Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Sukuna Kill Kashimo? Here’s What Happened in Chapter 238!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Sukuna Kill Kashimo? Here’s What Happened in Chapter 238!

Chapter 238 of Jujutsu Kaisen is out, and we finally know what happened. We know that Chapter 236 ended with Kashimo entering the fight to replace Gojo and that the fight was portrayed in Chapter 237, with the chapter in question ending with Sukuna’s resurrection. Now, Chapter 238 finally brought us to a conclusion – it seems – of the fight. In this article, we have decided to tell you what happened here, as you will find out whether Kashimo died while fighting Sukuna.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • At the end of Chapter 236, after apparently killing Gojo, Sukuna is ready to face Kashimo, who was the next in line to fight the powerful curse.
  • In Chapter 237, Kashimo seemed to have the upper hand, as he managed to counter Sukuna’s Cursed Object because he was immune to electrical attacks, but that was only temporary, as Sukuna soon resurrected himself in his original form.
  • In Chapter 238, Sukuna showed off just how powerful he was. While Kashimo did put up some resistance, he ultimately lost and was apparently killed (off-screen) by Sukuna’s new powerful technique.

Is Kashimo dead? Here’s what happens in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238!

So, a quick recap. In Chapter 236, the epic conclusion of the fight between Gojo and Sukuna takes place; in the previous chapter, Gojo had seemingly won. However, in Chapter 236, Akutami simply killed him off-screen and ended his story for now. We hope. And at the end of that chapter, Kashimo entered the fight as Sukuna’s next opponent.

This brings us back to Chapter 237, where the fight between Kashimo and Sukuna occurred. It was an interesting clash, but without any emotions and suspense, as everyone and their mom knew what would happen – it was just a matter of how Sukuna would win. But Kashimo held out pretty well, and he even managed to damage Sukuna some more, but, as we’ve said, it all seemed – bleak. No one believed Kashimo stood a chance, and while Akutami did put some panels that showed Kashimo in the lead, no one believed it.

And then it happened. Uraume suddenly descends from the sky on a sizable chunk of ice and begins to fly toward Sukuna. The block of ice nonetheless reached Sukuna even though Hakari appeared to be fighting Uraume. From it, he withdrew a strange-looking blade that was later revealed as the Cursed Item that Yorozu had made for Sukuna with her Binding Vow. This happened at the end of her own fight with Sukuna, which served as a means of breaking Megumi, as Yorozu had possessed his sister.


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It soon turned out that it was Kamutoke, a weapon that Sukuna had used before. Sukuna, therefore, launched a very potent and destructive electric attack against Kashimo as soon as he grabbed hold of Kamutoke. Sukuna said that this strike “brought him back,” implying that he had previously used Kamutoke or an attack that was comparable to Kamutoke’s, indicating that this is not entirely new to him.

He was startled to find out that Kashimo was immune to electrical attacks because Kamutoke’s highly potent and damaging attack left Kashimo untouched. The next action was a counterattack by Kashimo, which hurt Sukuna. Then, something unexpected occurred. Sukuna utilized Incarnation, an ability he can only use once, to restore his original form while facing Kahsimo’s powers. This implies that this is it for Sukuna; he will either win or die in this form, but that is a topic for another article.

With Sukuna in his fully reincarnated original form, what is there left for us to discuss? Well, the events of Chapter 238. And while we knew that Akutami hated Gojo, we never really knew that he was in love with Sukuna, but from how he’s written him these last few chapters, it seems as if Sukuna himself is writing this and not Akutami. But this is just an author’s comment. Let us get back to the story.

So, when Kashimo, in his true form, observes Sukuna, he notices that Sukuna is absolutely perfect in that state, which is somewhat strange. Sukuna is now extremely powerful, and it was obvious from the end of Chapter 237 that Chapter 238 would be a one-way street in terms of how this battle would play out. And it happened just like that.

Kashimo didn’t even get a chance to attack, as Sukuna was so much faster and so much stronger than him now. Sukuna beat him up easily, and while Kashimo tried to dodge, there wasn’t much time. At one point, Sukuna warned him that he would be using the same attack that killed Gojo, and Kasihmo managed to dodge it, albeit he did lose a hand. But that was just a ruse, as Sukuna quickly appeared behind him. Kashimo managed to get out of the way, but that wasn’t enough.

Laughing, Sukuna simply launched a new powerful technique, something no one could avoid and with that, it seemed that Kashimo’s fate was sealed, especially since two new fighters, one of which was Yuji Itadori with an odd new power-up, entered the arena to face Sukuna, who seems to be absolutely certain of his victory at this point.


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Kashimo was off-screened just like Gojo, but while we saw Gojo’s seemingly dead boy, Kashimo’s death wasn’t even confirmed. There is a very, very slim chance that he managed to survive – you know the old rule, if a character doesn’t die on-screen, they’re probably not that dead – but we don’t think Chapter 239 will bring Kashimo back, especially since there was absolutely no hype about him and his fight with Sukuna (let’s be frank, everyone’s just waiting to see what’ll happen with Gojo).

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