Latest Rumors Suggest Wesley Snipes Could Be Making a Comeback to the Blade Role

Latest Rumors Suggest Wesley Snipes Could Be Making a Comeback to the Blade Role

The MCU has several projects lined up for release in the coming years, including the ‘Blade’ reboot. This reboot aims to introduce the iconic vampire hunter to the MCU.

Mahershala Ali proposed the project and will star as the titular character. Initially planned for a 2023 release, the movie has been delayed to 2025 (so far) due to Ali’s dissatisfaction with the script.

The movie went through a rough development phase, with the story changing several times and Mahershala nearly quitting at one stage. Some actors, like Aaron Pierre, also dropped out for reasons not disclosed. Recent reports suggest the movie’s plot has been simplified, focusing solely on Blade hunting vampires, and filming is set to begin in Mexico. According to industry insider Daniel Richtman, who has a solid track record, Wesley Snipes is rumored to make a comeback in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, appearing in multiple undisclosed projects.

It’s unclear if Snipes will portray a variant character since Mahershala is determined to play Blade, at least from what we know. There are also rumors suggesting Snipes isn’t the easiest person to collaborate with, which could complicate the deal as Disney may want to avoid any associations. Nevertheless, the outlook for the upcoming movie is both promising and challenging. Michael Green was recently brought in for rewrites, with a firm commitment to maintain the film’s “R” rating, which director Demange emphasized as their top priority. Got something to contribute? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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