All 10 Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Characters (Male & Female) Ranked by Skills

All X Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler Characters (Male & Female) Ranked by Skills

Kakegurui is a manga and anime series written by Homura Kawamoto and drawn by Tōru Naomura. The story takes place in a prestigious academy attended by wealthy students who have adopted their own hierarchy based on their gambling skills. The manga has been published in Square Enix’s manga pre-publication magazine, the Monthly Gangan Joker, since March 2014. Aside from the intriguing plot, Kakegurui also has some quite intriguing characters and in this article, we are going to like the 10 best gamblers in Kakegurui, both male and female.

10. Jun Kiwatari


Jun Kiwatari is an arrogant and sadistic bully, often addicted to harassing students who are degraded to pets, especially girls. His victims are often physically abused or forced to strip down for him and his friends. His contempt for pets turns against him when he decides to participate in the “Debt Swapping Game” with Yumeko and Mary. To Kiwatari’s surprise, the two girls easily defeat him, putting him in heavy debt until he becomes a pet in turn.

9. Ryōta Suzui


Ryōta Suzui is a classmate of Yumeko and later his best friend. He is a nice guy, but also a mediocre player. Upon Yumeko’s arrival at the academy, Suzui finds herself in pet status due to a lost game with classmate Mary Saotome. When she challenges Yumeko to Paper Scissor and Rock to Draw, Suzui helps Mary cheat, but the new student wins anyway.

Yumeko shows no hard feelings towards Suzui, to whom he donates a large amount of money, allowing him to pay off his debts. From this moment, Suzui will form a strong friendship with the girl, from which he will also begin to feel attracted to her.

8. Itsuki Sumeragi


Itsuki Sumeragi is a card game expert and the daughter of the CEO of a toy company. She has short blonde hair pulled back in a bandana, and blue eyes. Thanks to a large donation, she becomes a member of the student council when she is still in her first year. She owns a collection of human nails that she ripped off from the students she defeated.

After challenging Yumeko, Sumeragi suffers an unexpected and humiliating defeat, and she loses her place on the student council. To regain her position, Itsuki will eventually ally with Yumeko herself. Encouraged by the latter, she bets everything she has in a match against council treasurer Kaede Manyūda, whom she is secretly in love with, but by whom she feels undervalued, and pulls her own nails off. as a sign of sacrifice.

7. Yuriko Nishinotounin

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Yuriko Nishinotouin is a member of the student council and president of the Club of Culture and Tradition. She is a good-looking girl with long brown hair and slit eyes. Unlike the other students of the academy, Yuriko does not wear a school uniform, but an elegant pink kimono. In spite of her always kind and polite demeanor, Yuriko is a sadistic and money-hungry gambler.

Her favorite game of hers is “Life or Death”, a board game in which, based on the movement of small metal swords, players can win or lose huge amounts of money, even after modest bets. Furthermore, Yuriko plays unfairly, as she has had tiny piercings installed on the hands of the other members of her club which, through magnetism, allow them to place at least one sword in a way that is advantageous for Yuriko. Yumeko strongly despises Yuriko, calling her a “loan shark”.

6. Yume Yumemite


Yumemi Yumemite is the student council’s PR leader and part-time idol with a dream of becoming a famous actress. She has pink-orange hair often pulled back in two tails, blue eyes, and her pupils are shaped like white stars. Although she is sweet and friendly to everyone, she is actually cynical and calculating, she also feels disgust towards her fans.

After challenging and losing to Yumeko with a game broadcast within a variety show, she reveals live what she thinks of her admirers who, despite everything, will continue to idolize her and, feeling encouraged, continues her idol career.


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5. Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima1

Midari Ikishima is a second-year student, student council member, and leader of the Beautification Committee. She is a tall girl with short black hair and a single yellow-green eye. She wears a blindfold on her left socket, having gouged out her eye with a pen to pay a debt to Kirari. She has strong masochistic and violent tendencies, she is very impulsive and lacking in self-control.

She often challenges students in very dangerous games in which they can be killed or maimed, in fact, it is quite rare for anyone to accept. Midari is obsessed with Yumeko, in whom she believes she recognizes her own self-destructive tendencies and dreams of being killed or tortured by her. For her part, Yumeko, who loves gambling for the sake of risk, hates Midari who, in pursuit of her pain, she often tries to lose on purpose.

4. Kaede Manyūda


Kaede Manyūda is the student council treasurer. He has short black hair and wears black glasses. His goal is to take the place of president of Kirari, to which he often questions the methods when some members fail. He appears to be a very cold and ruthless person, as well as being a skilled manipulator, but he also has a more insecure and sensitive side.

After being defeated by Yumeko, and borrowing several billion yen, Manyūda is so shocked that he loses all motivation, and his hair turns completely white. Sumeragi considers him a kind of mentor and is secretly in love with him: although she helps Yumeko to defeat him as a punishment for always underestimating her, she will later support him so that she can overcome her crisis.

3. Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome is a classmate of Yumeko. She was born on March 8th. Before Yumeko’s arrival, she was one of the best players in the school and Suzui’s “mistress”. At first she is presented as a very charismatic girl, but also sadistic and without particular bonds of friendship. She initially she has many “beasts” following her and loves to beat her opponents by turning them into her slaves.

When Yumeko enters the Academy, Mary immediately tries to take on a small debt to intimidate her, but she is severely defeated and reduced to a pet. Despite their initial antagonism, she later becomes Yumeko’s ally, perceiving her as her friend, but at the same time as her greatest rival. Unlike Yumeko, she Mary aims for victory in every bet and tries never to make too risky choices.

Following her time as a pet, she develops a strong hatred of the student council and President Kirari for establishing such a practice. In the prequel Kakegurui twin, where she is the protagonist, it is revealed that Mary’s family is not as wealthy as those of her schoolmates, but by moving to the academy she learns how to survive and thrive in the school game system.

She manages to win a school space from the former student council vice president where she sets up a personal gambling den.

2. Yumeko Jabami


Yumeko Jabami is the beautiful and mysterious new student of the Hyakkaou Private Academy. She has long black hair and brown eyes, which glow red when she is overwhelmed by the desire to bet. In fact, despite her always kind and friendly ways of her, she suffers from a severe risk disease to the point of becoming sexually aroused when dangerous bets are made during the game.

Yumeko is extraordinarily gifted at gambling, she has an excellent eidetic memory and enjoys a great mathematical and logical mind. She is also very good at provoking skilled and cautious opponents, to the point of pushing them to bet recklessly. Yumeko lives alone as her parents are dead and she has a large amount of money that allows her to support her older sister in a major university clinic.

Arriving at the Hyakkaou Academy, Yumeko immediately arouses the concern of the student council, frightened by the fact that the girl plays for the simple taste of risk and therefore she is not blackmailed with money. For her part, Yumeko develops an obsession with Prime Minister Kirari, and goes to great lengths to challenge her.

1. Kirari Momobami


Kirari Momobami is the student council president and head of the Momobami clan. She has a corpse-like complexion, platinum blonde hair in two braids, and wears blue lipstick and nail polish. She is a self-centered girl and a manipulative sadist. Her gambling abilities are exceptional and everyone thinks Yumeko’s idea of wanting to play with her is total madness.

As the president, she created the beast system and favors the mistreatment, bullying, and inhumane conditions suffered by indebted students. Upon Yumeko’s arrival at the Hyakkaou Academy, Kirari immediately senses the danger posed by a student playing for the simple sake of risk, but at the same time, she is fascinated by Yumeko and watches with interest as she wreaks havoc in the Academy.

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