Minecraft Doesn’t Have “Undo” Command, but Here Are the Alternatives

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Building in Minecraft is extremely fun until you realize you’ve placed the base of your dreams in the wrong position, and you know how to remove all the blocks manually and then make the base again in a different spot. This is the worst-case scenario, but even the tiniest mistakes, like not making the sides of the build symmetrical, can get annoying rather quickly. It would be great if you could press undo and revert your progress. So, is there an undo command in Minecraft?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Unfortunately, there is no built-in undo command in Minecraft.
  • Players will have to manage using the clone command every once in a while.
  • This helps you prepare for the eventual mess-up in your build, and you can then use the cloned version of your progress to start from when you last cloned your build.

Can you undo something you did in Minecraft?

You can undo something in Minecraft, but it won’t be as easy as clicking one button. In case of a large segment of one build, you’ll need to either piece out the segment block by block again, and in the case of Redstone contraptions, you’ll need to figure out what is wrong with eh contraption and change it manually.

If your build involved something like TNT and it blew up everything in your way when you shouldn’t have, best of luck since you’ll need to fill out everything by hand again. If a large area of blocks of the same type was exposed and you have cheats turned on in your world, you might want to use the /fill command. You type in /fill, followed by the coordinates of the farthest right edge and then the coordinates of the diagonal, followed again by the type of block you want to use to fill the area.

The mechanic is a lifesaver but can get a bit confusing with how exactly it’s used. This fill command can be used to ‘undo’ something you did as well. If you’re creating something and decide you want to delete the whole thing, you can use the /fill command and fill an area with air blocks. The command would look something like this ‘/fill 357 120 -60 367 190 -91 minecraft:air‘.


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Can you undo placing a block?

If it is just one block, you can undo it simply by breaking the block, even if it’s a couple of blocks. In case you replaced one block with another and decided you don’t like that and would prefer to revert to the previous block. Usually, it’s a two-step process to change it: break the block and place a new one.

If you were to simultaneously click the left and right mouse buttons while holding the block, you want to place and aim at the block you want to change; you would switch up the block in one step. It might not seem like much, but it’s a lifesaver when you actually try it. The only problem is that it can be done only in creative mode.

Are there commands/cheats for undo?

There’s no built-in command for undo or redo in Minecraft. Players have been asking for such blocks for years now. On the Minecraft feedback page, one player suggested that it be a ctrl + z command for undo and ctrl+y for the redo, as it is in Windows by default. The user shared their frustration and how it would be an excellent addition, especially when building or using World Edit.

The user continues to make their case for this type of command/button but uses the example of World Edit, which Mojang does not officially support, so they can’t do anything about it in that department.

Other users then proceeded to mention the problems of such a button. If they were to add it into the game, it wouldn’t just be something you use when building; you could also use it when you’re in a hardcore world and you’re about to die, which would defeat the purpose of a hardcore world altogether.

It would defeat the purpose of Totems of The Undying. They are hard to obtain, and when you carry them in your hand and die, it reverts the mistake, and you get a second chance. What’s the point of such an item when you have the undo and redo buttons? Still, most players want to use it when building.

Reverting back the command input

Although there’s no undo command in Minecraft officially, the use of certain commands can indeed be reverted. To better demonstrate what I mean, let’s show a few examples of how this would be done:

Summoning an entity you didn’t want to: /summon zombie/kill @e[type=zombie]
Filling something and realizing your mistake – /fill ~~~~~~ stone 0 replace grass 0/fill ~~~~~~ grass 0 replace stone 0
Adding an effect you didn’t want to: /effect @s speed/effect @s clear
Giving someone an item you didn’t want to: /give @s diamond sword/clear @s diamond sword
Not digging the whole night thing – /time set night/time set day

In the end, there’s no real way to undo something with the click of one button, but I do have a recommendation for you. If you’re using cheats in your world and want to undo something you worked hard on in survival Minecraft, you can switch the game mode to creative, revert back your mistake, and then change the mode to survival again. The command to do that is /gamemode creative @s and if you want to switch it replace creative with the word survival.


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What is World Edit?

Undo article

World Edit is an excellent mod that lets builders make amazing structures faster. Instead of placing something block by block, you can make a mountain range in a matter of minutes if you know how to use it. You can copy builds and do so much more. There’s a big learning curve to it, and there’s a big difference between a novice World Edit user and a pro World Edit user.

Why am I mentioning World Edit, then? World Edit is a mod that gives a great example of how an undo command could work in Minecraft when building. By default, World Edit saves your last 15 actions, and you can change this in the configuration file in case you want more. When you’re ready to undo an action, you can use the //undo command, which will undo your last action. If you want to undo further, simply retype the command to undo the action before the last one.

What about mods?

Downloading World Edit for one simple command like undo would be a waste of resources, and it’s more likely that you’ll make a ton of mistakes using the mod if you didn’t learn how to use its features properly, so are there mods that just let you undo your last action? One such mod is Undo! That’ll get you to the previous block you placed.

There are some rules to it, though. You can’t undo if the block you placed is no longer in that position; if you died, you can’t undo, and if the league is a tile entity, you also can’t undo. To undo it, you’ll have to press Ctrl + Z.

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