Jujutsu Kaisen: What Are Sukuna’s “Twin Meteors” (or “Paired Falling Starts”)? Theories Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: What Are Sukuna's "Twin Meteors" (or "Paired Falling Starts")? Theories Explained!

Alongside Kenjaku, Sukuna is the big baddie in Jujutsu Kaisen. That is a fact that basically, everyone who is following the series knows. Sukuna is a cursed spirit and is said to be the King of Curses, which speaks enough about his powers and abilities. Now, Sukuna’s story is interesting and as the manga progressed, we saw him use stranger and more powerful moves. His fight against Kashimo from Chapter 238 of the manga saw him use Dismantle, but before that, he spoke a chant that mentioned “Twin Meteors” or “Paired Falling Stars”, depending on the translation. What are they, and what does this chant even mean? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During his fight with Kashimo in Chapter 238, before launching a powerful Dismantle at his opponent, Sukuna recited the following chant: “The Slash that Divides the World”: “paired falling stars… repulsion .. Dragon scales.”
  • The phrase “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) has since been intriguing to fans of the series, who are debating about the meaning of this phrase as well as its real-life implications.
  • Several theories related to the meaning of the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) phrase have been formed, some of which are related to Sukuna’s powers and abilities, while others are related to the symbolism of the phrase.

A theory related to Sukuna’s powers and abilities

As we usually do, we scavenged the Internet in order to find some good theories on this, and we managed to find one that connects the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) phrase to Sukuna’s powers. Here is what Reddit user Horror_Couple7 thinks:

i was thinking about sukuna’s “open” ability and reading different theories when i saw someone say he has “elemental CT” that uses different elements as base for his techiques and they also mentioned kashimo’s electrical cursed energy and suddenly it clicked for me

sukuna’s cursed energy is literal fire

evidence to support my theory

[gojos description of sukuna] when gojo was describing hein era sukuna to yuji in the anime sukuna was surrounded by flames

[finger bearer] during the fearsome womb arc the finger bearer curse that sukuna fought had orange flame like cursed energy which nobody else has had so far im pretty sure, so maybe it was caused by the power up from sukunas finger

[sukunas soul] when yuji enters mahitos domain and mahito accidentally touches sukunas soul sukuna slashed mahitos arm and when he does that we can see flames behind him

[sukunas chant] when using ultimate dismantle on kashimo in 238 when chanting, sukuna said “dragon scale, repel, twin meteors” which is pretty fire themed for someone who supposedly just slashes stuff. and on top of that when the dust clears it kind of looks like the crater is smoking as if the dismantle was hot

[uraumes ice] when uraume dropped the giant ice on to sukuna in 237 sukuna waved his hand and the ice specifically melted, it didnt break apart as if being cut, it melted. sukuna melted all that ice with flame cursed energy

sukunas technique itself

why does he say “[redacted] open” before using the arrow? i believe its him saying the name of his cursed technique. he says the name of his cursed technique and then “open” is him summoning a ball of flame which he can then shape to his will

i think that purely his cursed energy is flame i dont know if his cursed technique is flame themed too because cleave and dismantle are described as “throwing slashes” by sukuna himself. i think his technique is possibly dragon themed but thats a theory for a different post

edit: i came up with this theory in the span of like and hour and even i dont fully believe it but i do think it serves as a hypothesis to build on and change

edit 2: i removed the speculations on what cleave and dismantle was because i dont really like the idea and wanted focus on purely his cursed energy and not his technique

tl;dr sukunas cursed energy is 1,000 degree knife challenge??????????


As you can see, this theory mentions the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) as part of a theory explaining Sukuna’s powers and abilities. And while it is a solid theory, we actually don’t agree with it, but we wanted to give you a broader perspective on the issue. We are now going to explain what we think about the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) phrase.


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The “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) are probably just part of a chant and don’t have any precise meaning

As we’ve seen, there are theories that interpret Sukuna’s chant from an angle related to his powers and abilities, as well as their essence. The “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) are especially interesting here because we really did not see Sukuna use any similar technique; Jogo did use a meteor, but that was his special technique and it was just one. Without knowing the context, you might think that Sukuna was able to copy Jogo’s technique and modify it a bit (which is what we have written about here already), but that has nothing to do with the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”).

The “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) were mentioned in a chant – its full version goes like this: “The Slash that Divides the World”: “paired falling stars… repulsion .. Dragon scales.” – after which he attacked Kashimo with an exceptionally powerful Dismantle, the same technique that seemingly killed Gojo. Based on what we’ve presented above, it could actually be that the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) are a new technique of Sukuna’s but we don’t think so.

From our perspective, it is one of the following:

  1. “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) doesn’t have any particular meaning. It is just part of a chant that Sukuna uses in order to fire a more powerful or modified version of his Dismantle. This wouldn’t be overly strange for Jujutsu Kaisen, as the chants are often special, but the symbolism of the chants doesn’t have any actual repercussions.
  2. The “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) phrase is actually a symbolic representation of Sukuna’s Cleave and Dismantle techniques, two powerful techniques that are very similar and that come in pair. (Thanks to Kyle Anime Scouter for this theory).


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Be that as it may, the series hasn’t hinted – so far – that the “Twin Meteors” (“Paired Falling Stars”) phrase has any special meaning and it seems that it is just a writing decision on Akutami’s part, but that might change later as the story progresses. This is our take on the theory based on what we know so far, so it doesn’t have to be correct, but if you have another opinion – we’d love to hear it!

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