Minecraft Speedrun World Record in 2023: Stats Update

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Most Minecraft players take their time while grinding through the game, but the speedrunning community has really upped their performance over the last few years. Thousands of dedicated speedrunners have risen to the challenge, but many people wonder who currently holds the world record.

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  • As of November 2023, Zylenox holds the world record for the fastest Minecraft speedrun in the Any%Glitchless – Random Seed, 1.16+ category.
  • He landed a time of only 8 minutes and 1 second in February 2023, beating the previous world record of 8 minutes and 43 seconds, held by doogile

Although this incredibly talented speedrunner has broken the world record for Minecraft, plenty of other speedrunners have shown some really impressive times as well. Stick around to find out about the current world record holders for speedrunning Minecraft and who held the most well-known record in previous years.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated in November 2023 and reflects the most current Minecraft Speedrun Stats.

Speedrunning Minecraft (Java Edition)

Speedrunning is a specific type of challenge using certain gameplay tactics and techniques – of course, topped with pristine knowledge of the game and remarkable skill. Thousands of Minecraft players have attempted to break the world record to date in various categories.


When it comes to speedrunning, there are quite a few specifics that challenges need to follow, depending on numerous factors. Some categories allow room for flexibility in terms of allowances, where players are allowed to use glitches and so forth if they’re open about it.

But, some players need to get the lowest total gameplay time before clocking the game without using any gimmicks. This would include things like known or unknown bugs, glitches, or the assistance of mods.

Who Holds The World Record for Minecraft Speedrunning?

There are 3 primary categories for the most notable Minecraft speed runs – namely, 1.16+, 1.9-1.15, and Pre 1.9. All of the categories have similar but occasionally varying rules, and all of the entries must be submitted and approved before they become official.

World Record for Minecraft Speedrunning (1.16+)

As of November 2023, zylenox holds the world record for the fastest speedrun in Minecraft. This world record specifically refers to the challenger who has beaten the world record in the Any%Glitchless – Random Seed, 1.16+ category.

The Any%Glitchless – Random Seed, 1.16+ is possibly the most well-known of all Minecraft speedrun categories. According to Speedrun, the rules for this category are as follows:

“Sub-17 runs must submit world files and evidence of past attempts. Sub-13 runs must submit world files, evidence of past attempts, previous world files (5 preferable), logs, and gameplay audio.”

Check out this video below, by zylenox himself, to see more about how he broke the record.

Zylenox, a Minecraft speedrunner, landed an impressive time of only 8 minutes and 1 second. He performed the speedrun back in February 2023.


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Even this was a massive accomplishment, as many players had attempted to beat the 10-minute mark in previous years. Most of the Minecraft community thought that doogile would continue to hold the world record for the rest of 2023.

But zylenox came in with an almost 40-second gap. These few seconds may seem short, but it’s a massive difference in the speed-running world.

Minecraft Speedrun 1.16+ Runner-Ups (Stats)

While zylenox still holds the world record for the faster Minecraft speedrun of all time as of May 2023 (gold), doogile is the runner-up with 8 minutes and 43 seconds, with silver in second place.


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Additional Minecraft speedrunners who managed to break the 10-minute mark include thecamo6, doogile, 7rowl

Below are all of the rankings for the top 10 Minecraft speedrunners in the Any%Glitchless – Random Seed, 1.16+ category as of November 2023, including their records, ranking, as well as their nationalities:

GoldN/Azylenox8m, 01s, 561ms
SilverUnited Statesthecamo68m, 31s, 307ms
BronzeUnited Statesdoogile8m,43s, 927ms
4Ukraine7rowl8m, 37s, 556ms
5United Stateslowkey8m, 40s, 120ms
6Israelsagi_enderman9m, 12s, 580ms
7United Statesreginex9m, 26s, 118ms
8UgandaNoFear13379m, 05s, 762ms
9N/Ayumyumfoodyumyumyum9m, 22s, 638ms
10Canadasilverr9m, 08s, 256ms

All Current Minecraft Speedrun World Records (2022 Stats)

That being said, there are plenty of other categories for the Minecraft speedrunning community. doogile is not the only player who holds a Minecraft speedrun world record – there are actually a ton of Minecraft speedrunners who hold world records for various categories.

Below are the speedrunners who also hold a world record in Minecraft (excluding Misc. categories such as co-op), as well as which category they have dominated in:

Any%Glitchless – Random Seed

World Record Time
1.16+zylenox8m, 01s, 561ms
1.9 – 1.12whatevermarco23m, 25s, 436ms
Pre 1.8spinnaker_rl16m, 57s, 800ms

Any%Glitchless – Set Seed

World Record Time
1.16+MagneticMaybe1m, 52s, 205ms
1.9 – 1.12Khaloody2m, 32s, 067ms
Pre 1.8spinnaker_rl4m, 22s, 267ms

Any% – Random Seed

World Record Time
1.14+roobleyruns16m, 07s, 722ms
1.9 – 1.13Luminosity24m, 25s, 600ms
Pre 1.9pixfumy10m, 53s

Any% – Set Seed

World Record Time
1.14+nsla6m, 56s, 909ms
1.9 – 1.13Sirpalmtree15m, 29s, 117ms
Pre 1.9Tomanyapples6m, 21s

All Achievements (SS)

World Record Time
1.0 – 1.8-1.11Nato46m, 11s, 880ms
1.0 – 1.6Schnidi22m, 40s

All Achievements (SSG)

World Record Time
1.0 – 1.8-1.11Nato1h, 47m, 36s
1.0 – 1.6Schnidi24m, 06s

All Achievements (RS)

World Record Time
1.0 – 1.8-1.11Orangenox2h, 23m, 12s
1.0 – 1.6Orangenox57m, 52s

All Achievements (RSG)

World Record Time
1.0 – 1.8-1.11MeisterMaki3h, 26m, 48s, 880ms
1.0 – 1.6Bloon55m, 25s, 250 ms

All Advancements

World Record Time
SS (1.16)Orangenox4h, 24m, 23s
SSG (1.16)Oxidiot1h, 49m, 22s
RS (1.16)Orangenox6h, 57m, 58s,
RSG (1.16)Feinberg2h, 52m, 00s, 800ms

Speedrunning is a truly unique and challenging gameplay style, taking tons of practice and thorough knowledge of even the most minuscule details in a game. While these speedrunners celebrate mere seconds in time difference, it’s definitely much trickier than it looks – only time will tell who will hold these Minecraft speedrun world records next!

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