One Piece: Trafalgar Law Is Now Female? How Did That Happen?!

One Piece: Trafalgar Law is Now Female? How Did That Happen?!

One Piece’s Law’s Heart Pirates are certainly an interesting bunch, even if we consider the fact that most other pirate crews from the series are actually quite interesting as well. We have talked about Law and his adventures here on Fiction Horizon, and this article will be another addition to these stories. Remember how, recently, we wrote about Ikkaku being the only female member of Law’s crew? Well, at the start of the Egghead Arc, the group suddenly became full of female pirates; even Law himself became a woman. How did all of this happen?! Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After the events in Wano County, the Heart Pirates suddenly had to clash with Blackbeard’s crew, who staged an ambush to get their hands on their Road Poneglyph.
  • Suddenly, Law and several of his members were infected with a disease that turned them into women. It turned out that this was due to the effects of Doc Q’s Shiku Shiku no Mi.
  • Law himself managed to use Haki to free himself from the effects of the Devil Fruit and return to normal, continuing his fight against Blackbeard.

Law became a woman because of Doc Q’s Devil Fruit ability

After the events in Wano Country, the Heart Pirates came in possession of a Road Poneglyph, but Blackbeard desired to get it as well. He therefore prepared an ambush near an island off the coast of Wano and waited, following the events of Wano. He wanted to make things simpler for himself because he knew he would run into either Kid, Heart, or Straw Hat Pirates while they were heading out and that they would be worn out from the fights. Each of them would have what he wanted, so there was that.

Unfortunately for them, the Heart Pirates were the first to appear, so the battle started as soon as they arrived. But, while it turned out to be a conventional battle (you can read more about the clash between Law and Blackbeard in our article), it did not start off like that. Namely, Law and many of his crew members suddenly fell ill with an unknown disease and became – women! This was a shocking turn of events and while it was initially confusing, it soon became clear what happened and who was the guilty party. It was Doc Q.

Doc Q, also known as the “Death God”, is the official physician of Blackbeard’s Pirates and a powerful pirate himself. While there is certainly a lot to tell about this intriguing figure, we are going to focus exclusively on his Devil Fruit – the Shiku Shiku no Mi – in this article, as its effects are important for understanding what happened with Law and his crew members.

The Shiku Shiku no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives the ability to infect people with various diseases. It was eaten, as we have revealed, by Doc Q, making him quite powerful.

The owner can hit opponents with various diseases, which become contagious. One of these diseases involves making people change their sex. You can nullify the effects of diseases by using a fairly powerful Haki and you obtain antibodies that are also transmitted to other infected people. Beyond that, the Fruit carries the weaknesses common to all Devil Fruits.


One Piece: Does Trafalgar Law Die? Here’s What Happens to Him!

Not many additional details have been revealed about the Shiku Shiku no Mi, but as we’ve seen, it was used by Doc Q at the beginning of the clash against the Heart Pirates. Why did Doc Q use this particular effect on them? Well, it was simply to confuse them and throw them off their guards, as they were suddenly faced with the fact that they had been turned into women. It worked, but not for a very long time, as Law was too powerful to succumb to this trick.

He managed to return to normal by using Haki

So, will Law remain a woman forever? Nah, he didn’t even remain in this state for the duration of this battle. Namely, as he is an extremely powerful character, Law was able to use his Haki to “cure” himself, thereby returning to normal in a very short period of time. This allowed him to continue the fight normally and, in particular, face off against Blackbeard, who was intent on killing him. What happened in the end? Well, we won’t be spoiling everything here; as stated, if you want to know more about the fight and how it actually ended, you can check out our article on this particular clash.

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