M3GAN vs. Chucky: Which Doll Would Win in a Fight?


M3GAN hit theaters this January as the new killer doll in town. The fans loved the new A.I.-powered robot doll who kills anyone in her path of ‘protecting’ the young girl Cady. Naturally, fans started comparing M3GAN to other cinematic killer dolls; the iconic Chucky from Child’s Play, specifically. So, if M3GAN and Chucky ever fought, which killer doll would win?

M3GAN would win in a fight against Chucky. Chucky is an icon, but he wouldn’t stand a real chance against M3GAN. She is too advanced technologically and has all the knowledge in the world at her disposal, whereas Chucky is a plastic doll possessed by a brutal but not-that-smart serial killer.

Of course, the creators of M3GAN, including James Wan and Jason Blum, are sure that M3GAN would smack Chucky into oblivion, but die-hard Child’s Play fans tend to disagree. The two killer dolls are already hilariously beefing on their official Twitter accounts, so to put an end to the conversation, let’s break down the fight into categories to determine the final outcome.


So, the first thing about squaring one killer doll against the other would be to see which one is more durable and more able to withstand significant damage. That, of course, starts with the materials used for their creation.

Chucky is just a normal, battery-powered, plastic-and-cloth Good Guy doll who happens to be possessed by an insanely malevolent spirit of a deranged serial killer. That being said, Chucky’s supernatural powers allowed the doll to survive some severe punishment over the years (since 1988, when the first Child’s Play movie premiered).

He went through fires, getting shot in the face, chopped to pieces – you name it, Chucky came back from it. His supernatural origins allow old Chuckster to possess other Good Guy dolls or to simply keep on trucking despite the doll being all but ashes.

On the other hand, you have M3GAN, who’s an A.I.-powered doll created by a genius roboticist. She is a highly-advanced android made primarily out of some sort of durable carbon fiber exoskeleton, with hair, clothes, and accessories mostly made out of cloth (or cotton, perhaps?), and of course, metal, wires, etc.

Additionally, after the robotic body is destroyed, M3GAN’s A.I. is connected to the Internet and allows her to transfer consciousness from the robotic exoskeleton to any other device that’s connected to the Internet. 

So, if Chucky can use his supernatural abilities to transfer from one doll to another, M3GAN takes it a step further and can transfer to any given device with a Wi-Fi connection. If we take that away from both and focus solely on the materials of the dolls themselves, M3GAN takes the cake again. This is a clear-cut point for the killer doll newcomer.

Point: M3GAN (1:0) Chucky


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M3GAN is confident, smart, kind, caring, and generous at first. She gives Cady all the emotional support she needs and adds some. Throughout their friendship, M3GAN is very apt at giving advice to Cady to help her get through her grief. She also reads her bedtime stories and so much more that makes them best friends.

However, after Gemma gives her an ill-advised command to protect Cady both ‘physically and mentally,’ M3GAN takes it too seriously. I mean – WAY too seriously. It’s actually in that moment where M3GAN turns from a friendly robotic parental figure into a killer doll who’ll stop at nothing to “keep Cady safe.” Even if that means killing everyone in her close proximity.

What that means is that you can somewhat blame Gemma and her programming for the downfall of M3GAN. However, when it comes to Chucky, there are no redeeming qualities here or wild factors that affect his behavior. Well, other than the looney serial killer spirit, of course.


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Chucky is cunning, manipulative, brutal, and just insanely awesome. The stuff he comes up with is just too crazy, and he’s very keen on making his murders look like accidents. Chucky’s personality is what made the killer doll so famous worldwide, actually. 

I mean, the combination of a sweet, innocent child doll with the personality of a psychopathic serial killer is carried out so spectacularly, making this classic horror franchise one of the best black comedies ever. M3GAN has her strengths, but Chucky’s personality definitely takes the cake.

Point: Chucky (1:1) M3GAN

Fighting Skills

This one’s a no-brainer, actually. Did you see M3GAN’s dance moves? I mean, that doll can MOVE! In fact, she is much more versatile and agile, simply due to her build and exoskeleton. To add to it, M3GAN has access to the Internet and all of humanity’s knowledge, making her learn a combat skill or a martial art in a millisecond.

She can fight like a UFC champion, wield swords like a ninja, and use her robotic precision to shoot guns like the best sniper in the history of existence.

Meanwhile, Chucky is a plastic doll with limited movement and is actually quite tiny compared to M3GAN. To add to it, he can’t really learn martial arts or anything – he knows what the evil spirit knew – take a knife and have a stab at it. Sure he got experienced and creative, but this was a no-contest.

One soccer kick to Chucky’s ginger face would probably take his head off. And it’s not like he can stab M3GAN to death.

Point: M3GAN (2:1) Chucky


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The thing about both M3GAN and Chucky is that they aren’t purely horror – there are elements of comedy in there, and both Child’s Play (and the entire Chucky-based franchise) and M3GAN deliver that dark comedy to a tee. The question is if we’re judging them based on a roasting battle, who’d give you a stomachache from laughing?

My money is on Chucky. Sure, M3GAN had some hilarious jokes throughout the movie, and those TikTok dance moves went viral for a reason. There’s something super funny and interesting about her. But, come on. We’re talking about Chucky here. Just look at this exchange on Twitter.

The little fellow is simply unhinged. I mean, you can judge solely on the new Chucky series (which, by the way, is my absolute favorite installment in the franchise, barring the original movie), and Chucky still wins. The jokes are crude, brutal, and sometimes R-rated, but on point every single time.

It wouldn’t help Chucky in a fight against M3GAN, but it surely would help him make us laugh and have M3GAN sad from being roasted as a chicken.

Point: Chucky (2:2) M3GAN


Lastly, it all comes down to the intelligence of the two killer dolls. If they fought, who would be able to outsmart the other and exploit the weaknesses of their enemy? When you put it down as simply as that, it’s clear that M3GAN would demolish Chucky. Speaking to SyFy Wire, Allison Williams (the actress portraying Gemma) shared her thoughts on the battle:

“M3GAN’s got this. It feels so simple to me. M3GAN can just do all of the research there is on Chucky’s weaknesses in a millisecond and figure it out. She has too many resources. It’s not a fair fight.”

The executive producer, Jason Blum, had similar thoughts:

“There’s no question that M3GAN would definitely win. She’s much smarter than Chucky.”

You could say – ‘well, of course, they’re going to say that they are the creators of M3GAN!’ And you’d have a point. But, the thing is, they’re right.

M3GAN has the Internet and all the knowledge in the world at her disposal in a matter of a split second. Chucky is psychopathic, creative, cunning, and manipulative, but not really that smart. Just that alone would be enough for M3GAN to win against Chucky.

Point: M3GAN (3:2) Chucky


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M3GAN Vs. Chucky: Who wins?

In the end, the scoreboard is much closer than the actual fight would be. I am a HUGE Chucky fan, and I had to give him some love in a few of these categories, but when it’s all said and done, there’s no doubt in my mind that M3GAN would crush Chucky in a fight.

She is more advanced technologically, smarter, more agile, more durable, and more skilled. Sure, there’s a supernatural element to Chucky allowing him to transfer from one doll to another, but he’s still just a doll then. And M3GAN can transfer, too – to any device with an Internet connection!

Chucky would win only if he could manipulate M3GAN into joining him and then drop her in acid or something. In any other type of fight, the A.I. babysitter would be too much for old Chuckster.

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