My Hero Academia: Todoroki Family Quirks, Explained

todoroki family

The Todoroki family is undoubtedly the most storied family in My Hero Academia as it involves three important characters that play big roles in the entire storyline. In that regard, this is a powerful family with characters that have Quirks that are actually quite strong. Nevertheless, there are only three true fighters in the Todoroki family.

Composed of Enji (Endeavor), Rei, Toya (Dabi), Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto, the Todoroki family has members that all have Quirks that were inherited from the powerful bloodline possessed by the sides of both Endeavor and Rei. So, with that said, let’s look at the Quirks of all of the members of the Todoroki family.

Enji Todoroki

endeavor attack

Enji Todoroki, who is known by his hero name of Endeavor, is the head of the Todoroki family and was the one that started the entire family when he married Rei. For the longest time possible, Endeavor was always second to All Might in the hero rankings, as he couldn’t do anything to surpass the Symbol of Peace. And the fact that he wanted to surpass All Might became an obsession that forced him to enter into a Quirk Marriage that could produce an heir with a Quirk powerful enough to surpass All Might.

Endeavor possesses a Quirk called Hellflame, allowing him to produce and manipulate large amounts of intense fire. While there are a lot of fire-based Quirks in My Hero Academia, Hellflame stands at the pinnacle (just below Blueflame in firepower). As such, Endeavor can generate flames from his body and use them for offensive attacks that could burn opponents to a crisp. Coupled with his powerful body, Endeavor could also use Hellflame to strengthen his physical attacks.


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The fact that Endeavor’s body is capable of producing flames makes him capable of withstanding intense heat as well. His body is resistant to flames but isn’t immune to heat. And whenever he uses his Quirk too much, his body will overheat, causing a rapid depletion in his stamina, as seen when he overexerted himself in his final attack on Gigantomachia.

Rei Todoroki


Rei comes from the Himura family, which used to be a prominent family in Japan until it suffered a decline in terms of power and wealth. She ended up marrying into the Todoroki family when Enji was looking for a suitable wife that could help him produce a successor with a Quirk that was powerful enough to surpass All Might. And because Enji was looking to pair his Hellflame Quirk with an ice-based Quirk, Rei was the best candidate.

Due to her family’s bloodline, Rei possesses an inherited Quirk called Frost, which allows her to produce ice at will. Due to the fact that Shoto is capable of producing large amounts of ice despite the fact that only half of his body is capable of using this Quirk, we can make the assumption that Rei’s Quirk is potentially stronger. Nevertheless, her Quirk probably also has the same weakness as Shoto’s ice side in the sense that her body will be covered in frostbite if she exerts herself too much.

Toya Todoroki


Toya Todoroki is the eldest son of Enji and Rei and was supposed to be the successor of Endeavor. That’s because he possesses a Quirk that’s more powerful than his father’s own Hellflame. When he was just a child, his Quirk was unnamed, but what was clear was that it burned hotter than Endeavor’s own flames. This allowed Endeavor to feel contented with the fact that his son, although not having the ice-based Quirk of his mother, was capable of producing flames hotter than his.


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However, Toya’s body had an inherent weakness resulting from his mixed genetics. He inherited his mother’s natural resistance to cold temperatures, and that meant that using his flames burned his body. This made him a “failure” in his father’s eyes despite the fact that he was capable of flames that were more powerful than Endeavor’s own flames.

Despite the fact that Endeavor stopped training him, Toya learned that he had the ability to generate blue flames that burned hotter than his original red flames. These flames were dependent on his level of excitement. However, an accident with his flames caused him to “die” because he never learned how to put out his flames. And this led to the creation of the man named Dabi, who was what remained of Toya after he survived an event that should have killed him.

Fuyumi Todoroki


Fuyumi Todoroki is the eldest daughter of Enji and Rei. She was born because her parents thought that a sibling would foster a healthy rivalry between their children. However, Fuyumi grew up as a mild-mannered child who didn’t get to train in using her Quirk. She spent a lot of time with Toya when they were children, as none of the Todoroki siblings were allowed to spend time with Shoto.

Although she grew up to become a school teacher, Fuyumi actually has a similar Quirk to her mother’s Frost Quirk, although the exact name of her Quirk is a mystery. We can make the assumption that her Quirk functions in a manner that’s similar to her mother’s Quirk, but it might not be as powerful due to the fact that she also has Endeavor’s genetics.

Natsuo Todoroki


Natsuo Todoroki is the third child of Enji and Rei and is actually the one who is most similar to Endeavor in terms of his appearance. The biggest difference, however, is that he has white hair instead of red. Despite that, Natsuo has his father’s body build and fiery nature. And that remains true even though he actually has a deep dislike for his father for what he did to Toya years ago.

The thing about Natsuo was that he was conceived because Endeavor never stopped trying to have a successor that could surpass All Might. However, because Natsuo had a Quirk that was similar to his mother’s Frost Quirk, it goes without saying that he was also a “failure.” Natsuo didn’t have formal training in using his Quirk because he decided to pursue the life of a college student instead of becoming a hero.

Shoto Todoroki

Half Cold Half Hot

Shoto Todoroki is the fourth child of Enji and Rei and is the “perfect” son because of the fact that he was the one that was born with a good balance of the genetics of both of his parents. As such, he was immediately seen by Endeavor as the rightful successor to his legacy and the one that had the chance to surpass All Might as the top hero in the country.

Because he has both of his parents’ powers, Shoto has a Quirk called Half-Cold Half-Hot. The right side of his body can produce ice that’s powerful enough to create entire walls. Meanwhile, the left side of his body is the one that’s capable of producing flames that are almost just as hot as Endeavor’s own flames.

Due to the very nature of his Quirk, Shoto can be quite half-baked in the sense that his flames aren’t as strong as Endeavor’s, and his ice isn’t as powerful as any of the other ice Quirks. Nevertheless, he eventually learned how to harness both sides’ powers to create an ultimate move that was powerful enough to bring down Dabi in the manga.

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