‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 6, Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Bunny Clear the Way for Mike?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 6. The series is, without a doubt, the bleakest addition to the Yellowstone Universe, and this week, things get even worse as time is running out for Mike to do what it needs to be done without bloodshed. Taylor Sheridan keeps concocting some of the most visceral and brutal storytelling on TV. This week’s episode is titled “Left with the Nose,” It already paints a great picture of the amount of violence we will see in this episode.

It seems like the structure that the gang generals were supposed to implement inside the prisons is already established, with Raph, already in place to be Bunny’s spokesperson behind the walls. However, the DA and everyone else seem to have forgotten their agreement to implement such a structure, and they plan to leave all the generals inside the prison. This, of course, doesn’t bode well for the generals, especially for Bunny, who is growing increasingly paranoid and fearful.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 6. Read at your own risk.

What Is Happening To Kyle In Mayor of Kingstown?

The search for a way to get Bunny out of prison has definitely become the main storyline for this season of the show. Milo is still out there, and Iris has basically disappeared, which is very strange, given how important she was in season 1. Nevertheless, their presence is still felt as many elements are still floating around, involving them, especially Milo. The bonds, to be more specific, seem to be a time bond that will for sure explode in the next couple of episodes.

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In the previous episode, we saw that someone had entered the evidence locker and extracted the bonds. We were not shown who this person was, but in this episode, it was revealed that the person who took the bonds was Kyle. Something very weird is happening to this character. He seemed to be the younger responsible brother in the show’s first season, but now, after getting out of the force following some traumatic events, Kyle seems to be a bit lost in the shimmer.

Previously, he mentioned that he didn’t care what happened to Milo and that, in his opinion, the best way was to give Milo his money so that he would leave town. And so, he took action in his own hands and took the bonds. He gives the bonds to Mike, maybe thinking he just did a very good thing. However, Mike is worried that Kyle might become a sort of loose cannon, doing things without thinking them through. Mike warns him that he shouldn’t be doing that again.

How Does Bunny Clear The Way For Mike?

Meanwhile, the situation keeps getting heated inside the prison. Mike is moving heaven and earth to get Bunny out, but no one wants to release these dangerous criminals back on the street. However, unlike Mike, they don’t realize that having them inside the prison makes them even more dangerous and volatile. Bunny just gives the order to torch the Mexican general, and while playing cards with his companions, they get attacked by a brotherhood member, who ends up killing one of them.

Mike makes two very important visits during this episode. The first one goes to a brotherhood member who also serves as a prison guard. The man is definitely holding back when someone attacks a black member of the prison population. Mike and Kyle visit them and push him onto the ground. Mike states that he has to stop harassing Bunny, or there will be consequences. Things are bigger than just one prison guard; he should make things easier for himself and not get in Bunny’s way.

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The other very important meeting occurs between Mike and the DA, with Evelyn also there to witness. Mike states that as a DA who made a deal with these criminals, he should let them out of prison. The DA doesn’t understand that for criminals, their word is their bond; they have nothing else, and now that the DA has broken his word, there could be serious consequences. Mike manages to put doubt in the DA’s mind and hopes he realizes that he should honor the deal.


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Later, Mike visits Bunny at home after managing to take him out of solitaire. Bunny says that he will help Mike, so he can do what needs to be done. Mike is not sure about what Bunny is talking about. Bunny has already allied with the brotherhood, and he has sent an assassin to kill the DA. Mike doesn’t know anything about this, and it will definitely hit him in the head next episode. The stakes keep rising, and we are definitely on the road to some violent conclusion to the season.

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