Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Is Uraume & Why Are They so Important for Sukuna? How Do They Know Each Other?


The Shibuya Incident Arc from Jujutsu Kaisen manga brought back many characters in the series, and while some of them appeared only briefly, we were – in most cases – happy to see them back again. Uraume is a character that debuted much earlier in the anime, in Episode 21 but has resurfaced, much to Sukuna’s pleasure, in Episode 40. Who is Uraume? Why is this enigmatic character so important? In this article, we are going to introduce and present Uraume to you, as you are going to find out all you need to know about this mysterious persona, as well as what role Uraume plays in Sukuna’s life.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Uraume, also known as “The Frozen Star,” is a minor antagonist in Jujutsu Kaisen, a thousand-year-old jujutsu sorcerer whose story is closely related to Sukuna’s.
  • A thousand years ago, Uraume was a direct subordinate of Sukuna, which is why they joined Kenjaku in his effort to seal Satoru Gojo and revive Sukuna.
  • Later in the series, Uraume will end up joining Sukuna once he is revived after leaving Itadori’s body and possessing Megumi’s.

Uraume is a very enigmatic figure

Uraume debuted back in Chapter 53 of the manga, i.e., in Episode 21 of the anime series. They have been introduced as enigmatic figures with white hair and a monk’s outfit. Uraume was introduced as a member of Kenjaku’s group. However, as it turned out, Uraume wasn’t all that loyal to Kenjaku – they did not care much for them – but saw Kenjaku’s actions as a means of achieving their own goal: sealing Satoru Gojo and completely freeing Sukuna.

Uraume did not appear much in the story, though. After their brief first appearance, they once again appeared in Shibuya to meet Sukuna after he had been temporarily revived in Itadori’s body; Uraume greeted Sukuna, and it was clear that they would be working on completely freeing Sukuna. Uraume later reappeared alongside Kenjaku and fought against Choso in Shibuya, which did not turn out well for them.

As for the other arcs, Uraume had a relatively important role in the Culling Game Arc, where they helped free Sukuna. They also searched for a perfect location to erect a bath for Sukuna, which they ultimately found; afterward, they realized that Yorozu would have to be killed so that Sukuna could take over Megumi’s body completely and become free.

Near the end of this arc, Uraume faced the newly freed Gojo but was defeated with one blow. During the Shinjuku Showdown, Uraume appeared not long after Gojo’s apparent death to bring Sukuna a weapon while fighting Kinji Hakari.


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What is Uraume to Sukuna? Why was Sukuna happy to see him?

Uraume has a very special relationship with Sukuna, as they have known each other since the past. Uraume is around 1,000 years old, and they were present when Sukuna was at the peak of his abilities. Even then, Uraume was a loyal subordinate of Sukuna’s, and from what we can gather, all that Uraume wants is to bring back their former master. This is why they joined Kenjaku, as they saw it as an opportunity to revive Sukuna.

Sukuna seems to be fond of Uraume, as he was genuinely happy when he saw Uraume appear in front of him in Shibuya, which is a rare occurrence. Uraume’s appearance has changed since the last time they saw each other, as Sukuna said he barely recognized them. Uraume would later help Sukuna become completely free during the Culling Game and in Shinjuku.

This shows that Uraume was very loyal and close to Sukuna and that the two of them have a very important alliance, which seems to be important in terms of the plot.

How powerful is Uraume?

Uraume is a fairly powerful character. Their powers and abilities are focused on ice, and they are able to produce several powerful and destructive ice-based attacks. Their Innate Technique is Ice Formation, allowing them to create ice and even change their body by turning it into ice. Frost Calm is Uraume’s first major technique, and it is manifested by blowing ice-cold air into a group of opponents and then freezing them on the spot.

The ice is quite thick and traps the opponents easily. Their second technique is Icefall, which allows Uraume to create deadly ice shards that also float. This is an exceptionally dangerous and fatal attack.

On top of that, Uraume also has a lot of experience due to their age, which is certainly significant in fighting an opponent. Sadly, we do not know the extent of these powers and abilities, so we’re unable to give you any precise details. Still, based on the fact that both Kenjaku and Sukuna trusted Uraume very much, we can assume that Uraume was indeed skilled and that their abilities were respected for a reason.

Still, from a comparative standpoint, Uraume is not a top-tier fighter in Jujutsu Kaisen. Namely, while they did have a close call with Choso, Choso’s blood ultimately proved to be poisonous for Uraume, which implies that Choso had a way of defeating them. Based on that, Mahito, Dagon, Jogo, and Hanami could also probably defeat Uraume, and there is no doubt that Kenjaku and Sukuna could too. It doesn’t seem like Uraume was equipped to deal with special-grade curses.


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As for the sorcerers, we know that Gojo managed to defeat Uraume and injure them severely with just one attack, so there’s that. Geto and Toji would also probably deal with Uraume quickly, as would Mei Mei and, by all means, Nanami, as well as the high-ranking members of the Zanin Clan. Yuki would also be able to defeat them.

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