M3GAN vs. Annabelle: Which Doll Would Win in a Fight?

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We’re all too familiar with the killer-doll genre in horror movies, but M3GAN brought something new and unique into the mix. Usually, we see possessed dolls wreaking supernatural havoc, but with M3GAN, there’s nothing paranormal here. So, horror fans started to wonder, if A.I. M3GAN ever fought the supernatural Annabelle, which doll would win that fight?

It would likely be a tough fight, but M3GAN would beat Annabelle in a fight. After all, Annabelle isn’t the one doing damage – it’s the demon that possessed the doll. Without him, M3GAN would destroy Annabelle in a heartbeat. 

But then, it wouldn’t even be a fight, right? If we include the demonic presence into the mix, things get much tougher for M3GAN. It would be a close fight, but even the creators of M3GAN – including James Wan, who created both M3GAN and Annabelle – think the killer-doll newbie has too many tricks up her sleeve. Here’s how the fight would go based on certain aspects of both dolls.


First up, let’s remove all the artificial intelligence and demonic stuff aside and compare the dolls themselves. Which doll is tougher, more resilient to damage, and more durable overall? The answers to those questions lie in the materials used for their construction.

Annabelle, in real life, is a Raggedy Ann doll made out of cloth, cotton, and wool. But we’re not talking about real life here, are we? In the movies, Annabelle is a porcelain doll with some minor wooden parts (I think?) dressed in cloth. As you know, porcelain is quite fragile, and cloth is quite tearable – and flammable.

On the other hand, you have M3GAN, an A.I. robot doll made out of wiring, microchips, metal, and a tough, resilient carbon fiber exoskeleton. There are some synthetic materials there for her hair, and cloth for clothing, much like Annabelle.


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If we compare carbon fibers to porcelain, it’s like comparing steel and glass. You can mess up both, but you’ll need a lot less force to break one. You’ll need a sledgehammer or something to destroy M3GAN, while you only need to toss Annabelle from your balcony to shatter her into pieces. It’s a no-contest here.

Point: M3GAN (1:0) Annabelle

Powers & Abilities

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M3GAN is definitely tougher and more durable in terms of materials, but the thing is, they aren’t the only thing in play here. If it were that easy to destroy Annabelle by breaking the doll, they’d do it already, right? Well, as Patrick Wilson’s Ed Warren explained in The Conjuring universe – ‘it’s sometimes better to keep the genie in the bottle.’

The genie, in Annabelle’s case, is the demon that possessed the doll. You see, Annabelle doesn’t really do much on her own. She doesn’t attack or kill. The demon that possessed the doll is doing all the harm. Ergo, Annabelle has magical/demonic powers that make her so dangerous.

The problem is the demon is latched onto the doll, and as long as it stays that way, you can contain it. Should you destroy the doll, as Ed Warren said, the ‘genie’ would be out of the bottle, making him way more dangerous and unpredictable. Long story short, Annabelle has magic powers due to the demon but no abilities whatsoever in the doll herself.


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On the other hand, M3GAN has no powers, per se, but she has a ton of abilities. And, I mean – absolutely limitless abilities. The construction of M3GAN is done incredibly well, so the doll is tough and resilient but also incredibly agile and quick. 

By giving her full access to the Internet, it takes all but a second for M3GAN to learn and utilize anything you can find online. That’s why she’s so awesome at dancing, sword fighting, martial arts, etc. What she doesn’t know, she can learn. Does that mean she could learn how to exorcise a demon? Probably.

So, we have a possessed doll with demonic powers going against unlimited abilities and knowledge with no supernatural powers. Both seem quite open-ended and unpredictable, so I think both killer dolls deserve a point for this particular category.

Point(s): M3GAN (2:1) Annabelle

Doll Vs. Doll

m3gan annabelle brushing

We are here to talk about M3GAN fighting Annabelle, right? I mean, there’s a demon behind Annabelle that M3GAN would likely have a hard time harming in any way, but if we’re talking about harming the doll – M3GAN crushes here.

Annabelle could likely be moved around in an unpredictable manner by the demon, but we never actually saw Annabelle touch anyone, so if we’re talking about doll-on-doll fighting, I’m having a hard time seeing how she’d harm M3GAN. 

The demon might find a way, but it would not be with the doll. It would have to be something else, like closing M3GAN in an oven somehow, I don’t know. The point is, that’s not a doll-on-doll fight anymore, then. It’s doll-on-demon.

Doll-on-doll, Annabelle can’t do anything (and the creator of both, James Wan, agrees with me, but we’ll get to that) to M3GAN, whereas M3GAN has so many tricks up her sleeve to absolutely pulverize the creepy porcelain menace.

M3GAN wins this category, as she could destroy Annabelle the doll with ease. The question is, is that a smart thing to do?

Point: M3GAN (3:1) Annabelle


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A.I. Vs. Demon

I’ve mentioned already that, when it comes to demonic possessions, Ed and Lorraine Warren believed it was sometimes better to ‘keep the genie in the bottle.’ That’s why they have a locked room full of cursed or possessed objects instead of destroying them. It’s a way of keeping the evil contained instead of letting it out to wreak havoc again.

So, we know that M3GAN could destroy the Annabelle doll with ease, but it would do nothing to the demon. Moreover, it would release the demon and all its malevolence. It would allow the demon to attack without the possibility of being contained within the doll, meaning that M3GAN would be putting herself in a more vulnerable position by destroying Annabelle.

m3gan annabelle demon

On the other hand, one could argue that, as an artificial intelligence with access to the Internet, M3GAN could quickly learn how to fend off, contain, or exorcise a demon by searching the web for information. But who can guarantee the information she finds is correct? Can she even find something useful that would genuinely work against a demon?

Wouldn’t Ed and Lorraine already do it if it were that easy instead of keeping Annabelle in their basement? What if the demon is too powerful, and the best way to keep him at bay is by keeping him contained within the Annabelle doll? Whatever the case may be, it’s not looking good for M3GAN.

If it’s doll-on-doll, M3GAN wins easily. But, if Annabelle is destroyed, and the demon is out, my money is on the powerful magical entity instead of the A.I.

Point: Annabelle (2:3) M3GAN


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Creators’ choice

Lastly, we can talk and speculate all we want, but the reality is that both of these killer dolls are fictional characters, and the winner would be whoever the writers and creators choose to be the winner. So, why not just ask them? Who’s the creators’ choice in a fight between M3GAN Annabelle? Well, it seems the ball is predominantly in M3GAN’s court.

Speaking about the topic with Entertainment Weekly, James Wan – the creator behind both M3GAN and Annabelle, put his money on the A.I.:

“Listen, M3GAN is a whole new breed that we haven’t seen before. I wouldn’t put it past M3GAN to have great tricks up her sleeves, especially if we’re lucky enough to have future stories. Why can’t M3GAN have rocket launchers at her fingertips? That would be amazing. It would blow any doll off the planet.”

Joining his opinion in the same interview was Allison Williams, the actress that portrays Gemma, M3GAN’s creator in the movie:

“I wouldn’t ever bet against M3GAN. Ever, ever. I’ve got to go with my girl. She has the worldwide web in her being. She could win anything.”

m3gan messed

The executive producer behind M3GAN, Jason Blum, had this to say:

“I thought you were going to say, “[who would win] between M3GAN and Chucky.” That’s tough because Annabelle has magic powers, that’s a tough one. I don’t know about that. But if it was Chucky, M3GAN would win.”

The only one betting the other way is Gerard Johnstone, the director of M3GAN:

“Who would win in a fight between M3GAN and Annabelle? Well, I guess because Annabelle’s a demon, maybe she would win. Maybe we should make a movie and find out!”

In the end, it’s 2:1 in M3GAN’s favor, with Jason Blum being somewhat indecisive, but in another interview with CBR, he also agreed: “Yeah, no contest. It’s M3GAN.”

If the creators of the killer dolls think M3GAN would win, who are we to disagree? I also agree with Mr. Johnstone that we should make a movie to find out. That would be epic!

Point: M3GAN (4:2) Annabelle

M3GAN Vs. Annabelle: Who wins?

The final result is 4:2 in favor of M3GAN, meaning that the A.I.-powered killer doll would beat the demonically-possessed creepy doll in a fight. It wouldn’t be as one-sided, though, as one can’t really disregard the supernatural aspect of Annabelle because her power limits are quite vague and unknown. Maybe the fight would be over before it even starts?

If we’re talking doll-on-doll, M3GAN slams, hands down. But when you include the demon into the mix, things get a bit tougher. In the end, if the creators say M3GAN would win, we, as fans, can do nothing but agree!

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