Manifest Season 5: Will It Happen?

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Manifest is a drama, mystery, sci-fi series that follow a group of passengers who boarded the Montego Air flight 828 and miraculously reappeared after being missing for five years. The show provided an original storyline that got the fans hooked immediately. As the show starts to wrap up loose ends in season 4, the question is raised: what about Manifest season 5? Will it happen?

Manifest most likely won’t have a fifth season. When its original network NBC, dropped the series after three seasonsthe fans of the show were outraged, and the #SaveManifest campaign was born. This eventually led Netflix to pick this popular show up and save it for one final season. So, four seasons is all we get. 

When Netflix renewed the show, the fans were thrilled, and the fourth season continued to unravel the mystery regarding the reappearance of flight 828. With the show currently in the half of the last season, some of the questions are still out in the open, but everything is gradually concluding. Let’s see what we know so far and if there is a potential for a fifth season to expand the series further.

The storyline of Manifest so far

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So, Manifest premiered on September 24, 2018, originally on NBC. The show started with a great pilot episode. The Montego Air flight 828 was flying from Montego Bay, Jamaica, to John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York, and encountered some major turbulence. However, the flight landed safely in New York with all of the passengers unharmed. There was one problem, though: the flight landed in New York five years later, and the passengers had no clue about what happened until they landed and found out that they had been missing for five years.

So, as for the grand opening, it was great, the fans of the show were hooked, and the development of the storyline began. The event of their returning home after all those years immediately made it into the spotlight in the public eye. Everyone wondered where the passengers had been for all those years, what had happened to them etc. Some thought that their reappearance was a miracle, while others thought that all of it was some government cover-up. Everyone wanted answers.


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The passengers were most confused and had difficulty adapting to their new lives. For them, time didn’t pass as for others that didn’t take that flight. When they came back, nothing was the same. Their loved ones moved on or at least tried to. Some formed new families and relationships, while others never recovered from the grief.

But, the plot started to thicken when the passengers realized that they all started to have visions about the various events, and they could not grasp what those visions meant. However, they soon realized that those visions are events that require their intervention to save other people or unravel some mystery. The passengers started to call those visions ‘ callings’, and some adapted to them and started to use them to find out their purpose, while others did not know how to deal with them and ended up misusing them.

The show turned to various perspectives to explain how it is possible that the passengers returned five years later and did not age at all. We get to see a scientific approach where various tests are made on some of the passengers, and experiments on their genetic structure and brain function are made. On the other hand, a group of passengers considered themselves miracles and God’s messengers and became fanatics.

The third group, led by the Stone family, Ben, Mick, and Cal Stone, decided to listen to what the ‘callings’ were saying to them. They combined any resources possible to unravel the mystery behind it all. They put real work into it and, with the help of scientific evidence, religious and mythical objects, and prophecies, concluded. The ‘callings’ were a connection with a greater power, called the Divine Consciousness, and the plane was in that peaceful place of serenity for five years.

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Halfway into the fourth season, we know that the passengers are connected with Divine Consciousness via ‘callings.’ But we also learn that throughout history, sapphires were used to communicate with deities, and sapphires can also create false ‘callings.’ We know that the passengers’ mission is not only to save themselves from their ‘death date’ that is coming, but they have to save the whole of humanity because the apocalypse is coming.

Will there be a fifth season of Manifest?

The fourth season is filled with revelations and valuable information the fans have been wondering about since the show started. The main problem is that when you put so many pieces of information in several episodes, everything feels rushed and too straightforward. With that being said, the way that the fourth season is going, and with only ten episodes left, this season is most likely the final season of Manifest.


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Netflix renewed the show for the fourth season after it was canceled by NBC after three seasons, with many plot holes left in the open. So, Netflix decides to provide a conclusion to this popular show and give it the ending it deserves. They also confirmed that they have no intention to continue with the show and only plan to carry it for one season.

So, no, there won’t be a fifth season of the Manifest, and with only ten episodes until the final of the fourth season, let’s hope we get all the answers to this supernatural mystery. Manifest was a good show overall, and it still is, but it felt at times that even the show producers needed to figure out where are they going with it, which is too bad because the idea behind it was great.

But let’s see what the final ten episodes will bring and enjoy this show while it lasts.

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