15 Best Superheroes with Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Throughout the years, Marvel and DC Universe made so many different characters. From blondes, brunettes, redheads, weird-looking creatures that have a specific reason to look like they do, and more, any person reading comics would be able to identify with certain characters. Well, a certain group of superheroes, especially the older ones, always served a special purpose. Blondes were aesthetically appealing, noble, and brave superheroes who would always put everything on hold to save the world – very popular as well. In this article, we will go through the list of 15 best superheroes with blonde hair from Marvel and DC.

There are dozens and dozens of blonde superheroes in Marvel and DC Universes, so we looked through only the best ones who are most popular, strongest, and just better than others. With that said buckle up, and let’s start!

1. Hawkeye

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is one of the iconic blondes from the Marvel Universe. His personality in Marvel Universe was always on the prankster side – he would always prank fellow Avengers and throw sarcastic one-liners. He is a comic relief in any group of people, but also the best archer in the world (well, until Kate Bishop came about). His skills with bow and arrow are elite, and when you add specialized arrows that can explode, and cause havoc, Hawkeye is a true superhero.

He is also a superhero with a disability – he had hearing loss in 1983 trying to save Mockinbird, however, that was never addressed again until recently. Hawkeye vol.4 showed Clint losing his hearing and a historic moment in the comics – the whole issue in Hawkeye vol. 4 completely told the story in American sign language. Hawkeye vol. 4 from 2012 by Matt Fraction and David Aja, is one of the best comic books in Marvel’s history. Recently we saw Hawkeye in the TV show of the same name on Disney+, and it was really good. Jeremy Renner did a great job portraying dirty blonde Hawkeye in the MCU.

2. Green Arrow

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Well, what a coincidence! The two most popular archers from both universes are one after another on this list. How is that possible?! Well, it is. These characters have some similarities – they are skilled archers, blonde… and those stop here. Oliver Queen is a billionaire who uses his wealth to clean his home, Star City, of criminals and evil.

Tragedy on the sea left him stranded on the deserted island where he learned how to become the best archer in the world. His skillsets archery, unrivaled aim, exceptional martial artist, and umm inexhaustible wealth. Some compare him to Star City’s Batman, but Green Arrow is still quite different from the Bat, and his own character. Probably one of the most iconic blondes in the DC Universe.

3. Thor

God of Thunder is a magnificent blonde. His Asgardian roots and “godly” powers make him one of the most iconic blondes in the Marvel Universe. Son of Odin and “adoptive” brother of Loki, Thor, with the help of Mjolnir is truly powerful. His strength is rarely matched, and he and Hulk usually fight with each other to see who is stronger (at least in animated series).

It is clear that inspiration for his design is from myths of Nordic Gods but that does not take away from this blonde fabulous look. Chris Hemsworth did really great in his portrayal of Thor and we cannot wait for the new Thor movie coming out soon.

4. Black Canary

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Dinah Drake Lance or Dinah Laurel Lance, the original Canary’s daughter, the Black Canary is one of the most iconic blondes (and oldest) in the DC Universe. Her skill in martial arts is unmatched and her fight skill portfolio includes Aikido, boxing, Capoeira, Hapkido, Judo, Jujutsu, Krav Maga, Mui Tai and so many more.

Like every character in DC Universe, Black Canary also went through big changes in her origin story. However, her skillset and iconic Canary Cry with on and off relationship with Green Arrow, make her a really an important character who is affiliated with Justice League, Birds of Prey, and more. She was portrayed in Arrowverse by Katie Cassidy. A true iconic blonde of DC Universe.

5. Cassie Lang

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Daughter of Scott Lang, the Ant-Man, Cassandra “Cassie” Lang has been through a few aliases. Her first appearance as Cassie Lang occurred in 1979, as Stature in 2006, and as Stinger in 2016. She is affiliated most notably with Young Avengers and a good friend of Kate Bishop. Her story is interesting and she also appears in alternate universe comics called Marvel Comics 2 which shows an alternated future timeline of the Marvel Universe.

Her abilities are similar to her father’s but she shrinks and grows by herself, especially when she is experiencing emotional turmoil. We saw her in Marvel Cinematic Universe as well and can expect her as part of the Young Avengers group in the future.

6. The Flash/Barry Allen

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

The reinvention of Jay Garrick Flash, Barry Allen first appeared in DC comics in 1956, and to this day stayed as the most popular Flash. His introduction brought up the concept of Multiverse in DC, and it played large lore in DC’s continuity of comic book characters. Barry Allen is the most consistent DC character since he was part of the dozens of big arcs and events that impacted the DC Universe deeply, some of the include Crisis on Infinite Earths, where he died and was out of comics for 23 years. He was brought back in during DC’s The Flash: The Rebirth” run and was part of crossover stories like Blackest Night, Flashpoint, Convergence, and DC Rebirth.

Recently, he was portrayed in the Arrowverse in The Flash TV show by Grant Gustin and in DCEU by Ezra Miller. They are brunettes but Barry Allen from the comics is blonde. That is why he is on this list.

7. Captain Marvel

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Carol Danvers is an ultimate Marvel superhero. After being exposed to Kree energy, Carol Danvers became a protector of the world and the universe. What’s also really interesting is that she is sharing the name Captain Marvel with one of the DC’s original superheroes, Shazam, whose name needed to change to Captain Marvel to what is it now. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

We saw live-action Captain Marvel, portrayed by Brie Larson, and her character is becoming one of the most important ones in the MCU. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel, and … a blonde.

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8. Gwen Stacy

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Gwen Stacy is not a superhero in the main Universe, she is a friend and Peter Parker’s former lover who sometimes acts as a sidekick as well. However, after her death and outcry by the fans, Gwen was back to Marvel Comics in other versions. Earth-65 version of Gwen Stacy is actually a Spider-Woman, who, in that reality, got bitten by a spider instead of Peter Parker.

We saw her plenty in live-action, most notably in The Amazing Spiderman series, where she was portrayed by Emma Stone. Her hero version appeared in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse as Ghost-Spider, and we will see her again in the sequel that is coming out in 2023.

9. John Constatine

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Probably one of the most unique DC characters ever, John Constatine is also our blonde pick for this list. Hellblazer of the DC Universe is really cool and is one of the most profound sorcerers in DC. Besides being a sorcerer, he is one of the most notorious conmen and after New 52 can also teleport, do telekinesis, and more.

He does not have the superhuman ability but has a vast knowledge of Earth’s magical forces, which he uses to fight evil beings and throw them into Hell, hence the name Hellblazer. Keanu Reeves starred as John Constantine in the movie “Constantine” and appeared in Arrowverse played by Matt Ryan. His stories are one of the best in DC’s Universe and we hope that his character comes back in DCEU.

10. Supergirl

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl is an iconic blonde. Cousin of another Super, Kal-El, has the same powers as Superman since they both came from Krypton. With her trusty companion, Krypto she is using her powers to protect the world from evil. Like her cousin, she is also affiliated with multiple different teams such as the Justice League, the Department of Extranormal Operations, and more.

She was part of the Arrowverse, where she was played by Melissa Benoist, and hopefully, we see her come back to big screens in DCEU since she is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe.

11. Stargirl

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

A fairly new face in DC Universe first appeared in the comics in 1999. Courtney Whitmore kind of reminds us of Marvel’s blonde Captain America but she definitely has her own unique story. She is an expert gymnast and boxer, who when wearing the Cosmic Converter Belt gets enhanced strength, speed, agility, and stamina, with the ability to shoot stars. With another gear called Cosmic Staff, she can fly and manipulate energy.

She is affiliated with Suicide Squad, Justice League, Young Justice, and more. A true blonde of DC Universe. Currently, she is in live-action portrayed by Brec Bassinger, in the TV show called Stargirl.

12. Emma Frost

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

White Queen of Marvel Comics, femme fatale Emma Frost is truly an iconic blonde of X-Men. Her abilities consist of high-level telepathic abilities, allowing her to read minds, wipe memories, and more. She is capable of shapeshifting into an organic diamond which is granting her strength and durability.

She has been in multiple video games, TV shows, animated shows, and live-action movies, and her appearance is always easily recognized. Her regal look and dry-witted humor make her one of the most interesting characters in Marvel Comics.

13. Johnny Storm

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Johnny Storm aka Human Torch one-fourth of the famous Marvel superhero group Fantastic Four. His impulsive nature makes his powers perfect for him, however, his love for his teammates is what makes him layered and interesting.

His sister, Susan Storm, is also part of the Fantastic Four, with genius Reed Richards Ben Grimm aka The Thing, with whom he is always bickering. Johnny is fiery but also really mellow when he wants to be. He is also a blonde.

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14. Susan Storm

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Invisible Woman aka Susan Storm is “a mother” of the group, who balances pretty extreme personalities of her teammates, which results in constant bickering and fights. She is blonde, like her brother Johnny, and when she marries Reed Richards and gives birth to two children, her blonde genes overpower Mr. Fantastic and his grey sideburns.

All jokes aside, she is powerful as the rest of her group, and when together, the Fantastic Four can beat anyone that stands in front of them.

15. Captain America

15 Best Superheroes With Blonde Hair (Marvel and DC)

Steve Rogers is a typical American working-class man from the 1940s, with his blonde hair and boyish innocence. The face of America and Marvel Comics, First Avenger is truly an iconic character who is recognized by anyone. His supersoldier powers are impressive but his will and want to protect his allies and people make him unbelievably strong against his foes.

Steve Rogers might be a blonde softie but when in Captain America costume and shield, he can beat absolutely anyone.

This is it for our list. Hope you enjoyed it. Until the next time!

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