Does Kyle Die in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Here Is What Happens to Him

Kyle and Mike after Mitchs death

Kyle Mclusky (Taylor Handley) is probably the unluckiest character in Mayor Of Kingstown because his world has been crumbling around him since the first season. His problems peaked in the second season when Mike (Jeremy Renner) gave him Milo’s bonds to keep, making him the target of the most dangerous man in Kingstown. So, with all roads pointing at a tragic end for the little McLusky, fans wonder whether Kyle makes it out of the show’s second season alive.

Despite being an emotional wreck, Kyle McLusky is still alive as of the second season’s eighth episode, but his future seems uncertain due to his lack of direction. Kyle lost his job at KPD, came to work with Mike, and now has enemies in both the Russian Mafia (because of Milo’s bonds) and the Aryan Brotherhood (after he pistol-whipped Davidson). He still loves Kingstown, just like Mike, but he has shown that he doesn’t have the McLusky survival instinct and might not last in Kingstown.

Since he lives in Mike’s shadow, it might be just a matter of time before the violence in Kingstown that follows Mike everywhere catches up with him. Mariam (Dianne West) is already worried about Kyle and advises him to leave Kingstown and avoid Mike’s dangerous lifestyle. Kyle still has a wife and a son on the way, meaning he represents the future for the McLusks, but that doesn’t make him untouchable, so let’s look at what is likely to happen to him.

Who is Kyle McLusky in Mayor Of Kingstown?

Kyle and Bunny in Mayor of Kingstown

Mike McLusky is the last-born son of the powerful Mclusky family, although he is not as influential in Kingstown as his brother Mike. He was in the army before returning to Kingstown to join the police department.

Unlike his elder brothers, who never settled down, Kyle is married to Tracy, and the two are expecting a son together. Kyle is not as strong as his brother Mike though and is worried that Kingstown is not the right place to raise a child and that he won’t make a good father.

Kyle’s mother, Mariam, loves him and sees him as the best of her sons because she thinks he is not as involved in the family business as his brothers. She blames Mike for everything Kyle does wrong, which is unfair.

Having been in the military, you would expect Kyle to be a hardened soldier that can deal with the violence, corruption, and mayhem, but he is too soft and often relies on his brother and colleagues to protect him. He is still kind and caring and always tries to do the right thing, just like his brother.


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Kyle has escaped death multiple times, the closest one coming during the prison riots when he got trapped in the inmate-controlled prison with Ian. Robert and his SWAT team had to come in and save him, leading to an investigation that threatened the team’s jobs.

Kyle is now in danger from the Russian mob because he stole his bearer bonds from police lockup and stored them on Mike’s behalf. His mother and wife hate it when he does anything with Mike because it always puts him in danger, but he loves and looks up to Mike.

Kyle McLusky is portrayed by Taylor Handle, famous for playing Rory Buck in the 1998 film Jack Frost. Kyle is one of Handle’s biggest-ever roles on TV, and he has received many positive reviews for his performance.

What happened to Kyle in Mayor Of Kingstown?

Mike and Kyle in Mayor of Kingstown

Kyle has had to deal with lots of pain and grief since the show’s beginning, starting with the loss of his brother Mitch who worked as The Mayor. Kyle said that he wasn’t sad during his brother’s burial, but the death clearly affected him because he started drinking heavily afterward.

While seeking to leave Kingstown and get a job with the state police as a state trooper, Kyle discovered that his wife Tracy was pregnant. He was happy to be a trooper, but that didn’t last long because he was involved in a shooting where his partner was killed, and he shot the assailant and a woman leaving a baby orphaned.

The thought of orphaning a baby made him feel guilty and leave the job to return to KPD. He was on KPD duty to transport Milo Sunter to the DA’s office when the riots started trapping them inside the prison. Kyle was pepper-sprayed by one inmate and rendered blind.

Ian saved both of them by finding a hiding space until Robert and his team tracked and saved them. Kyle was effectively rendered jobless and forced to work with Mike. He stole Milo’s bearer bonds from the police evidence locker, and Mike let him keep them.

Despite trying his best to do the right thing, things often get out of hand for Kyle, leaving him in trouble. His mother advised him to divorce Tracy to avoid dragging her into the dangerous world the McLuskys live in, but he refused. His marriage is struggling, and the threats to his life have only increased since he started working for Mike.


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Will Kyle die in Mayor Of Kingstown?

Kyle at Mitchs grave in Mayor of Kingstown

Despite having lots of close brushes with death, there is no indication from Mayor Of Kingstown that Kyle McLusky will die. However, the show has killed off some major characters in the past, and currently, if any of the Mcluskys were to die, Kyle seems the most expendable.

However, there is still a lot of reason to keep Kyle alive in the show, especially because he represents a different type of Mclusky from the Prison-hardened Mike. He represents the delicate side of the family that Mike and Mariam have to protect.

Despite losing his sense of direction, Kyle is loyal to Mike and seems to be the only person who cares about him other than Bunny. Kyle is also expecting a baby, and his fatherly side might bring a character development that we haven’t seen on the show yet.

Kyle’s death would be disastrous for the show as a whole because it would mean there is no hope for redemption for the family. His little family with Tracy, despite having problems, represents hope for the future of the McLuskys and Kingstown.


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Can Kyle become Mayor if Mike dies?

Kyle and Mike in Simply Murder MOK

Kyle doesn’t have the diplomatic skills and experience that The Mayor needs. By the time Mitch died, Mike was prepared for the role because he had worked alongside his father and Mitch for many years.

Being The Mayor is a full-time job that consumes one’s life so much that they have no time for families. Both Mitch and Mike gave up their lives for the city.

Kyle would have to give up being a father and his career in law enforcement if he were to become Mayor. He still has a lot to learn from Mike.

Besides, the show has not indicated that Mike plans to leave Kingstown or leave his post. If Mike dies, many would argue that that would mean the show’s end because no one can do what he does.

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