Kakegurui Watch Order: The Complete Guide

Kakegurui Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide

Gambling School, also known as Kakegurui is a manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and drawn by Tōru Naomura. The story takes place in a prestigious academy attended by wealthy students who have adopted their own hierarchy based on their gambling skills. The manga has been published since March 2014. An anime television series aired in Japan between July 1 and September 23, 2017; it was followed by a second season broadcast between January 9 and March 27, 2019.

In this article, we are going to focus on the anime adaptations of the Kakegurui series, as we are going to bring you the proper chronological watch order for the whole series.

Kakegurui watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Kakegurui works in the proper release order:

  • Kakegurui, Season 1 (anime, 2017)
  • Kakegurui ××, Season 2 (anime, 2019)
  • Kakegurui Twin, Season 1 (anime, 2022)

In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.

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Kakegurui chronological watch order

In this section, we are going to give you a chronological overview of the works in question:

Kakegurui Twin, Season 1 (anime, 2022)

kakegurui hy

Kakegurui Twin takes place one year before the events of the main series and Yumeko Jabami’s arrival at Hyakkaou Private Academy. The series centers on transfer student Mary Saotome who, after joining Hyakkaou Private Academy, learns about the school’s gaming system and quickly begins to adapt to it. This, though, only led to Mary succumbing to a gambling addiction.

Kakegurui, Season 1 (anime, 2017)

Gambling Woman

During a bet Saotome Mary defeats Suzui and becomes a pet, remaining at the complete service of the winner; later a new student is transferred to the school: Jabami Yumeko, with whom Saotome does not hesitate to invite her to a bet, Meari does not have the ability of the new student and falls when her trap is discovered in a game of “rock paper or scissors”.

After beating Mary, Yumeko meets Student Council member Sumeragi, who is undefeated at school gambling; the bet is a memory game where pairs of cards are chosen, during the first round Yumeko almost equals the number of cards, but in the second round, with the trap discovered, Sumeragi is defeated and forced to pay the price.

Yuriko Nishinotōin, a member of the Culture Club, challenges Yumeko to a bet called Life or Death, where she bets on the number of spaces that will be occupied by a small sword by shaking a container; after several rounds, Yumeko pressures Yuriko and reveals the method used to cheat. Amidst the tension, council president Kirari Momobami appears to oversee the end of the bet.

The Student Council calls a debt swap event, so Yumeko and Mary participate; an arrogant student named Jun Kiwatari sits at the same girls’ table with Nanami Tsubomi, a junior student. An Indian poker game with lots of cheating and Yumeko and Meari’s alliance gives them the upper hand. In the continuation of the Indian poker game, Jun pressures Nanami to beat the two girls, who have the upper hand.

Nanami is pressured again now by Yumeko to stop being on her partner’s side and give them the victory, Nanami decides the best option and with an arrangement in the allocation of debts, Yumeko and Mary are the winners. The council president makes Mary a proposal that she rejects, while Yumeko is forced into a bet with Midari in a surveillance room.


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In a game involving real weapons, Yumeko agrees to play three rounds and a deal is made to pay the winner one billion yen, the loser will be shot. Discovered the sabotage of the weapons by Yumeko, Midari reveals part of her past and how she was elected a member of the student council for a peculiar promise by the president.

Again, Yumeko discovers that the surveillance team’s image of the room was reversed, revealing the trap and ending the bet in a tie. School idol Yumemi Yumemite plans an event where she will challenge Yumeko to a battle with talent competitions, Yumemi states in the rules of the game that the loser will be an idol for life, and Yumeko reveals a letter with negative thoughts towards fans of the idol, threatening to reveal it to the public if she wins.

Yumemi and Yumeko participate in different tests of talent, singing and dancing to earn points, after most of the events are dominated by Yumeko, the idol accepts her defeat and broadcasts the recording where she insults her followers; Yumemi’s manager makes it known that someone else was trying to sabotage the idol with that letter.

Yumeko challenges Kaede, the council treasurer, to a public wager. The rules of a game similar to normal poker are decided with bets on the strongest or weakest hands, the bet is moderated by the mysterious vice president in the mask. After gambling all the money, Yumeko asks for a loan from Sumeragi, who is hesitant to accept the huge risk of losing everything.

With the pressure of running out of money to bet, Yumeko and Sumeragi put a price on her life, coming to a huge amount, Ririka assesses Kaede’s life as well. At the end of the bet, Yumeko reveals her hand, which surprises Kaede, being quite unexpected, who ends up losing. Decided by Kirari and Yumeko, both make a bet where they will give everything, that is, whoever loses retires forever from the academy.

With Runa Yomozuki as moderator of a bet based on tarot cards, Yumeko’s final challenge begins in a negative way, in her last chance to choose a card, Suzui and Yumeko join forces to decide and the result does not force either to leave the academy.

Kakegurui ××, Season 2 (anime, 2019)

kakegurui xx 9599 1

Mushibami heiress Erimi challenges Yumeko and Midari to a cruel game involving a sadistic guillotine-like finger-cutting device. Although at first, a trusting Eremi believes she has the advantage when she learns of the existence of a metal plate that prevents her fingers from being cut. Yumeko leads her to believe that her bet broker withdrew it, causing Eremi to suffer great anguish and fear as Yumeko and Midari enthusiastically cut the ropes randomly.

In another part of the school, President Kirari receives a visit from other members of her family. Kirari announces an election to select the new president of the Hyakku academy, a position to be decided by points accumulated in bets. After meeting with the other members of the Momobami clan, Kirari decides to set the election in motion and reveals that she also intends to hand over the leadership of the Momobami clan; which is why Eremi eventually challenges Yumeko and Midari with her guillotine.

However, Eremi loses her own game when cutting the last rope she withdraws her finger while Midari is disqualified from the competition for cutting the last two ropes on her turn. Since Yumeko kept her finger in the end she is the winner of her thanks to her only made him believe that the plate was removed when in fact table protectors were removed.

For their part, the rest of the Momobami begin to earn points with their winning bets. Yumeko and Suzui agree to bet against Miyo and Miri in a game that uses number cards from 0 to 3 and in which the one who gets more than 9 points in a four-round game loses, during the game Yumeko falls poisoned because of the Momobami.

Mary is recruited by former Vice President Ririka Momobami so that together they will compete for the presidency of the Hyakku school. Although Mary initially refuses and discovers that Ririka is Kirari’s twin, she agrees when Ririka reveals that Yumeko is poisoned and that she is the only one who can compete against Miyo and Miri.

Mary uses Ririka’s 100 votes to bet on the antidote to the poison but Miyo makes it a condition that each antidote costs 100 votes and that the loser of each round pricks his finger with poisoned needles to which a trusting Mary accepts declaring that she will be the winner. of the bet. Although Miyo and Miri seem to have the upper hand against Mary and Suzui by having their own secret sign communication system, Mary turns the tables by having Suzui reveal her cards each game and calculate what cards her opponents have.

All thanks to the fact that Runa deals the cards with a specific pattern and because of her “absolute” neutrality. As Miri loses and is poisoned, she is unable to continue supporting Miyo so she withdraws from the match allowing Yumeko to receive the antidote from her. Later, Mary confesses to an unconscious Yumeko that she plans to become the new council president.

Yumemime offers Yumeko to join her again for another idol performance, which Yumeko accepts when they are challenged by the mysterious Sumika to a talent match. Yumemime ensures that the audience votes for her and Yumeko by bribing her fans and much of the audience to vote for them in her singing performance. However, to the surprise of the idol, Sumika performs an outstanding singing performance of “amazing grace” and wins the favor of the public who vote for her.

Sumika reveals that she bribed the public to vote for the most impressive performance with the help of the Momobami’s assistant, Rei Batsubami. In the second challenge Yumemime and Yumeko tie when she is last she guesses Sumika’s spicy snack with a random answer. To decide the winner, the girls must guess the value of cards from a deck.

Sumika believes that she can win against the two because she notices that they both disagree about the outcome. Yumemime ends up winning when she guesses the closest match with Yumeko’s help even though she didn’t want to beat her idol but Sumika accepts her defeat and encourages Yumemime to strive to be a successful artist.

Tadano, one of the most influential members of the Momobami clan, organizes a peculiar bet by putting her cousins ​​Obami and Eslava to compete in a group of five, together with the finalists Itsuki, Yumeko, and a recently recovered Manyuda. The basis of the game is based on teamwork and trust. So as the game progresses and evidence appears that there is a person in the group who has betrayed everyone’s trust, the group gradually begins to distrust each other.

Manyuda, who doesn’t seem too interested in participating in the competition, comes to the theory that the one who betrayed the group is Yumeko. Although Yumeko does not deny or confirm that she was the one who betrayed the group, she encourages Manyuda to play the game with a strategy so they both manage to manipulate the group into cooperating with each other.


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Once the round ends, the evidence shows that the one who betrayed the group is Eslava, who admits her guilt by mentioning that someone else invited her to form a secret alliance. Manyuda then deduces that the mind behind the betrayal was Sumeragi, who upon being discovered admits what happened and decides to resign from the presidency after helping Manyuda out of her depression.

Sayaka, the secretary of the student council decides to challenge Yumeko to a bet to expel her from the competition for the presidency of the Hyakku academy. An intrigued Kirari proposes as a game scenario a tower similar to a maze whose doors can be unlocked with answers that must be solved in record time or else the doors will exchange their answers, the winner of the game will be the one who descends to find a lily and return to the beginning.

As Yumeko accepts the possibility of giving up the competition, Sayaka has to bet her own life for the bet to be split evenly. The secretary steps forward as she unlocks a door that leads to the lily while Yumeko deliberately wastes her turn by opening a door to the outside. Yumeko manages to defeat Sayaka in the tower game despite the fact that she makes her way through the different rooms without making a mistake at a door.

Yumeko explains that she understood how the tower worked by discovering that the structure is constantly moving as questions are exchanged from door to door. Defeated and resigned to her death, Sayaka inadvertently opens a door and jumps from it to pay for her bet, but to her surprise, Kirari jumps with her and reveals that having chosen the correct door she jumped from a suitable height in the sky, at the precise moment, towards a padded floor.

Soon after, Kirari proposes to Syaka to be her secretary again, a proposal that she gladly accepts. The next day Yumeko and Suzui receive invitations to a vote auction. Yumeko and Suzui attend an event known as the vote auction, organized by Rei Batsubami. She explains to the participants including Mary, Ririka, Nishitoin and Midari the rules of the event.

Although Mary tries hard to prevent everyone from participating in the auction, several succumb to the temptation to increase their votes so both Yumeko and Mary discover that Rei and another anonymous auctioneer are participating in the auction to keep it going. Yumeko becomes obsessed with taking the gamble to new heights so he uses all the money he won from Manyuda to auction it off in exchange for Rei showing her “true self”.

She agrees and reveals her true intentions of using the auction to win votes for herself. Rei reveals that since she was a child she has been a slave to the Momobami clan after losing her family name and her freedom in a bet. She wants to get even with her masters by becoming the new leader of the clan. Rei intends to force the participants to get into debt with the auctions and thus win more votes but Yumeko manages to upset when she manages to win all the votes auctioned with just one vote, a practice which is joined by Mary, Midari, and even the other Momobami.

Rei is devastated by the turn of her plans but accepts the chance to win all of Yumeko’s money and have her become a slave on a bet of heads or tails. Although Yumeko wins the bet, Rei is now able to live her life as a free girl while Yumeko continues to bet on the competition for the presidency.