden somewhere by Gojo, remains, and we don’t know if Sukuna will find it or not.

Why did Yuji eat the first finger?

Itadori’s initial motivation for eating Sukuna’s first finger was to save his friends. In the first episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, Itadori’s best friend Sasaki almost dies from a curse that was unleashed by a cursed object. Itadori and his fellow Occult Research Club members, including Fushiguro, discover the cursed object and bring it to the Jujutsu Tech school to be exorcised. However, they are ambushed by a group of cursed spirits who want to retrieve the object. Fushiguro is gravely injured in the fight, and Itadori is left to fight alone.


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Itadori is about to be overwhelmed when he remembers his grandfather telling him that he has to try to help other people since he was born immensely strong. Each finger contains a portion of Sukuna’s immense power, and anyone who eats one will become stronger. Desperate to save his friends and overcome his enemies, Itadori consumes one of the fingers, unleashing Sukuna’s power inside him.

However, Itadori soon realizes that eating Sukuna’s fingers is expensive. Sukuna is a cursed spirit who seeks to take over his body and destroy humanity. As Itadori eats more fingers, he must struggle to control Sukuna’s influence and prevent him from taking over. Despite the danger, Itadori continues to consume Sukuna’s fingers because he believes it’s the only way to protect his friends and defeat the curses threatening the world.

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