‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Ian Taking Charlie Out of Prison?

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Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Mayor of Kingstown, season 2, episode 8, titled “Jesus Santa.” The series is getting closer and closer to its climax for season 2, and while things are getting better for some, for others, it just means more of the same. This episode of the series pushes forward the idea that Mike’s work might be fruitless. He is trying to break a cycle that cannot be broken, fighting nature itself, and losing the battle.

The episode follows the aftermath of events from the previous episode. We saw Kyle losing his mind but also finding Iris in the city. Miriam is trying to get Mike to help a young kid in juvenile, and Iris herself is getting more and more used to her new life. Each of these events is quite sad. Mike is also moving his pieces to get Bunny out of prison, but he makes even more enemies in the process. We could say that Mike’s loyalty to Bunny will have very bad consequences for him.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, season 2, episode 1. Read at your own risk.

Why Is Ian Taking Charlie Out Of Prison?

In this episode, we have the time to spend more time with characters other than Mike. Understandably, we spend a lot of time with him because he is the main character, but many supporting cast members deserve some love. The episode begins with Bunny giving a gift to Raph. It is a keyboard. We learn that Raph likes to make music, so this is a fantastic gift for him, especially while in prison. He might spend some time creating art for a change.

However, Bunny informs Raph that he is now the boss here on the inside. Bunny is getting out of prison that very same day. This means that Mike really managed to convince Evelyn to sign the deal. Bunny is happy, and his gang and family welcome him when he is released. They prepare themselves to have a party at the electronics store. However, Bunny’s peace is broken when Kyle arrives at his spot. Bunny and Kyle don’t really know each other, and the meeting is a bit contentious.

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Kyle is there, looking for Mike. You see, Mike has basically disappeared. He is not in the office; he is not at the house. Mike doesn’t even answer his phone, which is his most important tool, and which he always has on him. His mother can’t reach him either. Kyle is worried that something might have happened to him and goes to Bunny to ask for help. Bunny promises he will make some calls and ask around. He will call Kyle back if he finds anything. Later that day, Bunny calls back with no news on Mike.


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Ian is also on his own adventure. In the previous episode, we saw him talking to a prisoner named Charlie and planning to get him out of prison. In this episode, Ian and Charlie execute their plan. Charlie breaks his teeth, and Ian has to take him to the dentist. On the way, they stop by Ben’s house, which is the home of the man who has sold Robert and his team. Ian tries to convince him to roll back on his statement, but Charlie kills him. It is a mess, but Ian takes Charlie back to prison, and at night he finds out that Robert’s case has been dismissed.

Where Is Mike During The Entire Episode?

A big plotline in this episode is finding out where Mike is. He has finally accomplished a big milestone by releasing Bunny from prison. However, Kingstown doesn’t sleep, and Mike is just as solicited as ever. Everyone wants a piece of him, and everyone wants him to clean up their mess. Kyle is looking for him to tell him he found Iris, his mother wants him to help a kid in juvenile, and Bunny wants to celebrate being out of prison. Mike doesn’t want any of that; he just wants one peaceful day.

It seems that for Mike, peaceful means getting quite drunk. Mike jumps from bar to bar and starts drinking whiskey early in the morning. He finds his way to a bat attended by a young girl with tattoos. Mike knows the place. He has been there before. The girl is the granddaughter of the owner. Mike leaves his gun and keys there, acknowledging he is not sober enough to drive. He leaves and goes to even more bars and gets drunker. It is a sad sight. You can definitely feel that Mike is just having a bad day and wants to disconnect from everything and everyone.


In one of the many bars Mike visits, he finds Terry’s widow. Terry was one of the guards who died during the prison riot that occurred at the end of season 1. Allison shares Mike’s sad day, and they start drinking together. It seems they are both wounded and find comfort in each other. So much so that Mike goes to Allison’s place, and they have sex. Allison declares how angry she is at everything, and it seems that Mike is feeling the same. He ends up spending the night.


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However, Allison receives a call before he goes out in the morning. Someone is looking for Mike, and she doesn’t warn him about it. Mike makes his way to the bar where he left his gun and keys and is followed by a mysterious car. He arrives at the bar, picks up his gun, and goes outside. The car tries to crash against him, but Mike shoots and kills the driver, who ends up being Davidson, the guard he and Kyle visited some days ago. Mike goes to the bus stop, and Milo approaches him. Does Milo know Mike has his bonds? We have to wait and see.

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