Odin vs. Thor: Who Would Win in a Fight of Marvel Gods?

odin vs thor

One of the things that we know regarding the world of Marvel Comics is that the Asgardian gods are some of the most prominently featured gods in many different storylines. Of course, Thor is almost front and center when it comes to the stories related to the Asgardian gods. But his father, Odin, has also had his own fair share of the limelight as well because he is the king of the Asgardians, after all. But who between Odin and Thor would win in a fight?

Odin is far more powerful than Thor and would almost always win a fight against his son. While Thor is physically stronger than Odin, all of the metrics are in favor of the older Asgardian god. There is also the fact that Odin has the Odinforce, which is an incredible source of power that Thor can’t counter.

It is without a doubt that Odin has always been one of the most powerful gods in the Marvel universe, as he is cosmic in terms of his overall capabilities. Thor was never a slouch because he is strong in his own right, but he is still undergoing his own evolution and development as a character and would soon become as strong as his father. That said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


Odin possesses incredible strength and is far stronger than the average Asgardian, who is capable of lifting over 30 tons. At the time of his death, Odin was already old but was capable of lifting more than 60 tons on any given day. During his prime, however, he was said to be capable of lifting more than 90 tons and was extremely strong. And when he used the Odinforce, he could actually deal enough damage to a powerful being like Galactus but was forced to go into the Odinsleep as a result.

Thor is said to be the mightiest among all of the Asgardians in terms of his physical strength, as he is several times stronger than the average Asgardian. It is said that Thor is capable of lifting more than 100 tons on any given day. He is so strong that he can match the Hulk’s strength and fight Hercules as an equal, even though it is often said that Hercules is the strongest character in the Marvel universe. As such, Thor has always been one of the mightiest Asgardians of all time due to his freakishly impressive strength.

thor hercules

Yes, Odin is far stronger than any other Asgardian. But Thor is on an entirely different level in terms of his physique, as he is not only stronger than any other Asgardian but is also stronger than his father as well. However, his advantages over the All-Father end here.

Odin 0, Thor 1


While we still have a lot of things to say about Odin’s power, it is often said that it is his wisdom and knowledge that are his greatest weapons. Odin possesses godly wisdom and knowledge about a lot of things in the universe, and it is often said that he can beat an opponent using his wisdom and knowledge. As such, he is one of the most intelligent characters in the entire Marvel Universe, as his intelligence is likely at the level of a cosmic entity.

odin intelligence

If there’s something that has made Thor a comic relief, it is the fact that he can be somewhat of a dummy. He was never the most intelligent person in Marvel Comics history, but he was never the dumbest as well. Thor does possess a certain level of knowledge and intelligence when it comes to the universe and terms of military strategy. However, he was never someone that the other Marvel characters went to if they wanted to seek wisdom and knowledge.


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This isn’t even a fair match because Odin’s intelligence is cosmic in terms of its level. On the other hand, Thor is probably at the level of an average human being in terms of his intelligence.

Odin 1, Thor 1


Like all gods in Marvel, Odin is exceptionally durable and can withstand attacks that would normally kill other characters. But Odin is on a level that’s far above any other Asgardian or god because he is said to be the most durable among all of the Asgardians. That means that it would take a cosmic-level attack to actually damage or kill Odin. On top of that, Odin has a regenerative healing factor, which allows him to heal incredibly fast.

odin 1

One of the things that have made Thor quite popular is his resilience, as he will always keep on coming at his opponents, especially because he is durable enough to take some of the most powerful hits that his opponent could dish. He can survive several blasts from the Asgardian Destroyer and even Odin himself. Thor is even durable enough to survive an attack from a Celestial. And he also has a rapid healing factor to help him recover from his wounds fast enough.

Odin can survive a cosmic-level attack without getting injured, but Thor can get injured from a similar attack even though he could survive it. As such, there is no doubt that Odin is much more durable than his son.

Odin 2, Thor 1

Powers and Abilities

While Odin may already be a master of Asgardian magic, his true power lies in his control over the Odinforce, which is a source of power that is cosmic in terms of how powerful it is. Using the Odinforce, Odin can easily manipulate vast amounts of magical energy and use it for any purpose he sees fit. He can use this power to manipulate and warp reality to some extent. In most cases, however, he uses the Odinforce to conjure up powerful blasts of energy that allow Odin to casually defeat the likes of Silver Surfer and Thanos.

odin power

Thor is called the God of Thunder for a very good reason, as he has control over thunder and lightning. His ability to manipulate thunder allows him to blast jolts of lightning energy toward his opponents by making use of Mjolnir or Stormbreaker as a conduit. He could also summon thunderbolts from the sky with his ability to manipulate thunder. And, of course, he is known to be able to fly as long as he has his hammer or axe in his hand.

While Thor’s powers and energy projection capabilities are impressive, Odin is simply on a different level because he is powerful enough to easily defeat incredibly strong opponents like Thanos. 

Odin 3, Thor 1

Fighting Skills

Odin, due to his vast experience and training, is a master of Asgardian combat and is skilled in the use of almost any kind of weapon. This means that he is an exceptional close-combat fighter regardless of whether he has a weapon in his hands or is using his fists. As such, he can square up with the best hand-to-hand fighters in the world of Marvel Comics and is incredibly dangerous when he has his spear in his hands.


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Thor has always been a gifted fighter because of his natural love for fighting. He was always known as the mightiest Asgardian god not only because of his strength but also because of his fighting abilities, as Thor is capable enough to go toe-to-toe with the likes of the Hulk and Hercules, who are great brawlers in their own right. But when he has Mjolnir or Stormbreaker in his hands, he becomes an even more dangerous combatant, as Thor has always been an expert wielder of any kind of weapon.

thor hulk

It is possible that Thor is a better fighter than Odin. But let’s not forget that Odin is wiser and more experienced than Thor. And this could make a difference when it comes to bridging the tiny gap between them.

Odin 3, Thor 1

Odin vs. Thor: Who Would Win In A Fight Of Marvel Gods?

Even though Thor is superior to Odin in terms of his strength and has fighting abilities that are at least on par with his father’s own fighting skills, the All-Father is simply an incredibly powerful god that is at the level of the cosmic entities of the Marvel universe in terms of what his magical energy can do. The Odinforce is strong enough to give Odin any kind of edge he needs against Thor. Of course, Thor will get to the level of his father eventually as he develops and grows older and wiser.

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