One Piece: Garp Finally Has Conqueror’s Haki! This Is What Happened!

One Piece: Garp Finally Has Conqueror's Haki! This Is What Happened!

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One Piece is an anime that certainly has its fair share of strong and powerful characters. Monkey D. Garp, Luffy’s grandfather, is known as one of the most powerful Marines in the whole story and is known for being an enormously powerful character in his own right. He has had some amazing fights over the years and has, on numerous occasions, shown that he is, at least when raw physical strength is concerned, one of the most dangerous characters in the whole series. And while he does not have a Devil Fruit of his own, Garp is nevertheless one of the series’ strongest characters, and he has recently proven his worth by being able to use Conqueror’s Haki. In this article, we will tell you what exactly happened and how Garp was able to activate this ability.

During the Egghead Arc, Garp clashed with his former colleague, Kuzan, over Koby. Kuzan was, then, a member of Blackbeard’s pirate crew and was now an enemy of Garp and the Marines. The two of them had a bitter clash, and it was finally revealed that Garp is able to use Conqueror’s Haki, the rarest and most powerful of all the Haki, thus confirming that he is able to use all three.

Having said this, we know that there are still many things you want to know about Monkey D. Garp and his powers and abilities in the One Piece franchise, which actually motivated us to write this article for you. The rest of this article will explain all of those details further as we will dig deeper into the essence of his powers and abilities in the One Piece manga and anime. This article might contain some spoilers, so we just wanted to give you a heads-up before you start reading.

Garp is incredibly powerful, but until recently, no one knew he could use Conqueror’s Haki

As for Garp’s powers and abilities, he was known to be exceptionally strong. Garp’s fists are incredibly powerful. In fact, they are so powerful that one punch of his was able to hurt Luffy and make him feel pain, and in the War, he managed to hurt Marco in his Phoenix form with a single punch. This is because he is an expert user of haki. Also, his alias “Garp the Fist” is due to this quality, and he calls it “Fist of Love.”

He claimed to have crushed eight mountains during his training to face Chinjao. In addition to his legendary strength, Garp has extreme stamina and an absurd tolerance for pain, as shown when Captain Morgan attacks him and was able to withstand the cut from Morgan’s ax without issue or pain. This can be attributed to him being asleep during the incident (he also did not wake up). Gol D. Roger said that he and Garp nearly killed each other on many occasions. The fact that Garp could fight Gol D. Roger implies that he is one of the strongest characters in the series.


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He also fell from the execution platform, and despite this, he managed to get up with few injuries despite receiving a blow before the fall that would also damage him, to the joy and surprise of other marines who were glad that he was still alive after that fall and still had enough strength to prevent to Jesus Burgess attacking Sengoku when he was fighting with Blackbeard and managing to knock out and surprise his strength.

Garp has shown incredible speed (possibly greater than CP9’s Soru), as he could dodge all of the Straw Hats and reach Luffy to knock him awake. Whitebeard respects Garp’s strength, as he mentioned during his talk with Shanks. It should also be noted that Garp is not seen carrying any weapons besides the cannonballs he throws, implying that he is more likely a hand-to-hand fighter like his grandson.

GarpHaki 1

He is a great teacher as he made Koby and Helmeppo into capable fighters quickly and was also selected to be an instructor. He also trained Luffy and Ace, making them strong enough to set sail on their own. Gol D. Roger said that he and Garp nearly killed each other on many occasions. The fact that Garp could fight Gol D. Roger implies that he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

Monkey D. Garp is one of the rare characters with such a high level of power but doesn’t have any Devil Fruit powers. Monkey D. Garp never ate a Devil Fruit in his life, which is why we don’t have anything to say regarding this category, at least when Monkey D. Garp is in question.

Garp can use Haki because he is a Vice Admiral. Garp can use Observation Haki. Dr. Fishbonen advised Koby to ask Garp for help mastering Observation Haki when he awakens, saying he has sufficient knowledge to help others. Garp has proven to be a very skilled user of Armament Haki, as evidenced by his multiple injuries to Luffy despite the latter’s rubber body. Thirty years ago, he covered his fist with haki, allowing him to defeat and even crush Chinjao’s haki-enhanced drill-like head, demonstrating his superior superiority over an Armament Haki user who was already quite strong.

Until now, Garp has been seen throwing cannonballs (including a gigantic one). His fists could also be considered a weapon, but that’s about it regarding his weapons skills.

And then – this happened!

During the Egghead Arc of the final saga, the Marines discovered that the Blackbeard Pirates kidnapped Koby and kept him on Hachinosu. Although Doll tried to dissuade him from engaging in a fight against an Emperor, Garp did not listen, and he took a small fleet with him, heading for Hachinosu to save Koby.

Even before they properly landed, he infused his fist with his Conqueror’s Haki and used the powerful Galaxy Impact technique to completely shatter a large portion of the island. This was the first time we’ve seen Garp use Conqueror’s Haki, thus proving that he is one of the best and most powerful characters in the whole series, especially because his attack was so powerful that it could destroy a whole island. Almost.

Blue Hole

Garp then landed normally on the island, commenting on how he had lost his touch when he attacked, which shocked the gathered members of Blackbeard’s crew. Kuzan then approached him and told him that he would not return Koby, adding that he had always loved Garp because of his demeanor, i.e., because he would always do what he wanted.


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Garp demanded that he let Koby go and return to the Marines, which Kuzan rejected and then froze Garp. While Frozen, Garp infused his fist with Armament and Conqueror’s Haki and broke through the ice. He grabbed Kuzan and used his Blue Hole technique to send him through the ground in a hole beneath the island’s surface, showing just how powerful he was.

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