One Piece: Law vs. Blackbeard Fight – Explained!

One Piece: Law vs. Blackbeard Fight - Explained!

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One Piece is an anime with its fair share of strong characters. While its protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, has most often been the topic of our articles, this one is going to be dedicated to a fight that happened between two secondary but very important characters from the series. They are Trafalgar D. Water Law and Marshall D. Teach (aka Blackbeard), and the two of them engaged in an important fight in the background of Luffy’s adventures on Egghead Island. Why did they fight and how did all of it play out? Keep reading to find out more about this exciting moment from the series!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After everything that happened in Wano, Blackbeard and his fleet set up an ambush near an island northeast of Wano, knowing they would meet either the Straw Hat, Kid, or Heart Pirates.
  • They wanted to get their hands on their Road Poneglyph etchings, and it was Law’s Heart Pirates who arrived first, to which Blackbeard attacked them immediately.
  • The Heart Pirates put up a good fight but were eventually defeated by the Blackbeard Pirates, with Bepo saving Law from having his Devil Fruit taken from him by Blackbeard.

Blackbeard attacked Law because of one of the Poneglyphs

Now, it is pretty clear that the Blackbeard and Heart Pirates are going to have a brawl near Wano, but before we tell you about the fight – why did they even engage in a fight? It isn’t like they were mortal enemies at that point. But, while this is true, we also have to note the following – the Heart Pirates were in possession of a Road Poneglyph, and Blackbeard also wanted one. So, after the events of Wano, he set up an ambush near an island off the coast of Wano and waited.

He knew that he would encounter either Straw Hat, Kid, or Heart Pirates as they were leaving, and knowing that they would be exhausted from the fights, he wanted to make it easier for himself. The Heart Pirates were the first ones to arrive, and that is how the fight began.

Law was ultimately defeated, but he survived

As the fights began, Doc Q used his power to transform some members into women, including Law. The Polar Tang is also damaged – holes are opened in the hull – so he orders it to resurface, aiming for a nearby island and telling them to prepare to fight. The crew also understands that they must not touch anyone who has been infected otherwise they would become infected. Law however states that while fighting against the emperors he learned that a Devil Fruit has no effect on a powerful enough Haki, using it to regain his abilities.

Once they disembark, however, they find themselves in front of Jesus Burgess, who raises an entire mountain, so Law comments that the enemy crew has been chasing the powers of super strength, teleportation, and contagion, understanding why their bounty continues to go up. Burgess throws the mountain at them, but Law uses his powers to save his crew and prepares to face Blackbeard. Blackbeard says that he is sure that the latter owned a Road Poneglyph, asking him how many they found and stating that he wants them all. Law replies that the same goes for him and that the winner of their fight will take all.


Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law vs. Big Mom: Who Won the Fight?

Teach tells him that he has no escape, but he orders Hakugan to reach the Polar Tang and Shachi and Penguin to dive into the sea, then cuts Stronger in half. Teach unleashes a shock wave that hits the island and the Heart Pirates on it. Law points out to his opponent that all of his officers have eaten a devil fruit and are therefore weak to seawater, but the emperor replies that in exchange they all have advantages. The two thus resume the battle and this time Teach resorts to the Yami Yami no Mi. The Heart Pirates are defeated and almost all end up in the sea together with the Polar Tang, sunk and destroyed.

The emperor asks him how he can still call himself a pirate without a ship, pointing out that he no longer has a way out. He also comments on thinking about what to do with him and his Ope Ope: sell the fruit, use it, or exploit it to obtain immortality. Bepo, however, transforms into a Sulong and attacks his enemies; thus, he manages to bring Law to safety by fleeing into the sea. Law asks him to go back because they can’t abandon the others, but Bepo tells him to trust him since they started from the northern sea and reached there, so he won’t allow it to have been in vain, asking him not to die.

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