What Is a Heart Attack Letter in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Will Robert Get Fired?

heart attack lettter in mayor of kingstown

Robert’s (Hamish Allan-Headley) SWAT team is the force of nature that maintains the balance and delivers justice in Kingstown whenever diplomacy is not an option. In Left With The Nose (S02E06), Robert called a crisis meeting and said he had received a “Heart Attack Letter.” It is another big problem that Mike (Jeremy Renner) has to solve, and fans are still wondering why it is called a heart attack letter and what implications it has for the SWAT team.

Receiving a “heart attack letter” means that Robert and his team are under investigation by Internal Affairs at the Kingstown PD. The DA told him to lawyer up because the government was looking for someone to blame for the deaths during the prison riot. Robert already discovered that the team was betrayed by Ben Moore, one of his own men, who cut a deal with the DA and now has to ensure that everyone keeps their story straight to avoid getting into more trouble.

Despite being Mike’s favorite enforcers, they still operate more like a kill squad, and the law was bound to catch up with them at some point. However, being betrayed by one of their own and facing the sack after helping stop the worst prison riot in US history feels unfair for SWAT. Despite Kyle’s protests that they are the victims, IA seems serious about getting a scapegoat, and the SWAT team could pay the ultimate price unless Mike McLusky comes up with a smart idea to save Robert and his squad.

Why did Robert get a Heart Attack Letter?

Mike and Robert at Dinos Diner in Mayor of Kingstown

Robert called a crisis meeting between Ian, Mike, and Kyle and told them he had received a heart attack letter, and the DA had told him to lawyer up. The letter was about the Internal Affairs investigation into his SWAT team’s conduct during the prison riot, where they went in to save Ian and Kyle.

He immediately thought a prisoner had agreed to testify against the SWAT team, but Mike told him no prisoner was talking to the DA. It then became clear that a member of Robert’s own team had betrayed them.

Robert’s team had no jurisdiction in prison, but they forced their way in any way to save Ian and Kyle after they got trapped in the vent. It was obvious that they had made some people at the top angry.


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Robert and his team killed many prisoners, but not as indiscriminately as the National Guard, shooting at the prisoners from the walls. There would probably be evidence of misconduct if Robert’s team were to be investigated, though.

The worst thing for Robert was that a member of his own team betrayed him. That spells trouble for him because his team has conducted some illegal shootings in the past, especially against dangerous criminals that would otherwise use the legal system to escape justice.

Robert then confirmed in Drones (sO2e07) that the snitch was Ben Moore, a member of his own team who made a deal with the DA to testify against the rest of the team. Ian and Kyle are angry at Ben because they say he shot at least twenty inmates alone.

What happened during the prison riot?

Robert at the Prison Riot in Mayor of Kingstown

Ian and Kyle got trapped in the men’s prison when a riot started when they were still inside while trying to transfer Milo to the DA’s office. The riot instigators knocked the two out, and they found the prison taken over by the inmates by the time they woke up.

Ian had to help Kyle to escape into the vents to hide from the armed inmates. Kyle then texted Mike to track his location, leading to Robert and his team entering the prison to save the two officers before the National Guard arrived.

On their way out, the SWAT team shot and killed multiple armed inmates. The team helped stop the inmates from continuing the riot inside the prison while the National Guard shot at them from the walls.

Despite killing many inmates, the SWAT team wasn’t as ruthless as the National Guard and only shot at the ones that were actually shooting back at them. Robert’s team managed to guide Ian and Kyle safely out of prison.

No misconduct accusations were made against them at the prison until Robert mentioned the Heart Attack Letter. The investigation is, therefore, clearly a witchhunt.

What are the possible consequences of the investigation?

Assistant DA Evelyn Foley in Mayor of Kingstown

The DA told Robert to lawyer up, which means he and the rest of his team may fight for their jobs if they can’t get their story straight. That is why Mike insisted that they sit down and ensure their stories are similar.

Kayle spoke to the captain, who told him that IA would look at the details, which he considered a big problem because details tend to reveal mistakes according to him.

Mike also warned them against talking to Ben and said he would talk to him to ensure he didn’t burn the whole house down. Robert also said his lawyer told him not to speak to the snitch.

Since the DA has already made an agreement with Ben, he will have to testify against the team, which means anything that doesn’t add up in their stories might be used against them.

Mike can only speak to Ben directly since he is not involved in the investigation. He can also use his influence with the assistant DA to find information about the investigation and help Robert and the team to protect themselves.


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Can Mike save SWAT from the Heart Attack Letter?

Stevie Ian and Mike in Mayor of Kingstown

The captain told Kyle that there had to be a bad guy for them to continue being the good guys meaning they were determined to let Robert and his team take the fall. However, Robert, Kyle, and Ian insist that the team did everything right that day.

Mike won’t let Robert go down because he needs him to keep Kingstown safe. If the people at the top of KPD are determined to get a scapegoat, then Mike will probably give them a dirty police officer as a scapegoat in exchange for Robert’s safety.

Mike told Robert that he would speak to Ben. As usual, Mike always gets people to see sense and might help the snitch understand why his testimony is bad for everyone.

With his influence over Evelyn Foley, Mike could easily get her to drop charges against Robert’s team and focus on the actual threat to Kingstown in the Aryan Brotherhood.

Everyone stands to lose if the investigation leads to Robert getting fired, and Mike will make the DA see that. Since the National Guard committed most of the crimes at the prison during the riot, they should be the ones to go down for the killings. However, it is unclear how Mike can get the DA to bring them to book.

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