One Piece: Sabo Is Not a Celestial Dragon & Here’s Why!

One Piece: Sabo Is Not a Celestial Dragon! Here's Why!

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In terms of One Piece secondary characters, everyone knows how important Sabo is for the series. This quirky character has a rich history and is closely connected to both Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace, and we know how important they are. Currently known as “Flame Emperor” Sabo, the character has become even more important in recent manga chapters, as his role has suddenly increased to that of one of the major threats to the World Government. This is somewhat ironic, seeing how Sabo is of noble heritage himself. Does that make him a Celestial Dragon? Keep reading to find out whether Sabo is a World Noble or not!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the lore of One Piece, the Celestial Dragons or World Nobles are the descendants of nineteen of the First Twenty who established what is now known as the World Government.
  • Sabo himself is of noble heritage, as he was born as the son of Outlook III and his wife, who are Goan aristocrats, but they are not members of the First Twenty.
  • This ultimately means that Sabo is not a Celestial Dragon, although the fact that he is an aristocrat cannot be denied.

The World Nobles are a very specific and closed group

Fans of the One Piece manga and anime will know that the World Nobles are an extremely important group in the series. While they do not participate in the fighting directly, they basically control the “legal world” of One Piece via the World Government, which was established by them a long time ago. The pirates, of course, are not under their jurisdiction, which is that the Marines keep hunting them down, as well as the Revolutionary Army, whose main goal is to bring down the World Nobles. But, who are they?

Well, they are obviously wealthy and powerful aristocrats, that is more than obvious. But, while they are the most influential aristocrats in the series, they are not the only ones in the series. So, how are they distinguished? Well, the World Nobles are the descendants of the nineteen families that composed the original First Twenty; the First Twenty, also known as the Creators, were the twenty kings who originally established the World Nobles. Save for the Nefertari Family, who split from the First Twenty, the remaining nineteen families became the Celestial Dragons later in the series.

So, in order to be considered a World Noble, one has to be born into one of the nineteen families and while we still don’t know the names of all these families, we know that Sabo’s family is not among them. We shall now elaborate on that in the next section.


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No, Sabo is not a World Noble, but he is of noble heritage

Fans might be a bit confused by the fact that Sabo is actually a noble, which is probably why they thought that he could be a member of the World Nobles. And he truly is an aristocrat, but as we have said above, this doesn’t have to mean anything.

Namely, Sabo was born as the son of Outlook III and his wife, Didit. They were lesser aristocrats from the Goa Kingdom and were not connected to the original First Twenty, which means that despite their aristocratic heritage, they were not actually members of the World Nobles. This is why Sabo is also not a member of this group.

His family actually wanted fame and fortune for themselves, which is why Sabo left them and cut all ties with his family as soon as he realized that they cared more about their social status than about him as their son. This happened when he got in a fight with another kid of aristocratic heritage; the boy took out a knife and injured Sabo and his mother, instead of taking care of him and his injuries, began apologizing to the parents of the boy who injured Sabo. His parents wanted him to marry a princess so that they could improve their social status even more.

You can understand how Sabo, a rebel, realized that life within the aristocracy would do him no good, and that is why he decided to run away, becoming – today – one of the most important members of the Revolutionary Army. And that is, more or less it. This is why Sabo is not a member of the World Nobles and why, despite his heritage, we cannot consider him to be a member of this specific and closed group of characters.

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