One Piece: Here’s How and Why Shanks Betrayed Buggy!

One Piece: Here’s How and Why Shanks Betrayed Buggy!

Shanks and Buggy are the most famous frenemies in One Piece. The two of them have known each other since they were children, as both worked as apprentices for Gol D. Roger, who taught them how to be pirates. Now, after Roger’s execution, the two of them went their own ways, and while they weren’t the friendliest lot you could find anyhow, it seemed that Buggy left while holding a grudge against Shanks. Why? We’ll analyze that in this article.

When Shanks decided to abandon the idea of “succeeding” Roger as the next pirate king, opting to – instead – form his own crew and go on separate adventures with them, Buggy felt betrayed as he admired Shanks a lot and, although secretly hoped that he would take over the role. But, when Shanks instead decides to leave One Piece and instead go on his own adventures, Buggy is disappointed, and he feels betrayed. That is why Buggy refused Shanks’ offer to join his crew and went his own way, forming his own Pirate Crew in the long run. And while they had not met for a while, Shanks kept tabs on his former friend.

The rest of this article will basically, be about the relationship between Buggy and Shanks. The two of them do, indeed, have a shared history, and in this article, we are actually going to explain how that relationship evolved and what became of it. People think that Buggy felt betrayed by Shanks, i.e., that Shanks openly betrayed him, and in this article, we will provide you with the details related to that theory. Of course, spoilers will be present, so we advise you to consider your approach to this article and its paragraphs.

Shanks never betrayed Buggy directly, but he changed his mind, which Buggy felt was a betrayal of their shared ideals

Shanks and Buggy share a long and complicated relationship. They both started off as apprentices on Roger’s ship. While their relationship can certainly be described as being friendly, it is far from an ideal friendship, as it has had its ups and downs, which is a trademark aspect of their relationship.

Now, to understand why Buggy perceived Shanks’ behavior as a betrayal, we first have to analyze their relationship as a whole, which is what we are going to do here in this article.


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It was revealed that Buggy, like Shanks, had worked for Roger since he was a little child and that he frequently fought with Shanks over trivial matters. Buggy and Shanks used to argue all the time while they were cabin lads for the Roger Pirates. While Whitebeard claimed that this couple had always been together, the Marines described their relationship as “brotherly.”

Ironically, Shanks has become one of the most powerful and well-known pirates in the world, while Buggy is relatively obscure and weak. In his childhood, Buggy claimed Shanks was too soft to be a true pirate. However, he has no problem leveraging their previous friendship to further his personal objectives, such as obtaining the position of one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Buggy has not been very nice toward Shanks after they split ways, even though Shanks saved him from drowning. Nonetheless, despite Buggy’s warnings, he could con him into returning Buggy’s straw hat when he encountered Shanks. After that, Buggy became furious with Shanks, but Shanks maintained his composure. He was happy to learn that their connection had not changed despite the passage of time.

As you can see, the two of them actually had a very complex relationship. Very. They were friends and crewmates, but their relationship could have been described as anything ranging from enemies to brothers, depending on the hows, the whens, and the whys. So, where does the story of betrayal come in, then? In such a constellation, what could Shanks have done to insult Buggy so much that he ultimately felt betrayed?

Well, to actually explain that, we have to reveal one secret about Buggy’s relationship with Shanks – Buggy did not actually hate him. Namely, despite their fights and disagreements, Buggy had a very high opinion of Shanks as a pirate, and out of all the members of Roger’s crew, Buggy considered Shanks to be the only one who could, properly at least, succeed Roger as the new Pirate King.

After Roger’s execution, he had expected Shanks to go to Laugh Tale, pick up One Piece, and become the new Pirate King. That was something that Buggy expected, and based on the fact that he knew that both of them actually respected Roger very much, he was basically certain that Shanks would do that, if not for himself, then to respect the last wish of their late captain.

But then – it snapped!

Not long after Roger’s execution, Shanks informed Buggy that he would not go straight to Laugh Tale to collect the One Piece, as he simply did not feel ready. He probably knows the location of the island, but he did not feel like it and did not feel like taking on the role of the Pirate King.

Instead, as Shanks informed him, he was starting his own proper crew and offered Buggy a place on it. Buggy was shocked by this revelation and felt that Shanks had betrayed him and Roger. And then, two interesting things happened.

Furious about Shanks’ supposed “betrayal,” Buggy refused his offer, claiming that he did not want to be his subordinate. This was ironic because, had Shanks told Buggy that he would be going for the One Piece, Buggy would have accepted and been a member of his crew.

Instead, he felt disappointed and betrayed, so he refused and went on to establish his own crew, with which he would rise up in the pirate world, although no one really knows how he tricked his way into doing so since he is quite weak.


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The second thing that happened was that Buggy decided to “hate” Shanks. After Shanks had lost the map and tricked him into eating his Devil Fruit, the third thing that piled up on top of that was the betrayal. And Buggy simply couldn’t take it anymore, so he decided to hold a grudge against Shanks, which was evident when the two of them met again many years later.

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