What Is the Ancient Weapon Pluton in One Piece? (& Has It Been Revealed?)

What is the Ancient Weapon Pluton in One Piece? (& Has It Been Revealed?)

As we have promised you earlier, we are going to do a series of individual articles on the three Ancient Weapons from Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series. In these individual articles, we are going to present each of the Ancient Weapons in more detail, revealing everything that is known about each of them. Our core article revealed only the basic details on the three Ancient Weapons and their powers and abilities, but in this series of articles, we are going to tell you everything that is known about these weapons, as well as everything we know.

In this article, we are going to present the Ancient Weapon Pluton, the dreaded ship and the only vehicle currently known among the three Ancient Weapons in One Piece.

What is the Ancient Weapon Pluton?

Although Pluton has yet to physically appear in the story, it has been referred to as an ancient ship capable of massive damage. It was built on Water 7 sometime during the Void Century and the carpenters on that island kept the plans safe as a safety measure, in case of Pluton fell into the wrong hands, luckily the ship was lost to history before then. for that to happen.


The blueprints were passed down from generation to generation, and ten years before the main story, they came into the hands of the fish-man carpenter, Tom, of Tom’s Workers. At this point, Spandam sought them out in order to acquire the plans so they could use Pluton to end the Great Age of Pirates.

Tom refused the request, and soon after handed them over to his apprentice Iceburg, who passed them on to his other apprentice, Cutty Flam, aka Franky, five years later in order to better hide them. When Franky was captured by the World Government, he kept the blueprints hidden within his own body, until he realized that Nico Robin, the only person alive who could read the poneglyphs and subsequently revive the Ancient Weapons, had no intention of doing so or using that power to destroy the world, but subsequently burned the plans.

What are the powers of the Ancient Weapon Pluton?

Its power was as dangerous as other weapons like Uranus and Poseidon, though the exact details of their abilities remain unknown. It is said that Pluton is capable of destroying entire islands. Whoever had the weapon under their control had the potential to take over the world and in the wrong hands would be extremely dangerous. Likewise, Pluton also had the ability to wreak so much havoc in the world.


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Additionally, since the plans persisted even after the ship was built, anyone with the ship’s plans would have the ability to build a fleet of ships with the same destructive capabilities as Pluton. The blueprints had been kept as a safety measure to bring Pluton back into existence should the world need it to fight weapons, including the original battleship itself. At this point, however, the blueprints that were used to create it are now destroyed while Pluton itself is still asleep.

Where is the Ancient Weapon Pluton?

Although the details are not known, it is known that Pluton is somewhere in Wano Country and that this was what the Arabasta Poneglyph indicated. It’s supposed to be a big warship. Not much else is known about it. When they first saw the plans, Franky, Iceburg and then Kaku and Rob Lucci looked shocked, with Franky and Iceburg wondering how a ship like Pluton could be built in the first place.

What happened to the Ancient Weapon Pluton?

Pluton was designed and built on Water 7 during the Void Century and became dormant after the war. In reaction to the threat posed by Pluton, the World Government used the existence of Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus as the main reason for banning Poneglyph research. It is unknown what became of Pluton after the war, but it is supposedly hidden somewhere in Alabasta, and the poneglyph that tells its location is hidden in the royal tomb of the kingdom.

Unlike Poseidon, whose ability was transferred by the Ryugu Kingdom’s royal family bloodline, Pluton was said to be an object and the only way for a second to appear is through reconstruction. The plans for the weapon had been kept hidden on Water 7. They have been passed down a line of woodworkers for centuries.

They eventually fell into the hands of the legendary carpenter Tom. The duty of the carpenters was to guard the plans and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Also, it is assumed that they would be used to build a second Pluton if the first weapon was ever revived. In Alabasta, Crocodile sought to gain control over this weapon in order to be able to defeat the World Government after taking over the Alabasta Kingdom.

The Pluton weapon was Crocodile’s greatest goal in making Alabasta a military state. The location of the Pluton weapon is said to be somewhere in Arabasta, and the poneglyph marking that location is also in Arabasta, inside the Tomb of the Kings. The poneglyph that spoke of the weapon was discovered by Nico Robin, who lied to Crocodile about what he read, however Crocodile sees Robin’s deception and stabs her, having judged King Cobra’s stunned reaction to his mention of the Pluton weapon.

Alabasta Poneglyph

Cobra, so that Crocodile does not discover the location, decides to activate a device that destroys the Poneglyph Chamber. After the fight against the Sea Warrior, Luffy gets Cobra and Nico Robin out of there and the location of the poneglyph was buried. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Water 7, it was revealed that the plans for the weapon had been kept on Water 7 all this time.

These blueprints had been passed down a line of incredible shipbuilders for centuries. They sooner or later fell into the hands of Tom the legendary shipbuilder. The duty of the shipbuilders was to guard the plans and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Also, they would presumably use the plans to build a second Pluton weapon if the first weapon was ever reanimated.

There CP-9 attempted to steal them from Iceburg, Tom’s apprentice who had inherited the plans. However, they later found out that Cutty Flam, another of Tom’s apprentices, had them in his possession the entire time. They captured both Nico Robin and Cutty Flam, who now goes by the name Franky to hide his identity, in an attempt to acquire the keys to awaken the Pluton weapon from both of them.

Much later, in Enies Lobby, Franky decides to destroy the plans for the weapon once and for all after seeing the Straw Hats declare war on the World Government. Franky realized that Robin didn’t want to revive the gun. Franky destroyed the plans by burning them to ensure Spandam never revived the weapon.

After the Raid on Onigashima, Robin had a conversation with Kozuki Sukiyaki in which he commented that the Poneglyph located in the Tomb of the Kings of the Kingdom of Alabasta stated that Pluton was hidden somewhere in Wano Country. Sukiyaki himself said that this information was completely true.

Upon this confirmation, Sukiyaki led Nico Robin and Law through a secret tunnel that led to an underground chamber located at the base of Mount Fuji, where the Road Poneglyph that was in Kaidou’s possession was located. Sukiyaki stated that the Pluton was just below said chamber and that in order to free it, it was necessary to destroy the walls that surrounded the Wano Country.

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