Minecraft: Here Is How to Clear Ground Items

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Even 13 years later, Minecraft still manages to impress us with features in the game all along, but we, as players, have just discovered it. I’m not saying that this is the case with clearing ground items, but perhaps, you might not have known about it before reading the title of this article. In case you’re curious, here is how to clear ground items in Minecraft.

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  • To clear ground items in Minecraft, you’ll have to use commands. The command the clear the items is “/kill @e[type=item]“. The command will remove all items left on the ground.
  • If the player would like to clear ground items in a certain radius, they’ll have to use the”/kill @e[type=item, r=x]“and replace the x with the number of blocks you want to clear.

What it means to clear ground items in Minecraft

Clearing all ground items in Minecraft means that any item you drop, either by using q on your keyboard, dragging and dropping them from the inventory, or even upon death, will be cleared. It might be unclear as to why you would ever want to do it, so let’s explain the situations where you would like to use the command.

Sometimes, your inventory can get messy. You’ve either been strip mining for too long, have unnecessary dirt blocks in it, or picked up a few items that you thought would be useful but ended up not being exactly what you had hoped for. In that case, you would want to drop the item on the ground.

The items then have a 5-minute window to be picked up again, or they disappear forever. That’s why you always want to rush to get your items back when you’ve died in Minecraft. This, however, does not explain why you’d want to clear these ground items.

Clearing ground items is a convenience many players resort to in case they don’t want to pick the items up again accidentally. It happened to me a bunch of times. I drop two full stacks of dirt onto the ground, go about my merry day, and am greeted with the same stacks waiting for me in my inventory because I accidentally picked them up again.

The thing that determines whether or not you’ll pick up the items again is the item’s hitbox.


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Item hitboxes

If you want to avoid picking up your ground items by accident without using the command, you can press F3+B to reveal the hitboxes and avoid them. Similarly, if you’re mining for resources and they end up scattering all over the place as they usually do, you can use the F3+B to ensure you see them and pick them up in the end.

This makes for a valuable option when the resources you’re mining for are scarce or just hard to obtain, so you wouldn’t want to leave even one. A great example of how this can be useful is if you’re killing Blazes for Blaze Rods. Upon killing one, by using it, you can quickly detect the Blaze Rod dropped and if it perhaps ended up in lava.

Ground item

Can you clear ground items without cheats?

If you’re using commands, you’re using cheats, so executing this command isn’t possible without you having cheats enabled in your Minecraft world. To enable cheats in a preexisting Minecraft world, follow these steps:

  1. While playing in the world, press ESC to open the Game Menu
  2. Once in the Game Menu, click on Open To LAN
  3. From that Open To LAN screen, locate the Allow Cheats button and turn it On if it is set to off.

If you’d like to allow cheats on a server, only the server owner can enable cheats. Server owners can be tricky to persuade if their belief system tells them that cheating in Minecraft is wrong and you should never do it. I’m speaking from personal experience here since my server owner, who also happens to be my best friend, would never allow me to use cheats in our survival world, even for something as simple as clearing ground items.

So no, you can’t clear ground items without cheats, but you can wait for 5 minutes after the items are dropped, and the items will be gone forever. Of course, in a PvP environment, this is sometimes troublesome. You want to prevent players from getting the items you dropped upon death, but if you can use cheats, so can they. It’s up to the server owner to allow the cheats or ban them altogether.


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What is the command to clear dirt in Minecraft?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by clearing dirt. If you mean to clear dirt as a dropped item, then you can use the same command as before but replace the item part with dirt. In practice, the command would look like this”/kill @e[type=dirt]“. In case you mean to clear a large area to flatten it, then you could use another command.

The command will clear a large area you’ve set in the command and work in both Bedrock and Java Edition of the game. The command is”/fill x y z x y z minecraft:air“. Let’s explain the command in detail so you can use it properly without any trouble.

The fill command is used to fill an area with certain blocks or entities. In this case, you’re filling the area with air, which means you’re clearing it. Air counts as a block, so you can fill the area with air, giving you the effect as if you’ve cleared it. The X, Y, and Z represent coordinates.

The coordinates you write will depend on where you are in your world and which area you want to clear. There are two sets of coordinates because the first set should be used to describe the first corner of the area you want to clear, and the other should be used to describe the coordinates of the other corner of the area you wish to clear.

My recommendation is to hop into creative and practice using it until you get the hang of it since it does require you to get used to it. Believe it or not, this is the more complicated way to clear land in Minecraft fast.

How do you clear land in Minecraft fast?

Suppose you’re a Java Edition player and are looking to expand your horizons when it comes to building. The WorldEdit mod is a favorite in the building community because it allows you to clear items fast terraform and make mega builds more quickly. A lot of impressive builds in Minecraft are made using WorldEdit.

It has a learning curve and takes some getting used to, but the payout is impressive when you do. There are dozens of tutorials on how to start using WorldEdit yourself, so I suggest you check some of them out.

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