Minecraft: “Kill Aura” Explained – Here’s How To Use It

Minecrafts Kill Aura How to Use It

Part of the fun in Minecraft is that you can modify your gameplay experience and practically do whatever you want in the game. The only limit to what you can do is your coding capabilities and how strong your computer is. Of course, for those of us who don’t know how to make Minecraft mods, we rely on other community members to make and share these mods with us. One such mod is Kill Aura, so what is it, and what does it do?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • There are multiple Kill Aura mods in Minecraft, and it’s so popular that it’s even available in the official Minecraft store as part of a custom map where advancements are disabled.
  • The Kill Aura lets the player kill anyone within a certain radius without having to hit them and try to kill them.

When was the Kill Aura mod introduced?

Kill Aura is one of the most famous hacks out there, used not only in Minecraft but in other games as well. Some examples are Roblox, Terraria, and Skyrim, which have been around for ages. All of these games can be modded, so, cheating will occur. Although modding in Minecraft is something we’re all used to and don’t consider cheating, the same can’t be said about Kill Aura.

The title makes it obvious what it’s about. The hack gives you an aura that kills anything in your range. This hack is most useful in PvP fights and is otherwise hard to detect. It’s hard to talk about when it was first introduced to Minecraft, but the earliest version suggests it was introduced sometime when version 1.8 came out.

Aimbot vs. Killaura

There are a lot of hacks similar to Kill Aura but let’s explain the difference between it and the most famous one; one that many pro players use to cheat their way into e-sports competitions and eventually get banned from pro play one way or another – Aimbot. It’s funny because these hacks got people who make a living out of playing games in trouble banned from streaming services which also made them lose the respect of their viewers.

The difference between the two is evident but may not be to all. The only common thing Aimbot and Kill Aura have is that both are used in PvP games and help you kill other players more easily. Aimbot automatically directs your cursor to the enemy’s head, so you don’t have to worry about aiming and whether or not you will miss.

All you have to do is shoot when required and move around the map. Although Aimbot does help you get more kills, it doesn’t guarantee victory because there’s a lot that goes into winning a game. Besides, you might be using Aimbot, but your teammates aren’t. This is specific to games like Call of Duty.


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Kill Aura, as I’ve already explained, makes you kill players in the vicinity that you preset. It can hit at impossible speeds, which makes it obvious that you’re cheating if you set it up this way. It is said that the only way to know if someone is using the Kill Aura hack is if the player using it starts to hit from the back or from the sides.

An easier way to determine if someone is using it is to see if they’re trying to hit passive mobs that help them travel. In Minecraft, an example of one such mob would be a horse. Kill Aura doesn’t discriminate; it’ll get you to attack any, and all entities in your set range.

Kill Aura Settings Explained

There are a ton of Kill Aura settings to go over, which will either help you cheat with it or better understand it so that you can know what you’re up against when and if someone else is using it, so let’s dive into the various settings and the most important ones.

Wurst Client Kill Aura
  • Range – The range determines how far the hack will reach to attack an entity. Anything that is, let’s say 8 blocks away when you set it to 7 blocks away will not be attacked. By default, the value is set to 5, which is also the value of how far you can hit in Minecraft generally. To make it less obvious, players will lower this.
  • Speed – Speed determines the attack speed measured in clicks per second. If it’s set to zero, it will adjust the speed to match the cooldown of the attacks you perform but it will make it so that each attack deals the highest possible damage.
  • Priority – There are three things to remember when it comes to priority: distance, angle, and health. It determines which entity the hack will attack first. If set to distance it will attack the closest one, if set to angle, it will attack the entity that requires the least head movement, and if set to health, it’ll attack the weakest entity. By default, it is set to angle.
  • FOV – this is a slider that will limit how far the hack will move the player’s head in order to face and then attack someone. Any entity that’s outside of the set field of view will not be attacked.
  • Damage Indicator – The indicator creates a colored box on the target that shows you the remaining health of that entity.
  • Pause on containers – By default this is set to checked and it’s a good thing it is because it won’t attack if a container screen is open.
  • Hit through walls – Hit through walls is the most obvious sign that someone is using the Kill Aura hack. By default, it is not checked and should remain this way. If it gets checked you’ll hit players that are behind walls or in the case of Minecraft, blocks.
  • Filter players – There are a ton of filters that prevent Kill Aura from attacking certain entities when checked. You can filter players, sleeping players, flying players, monsters, pigmen, endermen, animals, babies, pets, traders, golems, invisible entities named entities, armor stands, and end crystals.


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Best Kill Aura Settings

The best settings for the hack depend on which server you’re playing on. Most servers will ban players that use Kill Aura, and what is likely the only exception are anarchy servers that allow hacks and everything in between. These servers can get messy, and the most popular one to date is the 2b2t server.

On these servers, you can literally crank everything up to maximum since even when you get caught(and you most certainly will), there’s nothing other players can do about it since it is allowed. On the other hand, if you’re on servers with no anti-cheat systems in place, you can also get away with keeping it high. To get around the fact that you most likely won’t be looking at other players when hitting them, you can use triggerbot if you don’t want to get banned. On servers that use anti-cheats, you should keep everything low and toggle it on only for a few seconds at a time.

Official Kill Aura Map

Kill Aura is so popular that even Mojang decided to make an official map with the hack preinstalled. The Kill Aura map lets you do more than that, though. It gives you X-ray vision so that you can see ores, fly, speed mine, get millionaire mansions, and the map is multiplayer-friendly. Of course, all these hacks are only available in that world, and you won’t get any achievements.


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Where can you download Kill Aura?

Before I redirect you to absolutely the best versions of the Kill Aura hack, I must say that you should download them at your own risk. Using it in a single-player world is fine, but using them on servers will get you banned eventually. Another risk when downloading these hacks is viruses so you should also approach downloading them with precaution. I always recommend using paid antivirus software to be even more on the safe side with what you’re downloading from the internet.

  1. Cheating Essentials – as the name suggests, it gives you all the essential cheating mods. Kil Aura is included but only works on mobs.
  2. WurstClient – in this case, the hack is a client-side mod, meaning you need to download the client to benefit from using Kill Aura. Other than that, it’s hard to find a mod for Kill Aura. The community is against it and your best chance of getting is by downloading this client.

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