10 Best Movies About Floods of All Time

Movies about floods

Natural disasters and catastrophes are interesting motifs to be covered in movies and they almost always trigger the audience’s attention. Even though they often have tragic consequences, we want to know what led to them and how they will all be resolved. Tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquakes are only some of the disasters that have been often put on screen, and in this article, we are going to focus on the 10 best movies about floods.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

the day after tomorrow

This is an intriguing sci-fi thriller about the consequences of a shattered ice sheet in Antarctica. It was discovered by paleoclimatologist Jack Hall who didn’t know that it would trigger a huge climate shift that will affect the human population.

Jack’s son Sam and his friends have noticed that it has been raining nonstop in New York for the past few days and after a series of weather-related accidents around the world, they and everybody else realize that the world is about to enter the new Ice Age. Jack will decide to save his son and his friends who are stuck in New York after surviving a massive wave and are now fighting freezing-cold temperatures.

Noah (2014)


One of the most famous stories from the Bible is the one about Noah, the man who was entrusted by God to save Earth’s innocent animals when huge floodwaters cleansed the planet of mankind and its evil. Noah experienced a vision about this great flood that would wipe out every living thing on Earth.

This vision encouraged Noah to find his father, Methuselah who would help him understand his mission. His second vision showed that he is to construct a vessel to save all the animals so he begins to work on an arc that will help him. But the word of his work soon reaches Tubal-cain who is determined to find Noah, steal his vessel and survive this catastrophe at any cost.


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Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006)

ice age

In this sequel to a beloved family animation movie Ice Age, its famous main characters Manny, Diego, Scrat, and Sid are still spending time together and are currently enjoying their melting world. But there is a downside to this idyllic situation.

There is a huge glacial dam holding off a great amount of water and it is about to break, causing enormous danger to the whole valley, and threatening to overflow it. The solution to the problem lies on the other side of the valley and this group of heroes, together with three additional members will embark on a journey and mission to save themselves and everyone around them.

Crawl (2019)


Alejandre Aja is a famous name among the directors of mostly horror movies and this time he brings us the story of a young woman who needs to save her father during an extremely strong hurricane and finds herself trapped in a flooded house.

But water and the strong hurricane seem to be the least of their problems when they find themselves surrounded by alligators inside their house. Haley and Dave Keller will have to fight for their lives throughout many unbelievable and breathtaking situations.

The Impossible (2012)

The Impossible

The Impossible is a heartbreaking movie based on true events and brings us the story of a regular family, Maria and Henry, and their three kids who travel to Thailand to spend Christmas. Their vacation seems perfect, with a villa near the coast and a pool they can enjoy their time. But suddenly, they find themselves in the middle of one of the greatest catastrophes ever. This is one of the best disaster movies of the last decade, with great direction and brilliant acting by Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. But the most interesting fact is that it was the first movie role for today’s most famous Spiderman, Tom Holland.

An earthquake followed by a tsunami hits their resort and doesn’t leave anyone time to escape or at least hide somewhere. Maria and Henry get separated, swept away from each other, each of them with one of their children. This is when their desperate attempts to go back to one another begin. This is a very emotional movie that will leave you in tears, especially when you remember that it has a historical background and that many people have suffered that way.

Sinkhole (2021)


Once again south Korean cinematography doesn’t disappoint. This intense disaster movie tells the story of Park Dong-won, a common man who moves with his family into their new house which he bought after 11 years of hard work. 

After moving in, he decides to throw a housewarming party and invites all his friends but soon what was supposed to be a night of fun begins to lead into a catastrophe. A heavy downpour creates an extremely big sinkhole and now Park Don-won and his guests have to find their way out. But very soon another downpour creates even more problems and it is only a matter of time before they lose their chance to survive.

Evan Almighty (2007)

evan almighty

We met Evan Baxter in the blockbuster Brue Almighty where he played Jim Carrey’s business rival who always got the best news to cover. In this fantasy comedy, Evan is elected to Congres with his slogan “Change the world” and is extremely satisfied with his new job position. But there is a catch since he is tapped by a powerful congressman to co-sponsor a bill that allows development in national parks.

But something even greater awaits Evan. He is approached by God who advises him to build an ark to prepare for a great flood that is coming. His life changes completely after he begins to change in looks but also in behavior. His family leaves him and journalists begin to report about him but he believes that he can save the world. The question is whether he will be able to do it.

Hard Rain (1998)

hard rain

Even though this is a catastrophe movie, the story we follow is an intense thriller about Tom and his Uncle Charlie who find themselves stuck in the flooding. As if this weren’t serious enough, they are attacked by a gang of men led by Jim who kill Tom’s uncle Charlie.


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There was a reason for it since Tom was transferring three million dollars in his truck and is now somewhere on the run with a bag full of cash. While running away from the men who are trying to catch him, Tom will learn more about the background behind this attack and realize that he wasn’t aware of many things around him.

The Poseidon Adventure (1971)


Another excellent movie where the catastrophe is only a trigger for discovering human true nature. This adventure drama thriller, The Poseidon Adventure, directed by Ronald Neame and starring Gene Hackman and Ernest Borgnine takes place on a passenger ship.

While on her way to the scrap yard, the ship gets hit by a huge tidal wave that flips her over, resulting in all internal rooms being turned upside down. A priest will gather a group of survivors and try to lead them through the bowels of the ship in order to help them make it alive.

Tidal Wave (2009)

Tidal Wave

Professor Kim, a marine geologist recognizes underground activities in the East Sea similar to the ones in the Indian Ocean when it got hit by a massive earthquake that resulted in a devastating tsunami. He realizes that Busan’s citizens have only 10 minutes to escape. A minor earthquake finally hits,  but the tidal wave is going to be massive.

Mass hysteria follows when many citizens realize what is approaching and face the fact that they don’t have time or a place to run to. A major catastrophe hits the city with consequences that will leave everyone devastated.

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