One Piece: What Happened to Caribou? Is He Dead?

One Piece: What Happened to Caribou? Is He Dead?

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One Piece has an amazingly large number of secondary characters that have appeared over the series’ two-decade run. Many have been forgotten because they appeared early in the story, while some have remained secondary characters closely related to the lore’s past. The character who will be the focus of this article is Caribou, a very interesting character with a very important place in the lore of One Piece. Caribou’s role in the story of One Piece is relatively known, and we will go over his story briefly while revealing what happened to him and whether he is dead or not.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Caribou is a notorious pirate and a supporting character in Oda’s One Piece, who appeared at the Sabaody Archipelago during the Straw Hat Pirates’ reunion after the time skip.
  • He is a scheming character who always has his interests in mind, so he will not shy away from tricking others, eavesdropping, or similar acts.
  • He was present in Wano and is currently with the crew on Egghead, meaning that he is alive and well in the series, i.e., that he is not dead.

Caribou has been there for a while, but he has always been a sneaky character with his own agenda

When Caribou heard that the Mugiwara pirate gang was recruiting members, he joined them with his brother and the entire gang. Even though he noticed that the faces didn’t match the wanted poster pictures, he thought they were real. As they gathered at Grove 46, they were shadowed by the Marines, but the brothers summarily murdered the executive officer.

After the gathering of Marine recruits under Sentōmaru is stormed, and the fraud with the fake Mugiwara pirates is exposed, Caribou takes revenge on the remaining members, who, according to them, were forced into the false game by Demaro Black, by burying them alive.

Knowing where the real Mugiwara pirates are, he dives after them with his ship a short time later to kill them. Pulled by Mōmu, they ram the Sunny at full speed. Just as the Caribou pirate gang is about to board the ship, the draft animal sees Sanji and Luffy and flees, although Caribou jumps off first. Alone on the ship, he pleads for his life and surrenders; after that, Luffy ties him up. However, all passengers face a much greater danger when they see the Kraken. His gang can approach them again after calming Mōmu down, but they are all crushed by the monster.


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At Caribou’s suggestion, some of the Straw Hats get into a footstrike coating and fight the Kraken, but after their victory, they are dragged into the depths. In this moment of carelessness, Caribou frees himself from his bonds, hides in a barrel in liquid form, and makes plans until Franky finally discovers him and locks him there. After the Straw Hats clear the way to Fishman Island in a wild action, Caribou is finally in his Barrel washed up in Mermaid Cove.

The mermaids who freed him came to regret this: immediately after his release, he used his devil powers to capture and save the three mermaids. He wants to continue his raid and take as many prisoners as possible. The next target he sets his sights on is Shirahoshi, whom he heard about through conversations he overheard. She is the great mermaid princess who can make tons of money. With the Ryūgū Castle deserted due to the fight against the New Fishman pirate gang, Caribou appropriates all of its treasures, including the national treasure Tamatebako, while leaving the three captured mermaids behind.

Caribou soon overhears a conversation between Neptune and Robin, who discover that Shirahoshi is Poseidon’s ancient weapon. When he wants to take over Shirahoshi after celebrating the defeat of the New Fishman Pirate Gang, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji interrupt him. Luffy unceremoniously throws him out of the castle with one punch but is then sent after by Nami with the other two when she learns that Caribou has all the treasures. Once they find him, they simply retrieve the treasures from his swamp body while Caribou is still unconscious.

When Caribou wakes up, he looks for those who took his stolen goods and meets Tamago-danshaku and Pekoms from the Big Mom Pirate Gang, to whom Luffy gave the treasure. To satisfy his patron, he attacks Pekoms with the Numa Numa no Gatling Gun, but Pekoms protects himself with his devil powers. When Caribou doesn’t want to let up and goes after him, Pekoms knocks him out with a punch despite Caribou’s Logia body. Caribou remains on Fishman Island even after the Mugiwara Pirates leave and hunt for the mermaids in Mermaid Bay.

Caribou was also present in Wano Country, where he was imprisoned in Udon. He met with Luffy there and shared some of his food with the pirate, trying to get him to ally with him. At the same time, he was scheming for his benefit, as usual. When Kaido and Big Mom were defeated, Caribou listened in on the conversations, and when he found out that Pluton was in Wano, he was eager to tell that information to someone.


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This approach got him into trouble as well, as when the Straw Hats sailed for Egghead, Caribou ended up on their ship and was locked in a barrel as a form of punishment. He was afraid that the crew might go back to Arabasta to save Vivi, but was equally angry when they ended on Egghead (which is when he was released), a government island.

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