Namor vs. Thor: Who Would Win in a Fight?

namor vs thor

While he might be new to the MCU, Namor has been around for a very long time and isn’t exactly new to Marvel because he has always been a fixture in the comics. He is the leader of the Atlanteans, which are a fictional race of people living on Earth. Of course, we also know another leader of a fictional group of people in Marvel Comics, and we are talking about Thor. So, in a battle between Namor and Thor, who would win?

Thor would win in a fight with Namor. Aside from the fact that Thor is physically stronger than Namor, he has command over thunder and lighting. Of course, Namor is a capable fighter himself and is just as skilled as Thor. Nevertheless, Thor has always been a powerhouse that could contend with the strongest.

There is no doubting the fact that the God of Thunder has always been one of the most powerful characters in all of Marvel Comics, especially when he became the All-Father. Namor himself is no slouch because we know that he’s a powerhouse in his own right. But Thor is simply on another level when it comes to his powers.


With a strength level of 6, as determined by Marvel, Namor is a physical beast that is as strong as a lot of other powerhouses in Marvel Comics’ history. He has the physiology of a mutant human and an Atlantean, and those qualities make him incredibly strong. Namor is a lot stronger than any other Atlantean in history, and he has shown the ability to hold his own against powerhouses like Hulk and Hercules.

Ever since his debut, Thor has always been one of the strongest characters in Marvel Comics history. His strength is freakish, even when compared to the strongest Asgardians, and that’s why he is often regarded as the mightiest of his kind. On top of that, he has a strength level of 7 and has always been regarded as a character capable of lifting more than 100 tons. And Thor became stronger when he became the All-Father.

thor hulk

Even though we all know that Namor is incredibly strong, Thor is simply stronger because he has enough strength that could put him on par with the Hulk. As such, Thor takes this round.

Namor 0, Thor 1

Powers and Abilities

Namor isn’t known for his powers, but he still has a few of them, even though he was always just a physical powerhouse. Due to his status as a mutant, Namor has the ability to fly. On top of that, he also has the ability to telepathically connect with marine life, and that gives him an advantage whenever he is underwater. However, in most cases, Namor is often a physical beast that doesn’t rely a lot on his powers.


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While Thor is known to be a brawler and a great warrior that relies a lot on his weapons, he is also known as the God of Thunder for a very good reason. That’s because he has control over thunder and lightning. He has the ability to blast his enemies with jolts of lightning, and this energy blast is so strong that he could basically defeat his opponents with this power. On top of that, he uses his hammer or axe to propel himself into the air so that he can fly.

thor thunder

Namor’s powers are impressive, but Thor is simply, for all intents and purposes, a god that has the ability to destroy opponents with blasts of lightning. And when he became All-Father, he became a lot more powerful.

Namor 0, Thor 2


Namor’s superhuman speed is a product of his impressive physiology, as he is capable of running a lot faster than regular human athletes in their prime. He also has the ability to swim at incredibly fast speeds, as he is known to hit a max speed of 345 miles per hour while he is underwater. Namor’s reflexes are impressive as he can react quickly to the attacks of his opponents and even counter them with attacks that are also quite quick.

Thor is extremely fast whenever he is flying in the air, as he has a speed that is measured by Marvel at level 7. In that regard, he is capable of interplanetary level due to how fast he can fly, and he can even summon the Bifrost on command using the powers of his ax. There is also the fact that Thor is also quite fast due to his superhuman musculature, and this means that he is not only a powerful brute but a fast one as well.

thor flying

Thor is also on a different level when it comes to how fast he is, as he has the ability to fly at extremely fast speeds and is even capable of interplanetary travel. Nevertheless, his in-battle speed might not be a lot faster than Namor’s.

Namor 0, Thor 3


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While Namor isn’t the most intelligent character, he isn’t quite dumb. As the leader of an entire race of people, he has enough intelligence and leadership skills to become an effective leader, and that means that he is no slouch when it comes to his intellect. After all, Namor is one of the members of the Illuminati, which is composed of some of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

namor leader

Thor has always been known for being somewhat of an idiot, even though he can be wise at times, especially as a leader. Nevertheless, he isn’t the most intelligent Marvel Comics character, especially because he is always portrayed as a brute that likes to solve things with his fists. Nevertheless, Thor is an effective leader that has knowledge of Asgardian science and magic, and that means that he isn’t exactly dumb.

The difference between Namor and Thor isn’t really wide when it comes to their intelligence, but there is a good reason to believe that Namor may be a bit smarter, especially because the Atlanteans are quite advanced in terms of their science.

Namor 1, Thor 3

Fighting Skills

Namor was never the most skilled fighter, but he was trained in close combat during his time in Atlantis. On top of that, because Namor has been around for a very long time and has experienced a lot of battles, he has excelled in almost all fields of battle and has learned the art of using different weapons. Of course, Namor has shown the ability to fight extremely skilled characters like Captain America and Black Panther on par.

namor vs black panther

Thor is almost always referred to as a brute, but he is an extremely skilled combatant that has learned how to fight due to how hard Asgardians train in many forms of combat. That is why he is an expert in the use of different weapons and is capable of standing toe-to-toe with great fighters using his fists. On top of that, Thor has been around for centuries, and that means that he has fought and defeated some of the greatest fighters in the universe.


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Even though Thor might be the more experienced fighter, it’s hard to give this round to him because we know that Namor is also a very skilled fighter. As such, let’s leave this round a tie.

Namor 1, Thor 3

Namor vs. Thor: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Both Namor and Thor are similar in a lot of things because they are both physical powerhouses that are capable of brutalizing their opponents in close combat. But the thing is that Thor has always been the stronger of the two in terms of his raw strength, as he is capable of matching the strength of a moderately angry Hulk. Still, the one aspect that gives Thor the advantage is that he is the God of Thunder and can blast lighting capable of killing or hurting extremely powerful entities. As such, Thor is likely to defeat Namor almost every time.