One Piece: How Strong Is Buggy the Clown?

One Piece: How Strong is Buggy the Clown?

If you’ve ever wondered about strange One Piece characters, you should put that aside and focus a bit on Buggy the Clown. Buggy is a cult character that cannot be denied, but if you carefully observe his story, you’ll notice that he is virtually useless in every aspect, yet he’s an Emperor now. How? That’s a debate for a wholly different article, but in this one, we are going to actually tell you how strong Buggy is, as it is a well-known fact that the Emperors are among the strongest characters in the series.

Buggy the Clown is definitely not among the strongest One Piece character, but he is also not the weakest. He is a skilled fighter with a lot of experience, and since his debut, he has become significantly stronger. He is also skilled with bladed weapons. His Devil Fruit, the Bara Bara no Mi, allows him to detach parts of his body (save for his feet), which can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes, making Buggy a difficult opponent to fight.

As you might assume, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Buggy the Clown and his powers. You will find out everything there is to know about him and his powers, as we are going to explain, ultimately, how he became an Emperor and whether he is actually as strong as his title indicates since it is a known fact that only the most powerful fighters are declared Emperors in One Piece. If you’re not fully acquainted with the story of Buggy the Clown and his rise to power, we have to warn you that this article will contain many spoilers.

Buggy is definitely not as strong as his title suggests, but how strong is he… well, check it out for yourselves

He is one of the Four Emperors, the captain of his own crew, and has total command over all the pirate crews associated with him. Buggy is a great combatant despite not being as strong as other former Roger Pirates. He had the fortitude to endure all of the combat with Whitebeard’s crew and the grave perils of the Grand Line.

He fights on and seizes every chance to establish a solid reputation because of his conceit and greed. At the start of the series, he was a significant foe, but as stronger foes emerged, he lost some of his threat. Finally, some Impel Down Saga convicts commented about his frailty.

He can, however, nevertheless endure trials that even the strongest characters cannot (although with assistance). Buggy has very strong stamina, as seen by the fact that he survived the blast from a Muggy Bullet that was redirected at him with scarcely any injuries (although his Devil Fruit may have aided him somewhat), whereas Minotaurus, Guards in Impel Down, were severely hurt by a Muggy Ball.

He has great physical strength as well, as evidenced by the fact that he was able to hurt one of his subordinates with just one hand, pick up a Blugori with ease, and throw it to the ground (despite rising to his feet with only minor injuries), and carry both Jinbe and Luffy while floating his upper body (although this can be attributed to his Devil Fruit ability).

Buggy’s exceptional luck was one of the things aiding him in his escapades, especially during the events in Marineford. The convicts’ steadfast loyalty was made possible by his talent for reading people’s moods, his love of theater, and strategically placed lines to boost his “team” spirit. Many pirates also developed a strong loyalty to him as a result of their misinterpretations of his actions, such as challenging Kizaru and then declaring that he just wants to leave (which they took to mean that Buggy wanted to defeat Kizaru as quickly as possible to return home), as well as accidentally capturing Jinbe.


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Most people were in tears because of his “exploits.” Buggy is at least regarded as a capable chemist if nothing else. This was demonstrated when he created a cannonball with the strength to level an entire city and then shrank the same projectile while maintaining its destructive potential.

Since his simple departure would cause an imbalance in the planet, it is considered that his strength must have greatly risen after joining the Seven Warlords of the Sea in order for him to retain his position and the trust and leadership of his fellow Impel Down.

Buggy accidentally ate the Bara Bara no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants him the ability to divide his body into distinct parts and fight with them independently of one another, but he cannot swim anymore, an activity in which, as Shanks claimed, Buggy was very good at the back when they were both cabin boys. Buggy is now immune to thrust, slash, and slash attacks, with the exception of those that cut him off from his body, thanks to the skills he received from this fruit.

Additionally, with the notable exception of his feet, the majority of his body is able to flay in the air with enough speed and force to knock a man through a wall. Buggy is still able to feel what each component feels, even though each part is independent. For instance, when Luffy assaulted Buggy, he tore his torso away from his waist, but this resulted in Luffy simply pounding him in the crotch. Additionally, when Buggy uses the Bara Bara Festival to try to kill Nami, Luffy takes one of Buggy’s feet and tickles it, which makes Buggy chuckle.

Whichever section of his body is detached doesn’t matter because the unaffected sections can still operate normally; for instance, his feet can walk regularly even when Buggy launches the rest of him into the air. Buggy is a skilled fighter, and the Devil Fruit power he possesses makes him virtually unbeatable, but because he frequently neglects some sections of his body, Luffy is able to break them apart.

When Nami restrained a body part of his during their first fight, it was established that one of his weaknesses was the fact that if a part of his body is restricted, he cannot use it anymore. He is immune to slashing assaults and may be thought of as even the strongest swordsman’s natural enemy, as evidenced by the ease with which he escaped Dracule Mihawk’s extremely potent slashes.

His feet are his Devil Fruit’s primary weakness. Like the rest of his body, they are unable to leave the ground. Buggy cannot lose parts of his body despite always sensing them, and he is forced to use independent means to come closer to any parts outside of a specific location if he wants to unite entirely.

Buggy appears to like bladed weapons, particularly knives, as far as his arsenal is concerned. He frequently holds one or three knives in his hands at once and appears to be able to pull off tiny tricks like cutting or stabbing his adversaries. Buggy appears to always have an astounding amount of these weapons on him, including an array of weapons he hides in his gloves or shoes (where he also carries blades and uses his feet as weapons).


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In Loguetown, he was also observed attempting to cut off Luffy’s head while brandishing a sword. He started off in Impel Down using a tomahawk that he stole from a Blugori, but after losing himself equipped with four katanas, he switched to a pistol that one of the jailers had been using. In addition to knives, he is frequently seen brandishing (or threatening to brandish) his Buggy Balls, which are high-explosive cannonballs bearing the pirate flag.

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