Minecraft: Here’s How To Show Item IDs (Simple Commands)

minecraft how to show item ids

The world of Minecraft features a colossal spread of items for players to enjoy, from odd materials to unique armor, realistic food sources, and everything in between. Considering how many items there are in the game, as well as how much can be done using commands in Minecraft, many players wonder how to show item IDs in Minecraft with simple commands.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Players can access any item ID in Minecraft by holding down the “F3 + H” keys while hovering over the item in question.
  • The item ID will be displayed in the tooltip, either showing the numerical item ID, the worded item ID, or both. Item IDs can then be used to execute various commands in Minecraft.

How to show item IDs in Minecraft?

There are countless items in Minecraft, all of which offer players different advantages or disadvantages. Finding the item ID can be quite beneficial for many players, especially if you’re using the item IDs for executing more intricate commands in-game.

Each item ID is linked to a very specific item in the game, including variants of the same item. Each item has its own set of crafting recipes, useful information, as well as potentially handy commands that can be used for spawning items in the game.

Item IDs in Minecraft come in two different forms, namely the worded item ID and the numerical/ number item ID – although both will refer to the same item in the game. Additionally, the item IDs may also differ slightly depending on what version of Minecraft you are playing.


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Below is an example of how item IDs can differ:

Minecraft ItemRed SandSpruce Leaves
Numerical Item ID12:118:1
Worded Item IDminecraft:red_sandminecraft:spruce_leaves
Item ID (1.12.2 and Below)minecraft:sandminecraft:leaves

Generally speaking, Minecraft players would have to navigate to online sources in order to find a particular item ID without using commands or combination keys. Thankfully, the process is actually pretty quick and easy for most Minecraft players.

Press “F3 + H”

Pressing “F3 + H” is the meta way to get a hold of all of the item IDs in Minecraft – in addition to durability stats as well in some cases. Usually, players will be able to get access to any item ID that they want by holding down these keys at the same time, while hovering over the item in question and looking at its tooltip.

This key combination typically works irrespective of whether you’re playing offline or playing within a server online. If this is done correctly, the message “[Debug]: Advanced tooltips: shown” will then be displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen, as seen below:

minecraft debug

However, it is worth noting that this classic method may not work for everyone – particularly if you are using Minecraft mods, or if your combination keys are set up differently on your device. For example, the Not Enough Items (NEI) mod seems to cause some issues with bringing up item IDs.

But, the type of version that you play might also affect how this works since some Minecraft players report that it only displays the number ID in 1.7 instead of the worded item ID as displayed in 1.8. Of course, this might be perfectly fine for some players, although the majority of Minecraft players prefer worded item IDs.

Check out the quick video below by ZNsolo101 for a simple overview of the process, as well as the information you will be given in-game.

If you find you are having issues related to any of these reasons, you may need to take some alternative approaches. Some players have stated that they need to play the updated Minecraft versions for the best experience, while others using mods have had to disable their mods for the purpose of finding the item IDs they’re looking for.

Executing Minecraft commands with item IDs

After you navigate through Minecraft and gain access to the item IDs you’re looking for, you’ll be welcomed to a world filled with potential thanks to Minecraft’s command-supportive system. You can use your item IDs for plenty of commands in the game – whether it be to get your hands on some awesome armor and gear in-game or to change up your Minecraft survival base by giving your character some decorative and building materials.

Commands can revolutionize your Minecraft gameplay experience, allowing just about anything you could imagine. Players can teleport Minecraft players at random, create Minecraft death counters, and even spawn multiple Minecraft mobs at the same time – plus use commands that need item IDs!

Enable cheats

Before getting to the commands, players will need to have cheats enabled in their Minecraft world. Players usually choose to allow cheats or not when they create their Minecraft world through the ON or OFF option under the New World Generation tab.


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Starting off with a brand new world with cheats enabled is ideal, but you can try the steps below if you do not have cheats enabled in your world already:

  1. Open up the Game Menu.
  2. Navigate to “Open to LAN”.
  3. You should find a tab that reads “Allow Cheats”.
  4. You will need to change this setting to “ON”.
  5. Then, click on “Start LAN World”.

After you have ensured that you have cheats enabled in your Minecraft world, you should be able to start executing various commands. In order to execute a command in Minecraft, players will first need to open the chat window. Check out the overview below to find the right key for your Minecraft platform:

Minecraft PlatformOpen Chat Window
PC/ MacT Key
Pocket EditionChat Button
Xbox One Right D-Pad
PlayStation 4Right D-Pad
Nintendo SwitchRight Arrow Button
Windows 10 EditionT Key
Education EditionT Key

After you’re set up, you can start using your item IDs for a bunch of cool things in the game. Below are the command options for giving an item to a player in the game:

/give @p minecraft:item_ID amount
/minecraft:give @p minecraft:item_ID amount

While Minecraft might have an overwhelming number of items and an even more shocking number of item IDs, you should be able to access them by simply pressing F3 and H simultaneously. However, you may need to find some workarounds if you are using additional software, Minecraft add-ons, or mods.

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