Minecraft: Here’s How To Disable Hunger (With Commands)

minecraft disable hunger

Commands can be useful for a massive range of things in Minecraft, allowing players to switch up their gameplay experiences. Hunger can be tricky to work with for many, leaving plenty of Minecraft players wondering how they can disable hunger using simple commands in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Minecraft players can disable hunger using /effect commands for each player in their world or by using /mvm server control commands for all players in their world.
  • Alternatively, players can simply switch to Peaceful mode since hunger will not drain.

Hunger in Minecraft

Back in the day, Minecraft food had a different purpose. Instead of using food to fulfill hunger needs, players would eat food items in order to restore the Minecraft character’s health, and health would be restored depending on what type of food the character consumed.

Hunger stats were initially introduced to Minecraft with an update a few years ago as a means to make the game more realistic – which we do appreciate. However, it didn’t come without some speculation since many Minecraft fans had already gotten used to playing Minecraft without hunger stats.

The hunger bar is displayed in the form of meat chunks, and the player will drain their food bar as their character exerts energy. As a result, standing still doesn’t drain hunger, but your character’s hunger will drain quite quickly if you’re running, fighting, and jumping – or, in unfortunate cases, due to food poisoning.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, health regenerates one heart every 0.5 seconds at full hunger, every 4 seconds at 18 hunger, and stops regenerating at 17 hunger. The player’s food-related variables can be checked using the following command in Minecraft Java Edition:

/data get entity <player’s name> <variable>

Once your hunger stats take a dip, players will be locked out of certain abilities – you may not be able to run if you get hungry. Many Minecraft players have been under the impression that once your hunger bar hits zero, it will instantly lead to your character’s death.


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But, this isn’t quite the case. Instead, your Minecraft character’s health will begin depleting every few seconds, meaning players will still have a moment to get their hunger stats back up. There are tons of food sources around the overworld, and players could grab an apple or cook some chicken for a quick bite on the go.

Minecraft commands (enable cheats)

Commands can revolutionize your Minecraft gameplay experience, as players can accomplish just about anything using the right commands in Minecraft. There are almost no limitations when it comes to what’s possible, from teleporting Minecraft players at random to creating Minecraft death counters and even spawning multiple Minecraft mobs at the same time – the possibilities are endless!

But, players will need to have cheats enabled in their Minecraft world before they can input various commands. Generally speaking, Minecraft players would get the option to allow cheats or not when they first create their Minecraft world – specifically through the ON or OFF option which can be found under the New World Generation tab.


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Starting off with a brand new world with cheats enabled will always be the best scenario for using commands in the game. But, if you haven’t gotten cheats to be enabled in your Minecraft world yet, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the Game Menu.
  2. Navigate to “Open to LAN”.
  3. You should find a tab that reads “Allow Cheats”.
  4. You will need to change this setting to “ON”.
  5. Then, click on “Start LAN World”.

How to disable hunger in Minecraft?

Considering that many players loved the idea of using food to restore their Minecraft character’s health when needed, it’s completely understandable that many want to disable hunger. There are some less ‘vanilla’ ways to do this, such as using mods or using a launcher profile to access older versions of the game (such as Beta 1.7.3, before hunger was added).

minecraft food

But, many Minecraft players generally want to experience modern Minecraft vanilla as much as possible without hunger – essentially, all the benefits of recent updates topped with old-school food usage.

Disable hunger with Peaceful mode

The first and foremost method for disabling hunger in Minecraft is to switch to Peaceful mode, where the player’s stats will show up but will not drain. Players can find the settings to switch to Peaceful mode under the game options, where they can set the difficulty to the lowest possible.

Disable hunger with commands

However, many players do not want to play peaceful mode but still want to play Minecraft without hunger – or without the hassle of having to constantly cart food wherever they go. Thankfully, there are a couple of commands that players can use to disable hunger in Minecraft.

In order to execute a command in Minecraft, players will first need to open the chat window – assuming that you have already enabled cheats. Check out the overview below to find the right key for your Minecraft platform:

Minecraft PlatformOpen Chat Window
PC/ MacT Key
Pocket EditionChat Button
Xbox One Right D-Pad
PlayStation 4Right D-Pad
Nintendo SwitchRight Arrow Button
Windows 10 EditionT Key
Education EditionT Key

Once you have the chat window open, you can go ahead and input the command. The command may differ slightly for different versions or editions, so you can try any of the commands below to alter the character’s saturation (hunger):

/effect [username or @a (for each player)] 10 23 99999
/effect @p minecraft:saturation 1000000 10 true
/effect @a minecraft:saturation 1000000 10 false
/effect give (selector) minecraft:saturation 1000000 1

These commands will ensure that your hunger never fully drains since it will regenerate per tick, but it may need to be entered every now and then to refresh it. Players could also use a command block that will execute the command with the push of a button.


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Although, things may differ slightly when using command blocks. Players could also use a slightly different command combination on a command block to restore hunger while running. Check out the video below by FlurryCraft for a quick guide on making a hunger-disabling command block:

Disable all players’ hunger using server control

The last method is using server control, which can only be used if you already own a server with the Multiverse plugin. In this case, you would need to input the following command:

/mvm set hunger false

The ‘false’ can still be set back to ‘true’ if needed. This would be a pretty simple way to make sure that everyone in your world does not experience the effects of hunger.

Although the hunger aspect of Minecraft can definitely increase the challenge levels, many players find that they prefer Minecraft without hunger at all. Thankfully, hunger can easily be disabled by using these simple commands in-game.

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