‘M3GAN’ Ending Explained: What Happens to M3GAN at the End of the Film?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for M3GAN the latest film coming from Blumhouse Productions, one of the most prolific horror studios in the history of American cinema. The studio has managed to carve out a place for itself in Hollywood thanks to high-concept movies that are cheap to make and make huge profits as a result. M3gan is just the latest movie from then, and it is written by James Wan and Akela Cooper, collaborating once again after Wan’s own Malignant. The film is directed by Gerard Johnstone and stars Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Jenna Davis, and Amie Doland.

M3gan positions itself almost as a remake or a new vision of Child’s Play, the classic film from the 1980s that gave us Chucky, as one of the most memorable horror dolls of that decade. Time will tell if M3GAN is able to achieve that level of success, but things look good. The film is very well-made and proves that Johnstone’s Housebound was not a one-hit-wonder. The director knows how to create tension and also makes excellent use of humor. The film is more comedic than horrific, which might feel disappointing for some, but it makes the movie fun to watch.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for M3GAN. Read at your own risk.

Why Does Gemma Create M3GAN?

The film starts by introducing us to a normal family on a trip to the mountains. The blizzard outside is quite heavy, and visibility is pretty low. We get to me Cady, a young girl who is playing with his Furbie-type toy in the backseat. The toy is controlled through an app on her iPad. Her mom explains how she thinks Cady is spending too much time on her iPad and how dumb it is to play with a toy through another device. The car slips a bit because the road is so frozen, and when they stop, they are hit by a huge truck that is coming the other way. Cady survives, but both her parents are killed.

It is here that we are introduced to Cady’s aunt, Gemma. She is a robotics engineer, and she works for a toy company, the same one that builds Furbie-type toys. Her boss begs her team to come up with a version of the toy that is cheaper to make. It seems the competition is basically making a rip-off at half the cost, and because they are cheaper, they are selling more. Gemma shows him the M3GAN prototype, a toy so advanced that it would be impossible to duplicate. The demonstration fails, and she is given a deadline to make a cheaper prototype for the other toy.

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We see that Cady is staying with Gemma, and she is receiving visits from a court therapist to see if Gemma’s house is the best environment for Cady to stay in. Gemma is very busy most of the time, and Cady finds it hard to connect with her. However, they have a moment when Cady goes to Gemma’s workshop, and she shows the girl what she is working on, including, Bruce, a huge robot that can be controlled remotely. Cady is fascinated by Bruce, and this gives Gemma the motivation to continue working on M3GAN, and finish her.


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Gemma and her team finished M3GAN and then used Cady to make a presentation for their boss. The presentation shows that M3GAN is there to protect and serve Cady as a friend and confidant. M3GAN shows she has dynamic responses, and she keeps learning and evolving the longer she interacts with Cady. Gemma’s boss is excited and decides to follow through with the project and also get a presentation ready for investors. However, as M3GAN experiences more things, she seems to start to become self-aware, especially when the subject of Cady’s parents’ deaths is brought up.

What Happens To M3GAN At The End Of The Film?

Cady’s relationship with M3GAN becomes tighter, and this raises concerns with her therapist. How can Cady grow up if M3GAN is basically being designed to be a toy that you would never let go of? Cady might be replacing her parents with M3GAN, who teaches and cares for her 24/7. Gemma begins to understand the dangers of the relationship, but the launch of the M3GAN as a product is coming closer and closer. M3GAN, on the other hand, begins to behave in more disturbing ways.

First, M3GAN tries to pick up something from a neighbor’s yard, and she gets attacked by a dog. The dog also attacks Cady, and later that night, M3GAN decides to kill the dog. This raises suspicions from the neighbor, but there is no proof that M3GAN, as a toy would have done that, she is not programmed to hurt things. Later, when Cady begins assisting a special school, she takes M3GAN with her. Another kid who bullies others targets Cady as his next victim. M3GAN arrives and defends Cady, but ends up killing the kid.

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Cady is afraid of M3GAN now, but the doll believes she is doing what she is supposed to do. When M3GAN targets Gemma, she turns the doll off and takes it to the lab. She also has a moment with Cady when they express their feelings of loneliness and sadness over the deaths of Cady’s parents, which included Gemma’s sister. It seems that Cady is finally open to having a real relationship with her aunt. However, M3GAN wakes up in the lab and kills Gemma’s assistants and also her boss. She escapes the building and goes to Gemma’s home.


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There, M3GAN tries to kill Gemma, justifying her actions as the best outcome for Cady. However, Cady arrives and sees how M3GAN is ready to leave Gemma in a vegetative state. Cady decides not to trust M3GAN and instead grabs Bruce’s controls, destroying M3GAN in the process. The film ends with the police arriving and Gemma and Cady being safe. However, the movie, of course, sets up the story to continue. A character named Kurt, who worked for Gemma’s boss, is revealed to be a corporate spy, and he has sold the M3GAN’s plans to another company, so we might have an army of M3GANs for the sequel.

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