My Hero Academia: Why Does Dabi Cry Blood?      

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One of the things that we know in My Hero Academia is that Dabi is a tragic character that is the result of a tough childhood that mentally, emotionally, and physically damaged him. In that regard, he ended up becoming a villain that wanted nothing more than to make his family’s life a living hell. There were instances when he showed an emotion that was similar to happiness and sadness at the same time as he cried blood whenever he did so. So, why does Dabi cry blood?

Dabi cries blood because how his tear ducts are probably already destroyed or damaged. He could no longer cry like a normal human being due to the intense burns that he suffered when he was still just a child. As such, it probably hurts him whenever he cries, as blood comes out of his eyes instead of tears.

We all know that Dabi is a tragic figure with a tough past due to his childhood. But the fact that he cries blood is one of the things that makes him even scarier than he already was, as there is nothing normal about this character at all. It fits his entire persona as a crazy yet tragic figure. So, with that said, let’s look at the reason why Dabi cries blood.

Why Does Dabi Cry Blood?

One of the characters that fans of My Hero Academia cannot help but love is Dabi due to the cool way he carries about his role as one of the most enigmatic villains in the storyline. However, in the recent arcs, we learned more about him and his past. It was shown that he was once Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Enji Todoroki, more popularly known as the No. 1 hero named Endeavor.

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But the thing about Dabi is that he appears to be damaged in every kind of way due to the fact that he looks and acts damaged. This goes back to his history as a character with a tough past with his father. As such, when he made the big revelation that he was actually Toya Todoroki all along, everyone was surprised by what they heard. He even went on to prove this fact through a DNA test and by revealing the kind of childhood he had with the Todoroki household.


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Of course, Dabi’s goal was to make his father’s life a living hell while also making sure that he destroyed everything that Endeavor holds dear. Soon after he revealed his motives, he actually cried blood. So, why does Dabi cry blood in My Hero Academia?

The reason why Dabi cries blood goes back to the very fact that he had a very tough childhood that damaged him emotionally and physically. As mentioned, he was a boy named Toya Todoroki and was the eldest son of Endeavor. However, different events that happened during his childhood led to his emotional and mental instability. And soon after that, he went through a tough experience that nearly killed him, and that was the reason why he became so physically damaged that he cried blood.

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During his childhood, he trained his Quirk so obsessively that he could make it so powerful that it burned hotter than his father’s flame. However, when he became so emotionally unstable, he produced flames that were so hot. On top of that, he didn’t know how to turn his flames off, as they eventually engulfed an entire forest and damaged him to the point that he was supposed to have died.

In that regard, the physical damage that his body experienced when he was still young was what led to him crying blood whenever he cried. It is likely that his tear ducts have become so burned and damaged that they can no longer produce tears. Instead, they produce blood due to the physical damage that Dabi endured when he was still just a boy.

What Happened To Dabi?

We established that Dabi had a tough childhood that led to him becoming so physically damaged that he cried blood. This only adds to the coolness and creepiness factor that comes with Dabi’s character. However, what exactly happened to Dabi?

As a child, Dabi believed that he could be a hero that could surpass All Might because his father drilled this goal into him. He had flames that burned hotter than Endeavor’s own Quirk, which meant that he was supposed to be stronger than his father. But Endeavor learned that Dabi did not possess his resistance to flames. Instead, he was more resistant to cold temperatures due to his mother’s Quirk.

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Endeavor decided to stop training his son due to the fact that it was for the sake of his safety. But Toya insisted on working hard to improve his Quirk because he wanted his father’s approval. And when Shoto was born with the perfect combination of Quirks that Endeavor wanted, Toya became an afterthought that his father didn’t try to give attention to.

Still trying to win his father’s approval, Toya trained hard until he discovered that he could turn his flames blue. He wanted Endeavor to see his new power, but his father only scolded him for using his Quirk, which led to serious burns that could only endanger the boy.


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But Toya went to Sekoto Peak, the place where he trained, to wait for his father so that he could show him his new power. Toya, however, waited in vain because Endeavor never showed up. This made him so emotionally unstable that his power went out of control and burned everything in sight. And because Toya could not turn his flames off, he got burned as well.

While everyone thought that Toya had died in his own flames, he had the wherewithal to jump into the river. He was fished out and rescued by an orphanage controlled by All For One. While Toya survived, his body had become too damaged to the point that All For One’s doctors said that he would only last for a few months. But his hatred for his family fueled him to live on.

Due to the damage, he suffered as a child and because he still continued to use his Quirk after adopting his villain persona, Dabi’s body had become too damaged to the point that scars and burns were visible throughout his entire body. And the fact that the area around his eyes looks damaged means that his tear ducts were probably damaged as well, which explains why he cries blood.

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