Where Is the Last Road Poneglyph in One Piece? (& Who Has It?)

Where Is the Last Road Poneglyph in One Piece? (& Who Has It?)

The Poneglyphs in One Piece are among the most interesting objects in the whole series. And while they’re not the One Piece treasure itself, they are a way of locating the One Piece treasure. Well, some of them, at least. There are several types of Poneglyphs and the most important among them are the four Road Poneglyph which, when combined, lead to the One Piece. In this article, we are going to reveal where the fourth and final Road Poneglyph is located and some other interesting facts about the Poneglyph.

Poneglyphs are mysterious blocks of stone that have history inscribed with strange characters. They are spread across many islands throughout the world, and it is said that the only person capable of deciphering them is Nico Robin. The four Road Poneglyphs lead to the One Piece treasure, and the last remaining one was located in the Sea Forest but its current location is unknown and it is currently considered lost.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the Poneglyphs, i.e., more specifically the four Road Poneglyphs, i.e., even more specifically, the fourth remaining Road Poneglyph whose whereabouts are unknown. Some elements of this article could be considered as spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you before we continue.

What are the Poneglyphs in One Piece?

Poneglyphs are mysterious blocks of stone that have history inscribed with strange characters. They are spread across many islands throughout the world, and it is said that the only person capable of deciphering them is Nico Robin. Poneglyphs were made by the Kozuki family, a family of stonemasons from Wano Country, to pass down a will to future generations.

There are at least thirty poneglyphs scattered throughout the world. The blocks are indestructible; it is said that not even explosives are capable of making a scratch on them. Each of them tells a part of the forbidden story. The story includes mention of (at least) three weapons of mass destruction: Pluto, Poseidon, and Uranus.

In the eyes of the World Government they are dangerous artifacts, and, despite declaring that they are dangerous because of their weapons, the reality is that the ideals of the Great Kingdom are even more dangerous than the weapons themselves. Road Poneglyphs are sought after by some organizations interested in finding Laugh Tale, to the point that two of the Four Emperors, Charlotte Linlin and Kaido, have one Road Poneglyph each in their possession.

The stones were under the protection of the descendants of the ancients, as seen in Alabasta and in Shandora. Shandora’s poneglyph was a treasure fiercely guarded by the city’s inhabitants, who felt a deep bond with it (which is why a large bell was built around it), which was passed down to the present day, where the descendants of those who fought and died to protect it they still risk their lives to reclaim it, along with their homeland, even though they had forgotten the existence of the poneglyph itself.

They still appreciate very much what it represents, so much so that the chief of the Shandia tribe began to cry openly when he heard that the wishes of his ancestors had been fulfilled by giving the information about him to Nico Robin, thus being freed from long centuries of burden.

Unlike the Shandora poneglyph, whose people watched over and protected their information, it is clear that the hidden nature of the Arabasta poneglyph came from the intention of hiding its existence from the people so that they would not have to protect it since Arabasta is a been affiliated with the World Government, who ganged up against the creators of the poneglyphs.

This was deduced by Nico Robin during his conversation with the king of Arabasta, Nefertari Cobra, when he mocked and reproached his claim about the hereditary position of the monarchy of his country to “protect” the stone, although he himself does not know the deep reasons or reasons why it was hidden as they were discussed long before its time.


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However, only when the stone has been read by someone willing to take the reading of the text to the ends of the world, will those who watch over the text be allowed to be freed from their burden. This is to prevent the events described in the poneglyphs, which are indestructible, from being lost. However, researching and deciphering the river poneglyph is Nico Robin’s ultimate goal, and this has caught his attention in an unpleasant way.

Gol D. Roger was able to follow the text as he possessed the ability to “hear the voice of all things”, and was able to discover the path. Although Roger told Whitebeard the story behind The Will of D., he and his gang seemed to have kept some details of the story secret, although due to the danger that the other members of the gang posed, the Marines could not let them escape when they discovered them.

However, it is unknown if this was due to the knowledge of the Void Century or the power of the crew itself. The knowledge about reading the poneglyphs was passed down in the Kozuki family from generation to generation until Kozuki Oden, also a member of Roger’s crew, is known to have traveled to Laugh Tale and be able to read the poneglyphs.

Oden was executed by Kaido and the Wano Country Shogun after refusing to reveal the secrets he knew to the Pirate Emperor (probably the location of Laugh Tale, the One Piece, his knowledge of hidden history, and how to read the poneglyphs), avoiding thus passing on his knowledge of reading the poneglyphs to his son Kozuki Momonosuke, leaving Nico Robin as the only person in the world to be able to decipher the ancient texts.

What types of Poneglyphs are there?

There are a total of three types of poneglyphs; Historical, Instructional, and Road poneglyphs; some poneglyphs have an undetermined type. The “Historical Poneglyphs” reveal parts of history as well as messages written by people who lived centuries ago. The “Instructional Ponelglyphs” contain instructions on where to find other Ponelglyphs and/or the Ancient Weapons. Both the historical and instructor poneglyphs are dark blue.

Poneglyph division edited

The third and final type of Poneglyphs is the Road Poneglyph, where the locations that indicate the route to Laugh Tale are found. These are dark red and there are only four of them. There are also other stones that, without being poneglyphs, contain the same ancestral language of the poneglyphs, these are found on the walls of some buildings in the city of Shandora. As you might have deduced, we are going to focus on the final group.

Where are the four Road Poneglyphs located?

As stated, we are finally going to reveal the locations of the four Road Poneglyphs, including the final missing one. The Road Poneglyphs don’t have specific names, so we’ll just number them for more clarity:

First Road Poneglyph

Road Pon3Fglyphe de Zou

Location: The Whale Tree, Zou

This Poneglyph is located inside the Whale Tree, in the residential area of the Guardians of the Isle of Zou. It was revealed to be one of four “Road Poneglyphs” which, when combined with the other three “Road Poneglyphs”, would yield the location of Laugh Tale. The Poneglyph gives the indication of a point in the New World.

Second Road Poneglyph

Road Pon3Fglyphe de Big Mom

Location: The Room of Treasure; Whole Cake Chateau; Whole Cake Island; Totto Land

This Road Poneglyph has currently been in the possession of Charlotte Linlin and her crew for over 20 years. Due to the invasion on Totto Land by Sanji’s recovery team, it is now carefully guarded in the treasure room. However, Brook was able to make a copy of it during his infiltration. The Poneglyph gives the indication of a point in the New World.

Third Road Poneglyph

Wano Road Poneglyph

Location: Mt. Fuji cavern, Wano Country

According to Nekomamushi, this “Road Poneglyph” is in the possession of Kaido and his crew. The Poneglyph gives the indication of a point in the New World. It is hidden on Onigashima Island, where Kaido resides, more precisely under the island, at the location of the ancient city.

Fourth Road Poneglyph

Fish Man Island Road Poneglyph

Location: Fish-Man Island, Unknown

No information has yet been released about this last Road Poneglyph. It is known that 25 years ago, he was on Fish-Man Island. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who know the location of the other Road Poneglyphs, do not know where this one is. The Poneglyph gives the indication of a point in the New World.

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