One Piece: Aokiji (Kuzan) Didn’t Kill Charlotte Cracker! Here’s What Happened to Him!

One Piece: Aokiji (Kuzan) Didn't Kill Charlotte Cracker! Here's What Happened to Her!

One Piece’s Charlotte family and its members have been discussed on this site more than once. In the majority of cases, we have talked about either Big Mom or Charlotte Katakuri, the two most important and relevant characters from the family; Big Mom was an Emperor, while Katakuri is best known for his rivalry with Luffy. In this article, though, we are going to talk about another important member of the family – Charlotte Cracker – who had a very nasty encounter with Marine-turned-pirate Aokiji. Aokiji froze Cracker and many others, but are they alive? Keep reading to find out what happened to Cracker and the others!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During the short “Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion” story, the Vinsmokes come to Whole Cake Island to free their siblings who had been taken by the Charlotte Family.
  • At the same time, the Blackbeard Pirates also arrived on the island, and they proceeded to kidnap Charlotte Pudding, one of Big Mom’s children, who was supposed to marry Sanji.
  • While investigating the arrivals, Cracker and Charlotte Brûlée tried to stop former Admiral Aokiji from kidnapping Pudding but were frozen by the powerful ex-Marine along with the rest of the town.

No, Aokoji did not kill Cracker, but the situation is quite delicate

At the end of the fighting on Totto Island (part of the Whole Cake Island Arc), Pudding worriedly looks at the book in which Niji and Yonji were imprisoned but then goes up to Rabiyan and punches them for bullying Sanji. Shortly thereafter, she walks away in a huff as Oven prepares to transport the book to Whole Cake Island through a mirror. At the same time as the Vinsmokes arrive, Blackbeard’s crew also infiltrates the island and is prepared to kidnap Charlotte Pudding; the exact motives for this are now known at this time, but we assume that Oda is going to reveal more details later. And this brings us to Cracker’s involvement in the story.

While this was happening, Cracker was initially recovering from his injuries and had made a full recovery when his sister, Charlotte Brûlée, opened a portal next to him and informed him about the Vinsmoke infiltration. Now recovered and full of energy, Cracker immediately went to investigate the new situation with his sister. The two of them went through the portal into Chocolat Town to investigate the Vinsmokes, but it soon turned out that they were about to face a new set of enemies.

Namely, as they were investigating the Vinsmokes, they stumbled upon Blackbeard’s crew, who were in the process of kidnapping their sister, Pudding. Of course, they immediately intervened, but they were not a match for Kuzan, who was the leader of this party. Kuzan was undoubtedly one of the most powerful Marines and his ice-based powers made him a very dangerous foe; when he left the World Government and became one of Blackbeard’s pirates, he became one of the most valuable and dangerous additions to Blackbeard’s crew. This is why the latter sent Kuzan to retrieve Pudding.


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So, as we have said, Cracker and his sister stood up to Kuzan, wanting to save their sister, which was a natural reaction. That was the only thing they could actually do. But, their opponent was tough. Immediately after seeing them, Kuzan activated his powers and froze Chocolat Town, freezing Cracker as well (you can see his frozen figure in the screenshot from the anime on top of this page), raising doubts about his fate in the series. And while we can agree that Kuzan did not explicitly kill Cracker, many fans think that his ending up frozen means that he’s dead. So, is he?

No, we can once again confirm that Charlotte Cracker is not dead, i.e., that he was not killed by Kuzan in Chocolat Town. He was frozen, but the ice will that eventually and Cracker will be back to normal in no time. This was not a lethal attack by Kuzan and it wouldn’t really make much narrative sense for Cracker to die in such a way. We can understand how some fans might have thought that this was Cracker’s end, but the official sources don’t list him as being dead as of the time of writing.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Oda will change his mind, but knowing Oda and the logic of One Piece, this doesn’t seem like an overly likely scenario. But, what we know for sure is that we will be getting some news on Cracker and his fate later in the series.

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