In What Episode Does Luffy Fight Katakuri & How Did the Fight Play Out?

In What Episode Does Luffy Fight Katakuri & How Did the Fight Play Out?

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Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga, is known for his many epic fights. He has fought numerous opponents over the years, but some of these fights managed to stand out among the others and one such fight is going to be the topic of this article. The fight we are talking about is Luffy’s fight against Charlotte Katakuri, one of the most powerful characters in the whole series and Big Mom’s most powerful aide. In this article, we are going to tell you about the episodes in which Luffy fought against Katakuri.

Luffy fought Charlotte Katakuri in episodes 848 to 871, which aired between August 5, 2018, and February 3, 2019. It was one of the longest fights in the whole series and while not every episode focused exclusively on the fight per se, the fight was the main event of the Whole Cake Island Arc and that explains the high episode count.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of the fight between Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. You now know when it happened, so we are just going to bring you the details so you know the whole context. Beware, though, because there are going to be a lot of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the fight, be careful how you approach the article.

In what episodes does Luffy fight against Charlotte Katakuri?

Luffy fought Charlotte Katakuri in episodes 848 to 871, which aired between August 5, 2018, and February 3, 2019. All of this happened during the Whole Cake Island Arc and was the main event of this arc, which was one of the biggest events in the pre-Wano period. This was an epic clash and a fight that the fans had been waiting for, which explains why the epic fight lasted for so many episodes.

How does the fight between Luffy and Katakuri play out?

The fight, as we have said, happened during the Whole Cake Island Arc, which was when the Straw Hats actually got a better insight into the functioning of the Big Mom Pirates, the pirate crew of the dreaded Yonko, Big Mom, born Charlotte Linlin. This was undoubtedly one of the series’ best arcs and here is how its most important clash played out.


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As Brûlée and the rest of the children prepared to intercept Luffy’s group from the Mirro-World, Katakuri moved with a squad to the Thousand Sunny through a mirror and waited patiently for the Straw Hats. Moments later, Katakuri witnessed with his brother Perospero the strong lightning that Nami caused using Zeus.

Although Perospero assumed that it was Big Mom who used Zeus, Katakuri remained skeptical. Brook and Chopper then arrived at the Sunny and prepared to fight Katakuri and the rest. As the two battled the chess soldiers and other members of the Big Mom Pirates, Katakuri stood motionless on the ship’s mast commenting on Brook’s enormous strength.

As Perospero was about to turn Chopper and Brook into candy, Katakuri warned him that in front of him Big Mom was chasing the Straw Hats towards the ship. He then ordered his soldiers to return to the miro-world, as he foresaw his defeat at the hands of Luffy in the next five seconds. Perospero then attacked them and Perospero’s technique was destroyed by Luffy’s fire blow which Katakuri stopped.

After the first clash, the two continued to fight until Katakuri caught Luffy’s arm and hit him hard with his fist, however, while this was happening, Perospero was caught up in an explosion caused by Pedro. Following the explosion, Katakuri tried to stop the final preparations for his escape. Immediately, Carrot impulsively charged at him and tried to hit him, but was easily defeated.

After declaring that he would not allow the ship to sail, Luffy grabbed him and managed to drag him into the Mirro-World using Brûlée. Once there, Katakuri praised Luffy’s strategy. After the latter crushed the mirror that connected to the ship, the two prepared to fight alone. With Sunny escaping from Big Mom and his fleet, Luffy and Katakuri began their solo match.

From the start, Katakuri decided to counter Luffy’s techniques by mimicking them, blocking one of his Gatling Gun by sprouting extra mochi arms, and mimicking and surpassing Luffy’s strength and speed. After receiving a strong kick, Luffy prepared the Elephant Gun technique for him, but Katakuri imitated it by creating a fist much larger than Luffy’s, which he left embedded in the wall from the strong blow.


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With Luffy lying on the ground, Katakuri contacted Perospero, who informed him of the situation outside; the pursuit of him alongside Big Mom from the rest of the Straw Hats. After verbally humiliating Luffy, Katakuri ordered Brûlée to find another mirror to contact Sunny and set it on fire. After Joscarpone and Mascarpone arrived with a mirror, Luffy tried to break it, but Katakuri stopped him and reminded him of his single combat promise.

Katakuri continued his attacks on Luffy warning him not to lay hands on his younger brothers. While beating Luffy, he received a report from Perospero confirming the sinking of the Sunny, which worried Luffy. While his brothers were puzzled when the ship -supposedly sunken- appeared in the mirrors, Katakuri noticed Luffy fleeing and intercepted him with his mochi, then continued beating him with various techniques.

With Luffy on the ground badly wounded, Katakuri asked for his last words and prepared to execute him. Taking Mogura, the trident out of him, Brûlée taunted Luffy as he praised his brother’s reputation as a perfect being. Fed up with this, Luffy tried to punch her, but Katakuri grabbed her fist and slammed him into the wall.

After pondering how to mutilate Luffy, Katakuri began attacking him with his trident; causing serious damage to the Mirro-World. Tired of his attacks being dodged, Katakuri used his awakened ability to restrain Luffy and prevented Gear Fourth from activating. Despite his interest, he used his mochi to prevent Luffy from activating it.

After making it clear to Luffy that he was not going to underestimate him, Katakuri began turning numerous structures in the Mirro-World into mochi before burying Luffy in a large mountain of mochi. After seemingly getting rid of him, she summoned his personal chefs to start his usual snack; delayed forty minutes due to combat. So that no one could see him, he created a mochi house and locked himself there to have a snack.

Before long, Luffy escaped from the mountain of mochi and destroyed the created house, revealing a crusty Katakuri as he eagerly and rudely ate. Filled with rage, Katakuri momentarily ignored Luffy to execute his chefs to avoid any potential witnesses. He then walked toward Luffy and they both bumped fists with him.

Despite imbuing his hands with Busoshoku Haki, Luffy was unable to deal with Katakuri’s angry blows. With both hands swollen, Luffy was about to receive one of Katakuri’s blows, but at the last moment managed to dodge it and land a kick to Katakuri’s chin. Exasperated, Katakuri tried to bury Luffy again, but Luffy finally activated his gear fourth and attacked him with a powerful punch that sent him flying into one of the thick structures of the Mirro-World, which he collided with and destroyed upon impact.

Despite the blow, Katakuri stood tall, but Luffy continued his swift offensive by advancing back on him and punching him in the face at the expense of trying to ward him off. As Luffy reeled off Katakuri’s ability, he hit him again as he tried to recover from the previous blow, this time causing his head to hit the ground. Upon sitting up, Katakuri began to take deep breaths trying to regain control over himself.

After a defiant look, Luffy charged again, multiplying his fists to attack, however, they began to pass through the commander’s body. At that moment, Katakuri began to explain to Luffy how he managed to dodge his attacks, revealing that his previous rage state did not allow him to use his Kenbunshoku Haki.

After praising Luffy, he managed to trap one of his arms inside his body and violently hit it with a thick and iron mochi arm. Completely calm, Katakuri kept the upper hand on Luffy, who he continued to pummel with his new technique. When the time came, Katakuri realized that Luffy was deflating and he began to escape, as he had reached the maximum time of his new form.

Despite Katakuri’s pursuit, Luffy found Brûlée and escaped the Mirro-World to Nuts Island before Katakuri could catch him. After the escape, Katakuri wandered locked in the Mirro-World looking for any clue to Luffy’s location. After some time, Luffy returned to the Mirro-World to start his second confrontation with Katakuri, who tried to understand his reasons for returning. Immediately, they began to fight.

Despite Luffy’s attempts to anticipate Katakuri’s movements, Katakuri continued to demonstrate his supremacy over him, however, after numerous blows, Luffy began to avoid the commander’s attacks until he managed to anticipate one of them and collide his fist with him. Despite being victorious, Katakuri was shocked to see that Luffy was accessing a higher level of Kenbunshoku Haki.

Aware of Luffy’s improvement, Katakuri decided to end the battle quickly and used his spear to kill Luffy, who received a devastating wound despite his attempt to dodge. Angry at Luffy’s inadvertent loss of concentration, Katakuri continued to hit him with his hardened mochi until he noticed Flampe’s presence and headed toward her.

After realizing that Luffy’s confusion was due to the intervention of his sister, he pierced himself with his spear in the same place where he had pierced Luffy to make the fight fair and clean. Immediately afterward, he removed his scarf and rebuked his sister for his interference. Disappointed, Flampe began to mock the ugliness behind her scarf, making a comparison to an eel and causing laughter from her subordinates, who took photos of her on Flampe’s order in order to reveal her appearance to the entire country.


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When he returned to face Luffy, he and Katakuri unleashed a wave of Haoshoku Haki that knocked out Flampe and his subordinates. Taking off his jacket, Katakuri prepared to resume the fight with Luffy thinking of him as an equal. After that, both continued their exchange of blows for hours, focusing their efforts on evading each other’s blows with Kenbunshoku Haki.

With the resistance of both to the limit, Luffy decided to activate a new variation of his gear fourth, the Snakeman; focused on speed. Upon activation, Katakuri was hit in the face by a punch that he thought he dodged. After several punches, Katakuri realized the Snakeman’s operation and evaded the next attack to hit Luffy, turning his right arm into a huge spiked mace with which he crushed and plunged the captain into a huge crater.

After that, both continued to hit each other until they unleashed a strong explosion by hitting each other with his most powerful techniques. After the confrontation, Luffy’s Gear Fourth wore out and he fell weakened into a hole in the Mirro-World just before Katakuri collapsed from the blows received. Ten minutes later, Luffy emerged from the hole to find the commander standing in front of him.

Not intending to continue fighting, Katakuri asked if he would return to defeat Big Mom and Luffy replied that he would become the Pirate King, to which Katakuri replied that he was looking too far into the future. After that, he collapsed again and fell permanently unconscious. Lying in front of Luffy, the young captain covered his mouth with his suit’s hat.

When Katakuri regained consciousness, he found Brûlée at his side tending to his wounds. She, who had realized that he had intentionally fallen backward, revealed that she had always known the lies behind the legend forged around him. After remembering some episodes from his past, they both spoke with some implicit sympathy about Luffy and his way of escaping from Totto Land.

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