Is Law a Girl Now & Will He Be a Man Again? Here’s What Doc Q’s Sick-Sick Fruit Has Done to Him

One Piece just recently entered its final saga with the Straw Hats leaving Wano and landing on Egghead Island together with one of the Worst Generation’s pirates Jewelry Bonney. While they are starting their own new adventure, a former partner of theirs finds trouble somewhere in the New World when encountering another individual the Straw Hats are familiar with. Trafalgar D. Law ends up having to fight one of the four emperors Blackbeard and his crew, who ends up somehow turning Law into a girl. Before we discuss the ramifications of this, let’s see is Law a girl now and will he be a man again?

Law is not a girl at this moment. He temporarily turned into a girl when Doc Q used his newfound devil fruit power to spread a disease that turns people into a woman. However, Law was able to return to normal by using a really strong Haki.

Law is back to being a man and was only a woman during a really short period of time. All of this thanks to one of Blackbeard Pirates officers, Doc Q, who now possesses the Sick-Sick Fruit. Who exactly is he and what exactly did he do to Law?

Who is Doc Q?

Doc Q, who is also known as the “Death God”, is the doctor of the Blackbeard Pirates. Even though he is a doctor, he is a very sick man, up to the point he needs a horse to move around, even though his horse is just as sick as he is. He’s also one of Blackbeard’s officers and the captain of the ninth ship of the group. In addition to it, he has a similar look to the Grim Reaper, which is very fitting to the character he actually is.

Even though he looks weak and has had a fatal disease since he was born, Doc Q is rather strong. He uses a big scythe as a weapon, the one he fearlessly used to deal a brutal hit to Whitebeard during the Summit War. He’s also able to withstand many powerful attacks, surviving Whitebeard’s shockwaves, Sengoku’s attacks, and even Magellan’s deadly poison. Blackbeard did choose him as a crewmate and to be captain of one of his ships for a reason.

He eventually got even more important, as the Blackbeard Pirates went on a Devil Fruit hunt during and after the time skip and Doc Q got the Sick-Sick Fruit, a fruit we know little about and appears to be incredibly powerful. Also worth noting this is his first appearance since the time skip.

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The Sick-Sick Fruit

The Sick-Sick Fruit is a Paramecia fruit that makes the owner capable of spreading numerous types of diseases that can incapacitate an enemy in many ways. These sicknesses can have countless effects on their targets and also have the possibility to be contagious, making them spread to different targets at a fast rate with an immense range.

Even though this fruit has really strong power with almost infinite possibilities, it’s not invincible. As we see in chapter 1063, it may not have a long-lasting effect on powerful targets, since the disease spread by it is countered by a heavy amount of Haki. This is also the first time we hear about this Devil Fruit and its abilities.

What happened to Law?

This is the first time we see Trafalgar Law’s whereabouts since he said goodbye to our main crew and he has found himself in some trouble. He was surprisingly ambushed by the Blackbeard Pirates somewhere around the New World. The Heart Pirates’ submarine is attacked and starts filling up with water, so Law and his crew desperately try to find a place to escape.

But while they search for somewhere to land, Law suddenly turns into a woman, and quickly everybody begins to transform as well. As they try to understand what’s going on, the submarine comes out of the water. Then, Law forces his body to come back to normal by using Haki, which he learned during his fight with Kaido and Big Mom that any Devil Fruit ability can be neutralized by a strong Haki.

When they eventually landed on Winner Island, Doc Q seems upset when noticing Law nullified the effects of the Feminization Disease he created and spread through his entire crew. He was accompanied by Van Augur, who ate the Warp-Warp Fruit, which gives him the ability to teleport people, and Jesus Burgess, who ate the Strong-Strong Fruit, which gives him enormous strength, even more than he already had. Augur sends Burgess to the island to fight Law and his crew, there he picks up a mountain and throws it at them. Law destroys it just as Blackbeard arrives together with Doc Q and his horse Stronger, who now has wings due to eating the Horse-Horse Fruit, Model Pegasus.

As Blackbeard challenges Law to a fight, he declares he is after the Road Poneglyphs that the Heart Pirates acquired during their fight at Onigashima. Law accepts the challenge and is also interested in taking the Poneglyphs owned by Blackbeard’s crew.

Even though the Blackbeard Pirates seem too strong for Law, he is able to endure quite a fight. He cuts Stronger in half using his Devil Fruit power, the Op-Op Fruit, while his crew attacks Blackbeard’s ship. Funny enough, every power acquired by Blackbeard’s officers are thing Law already is able to do due to their Devil Fruit.

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While we still don’t know if Law is going to defeat Blackbeard and his crew with their newfound powers, we sure hope the Straw Hats’ former partner can leave safe from this battle. Let’s stay tuned to see how the Heart Pirates will deal with a battle against another pirate emperor.

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