One Piece: What Is the Flaming Blob Burning Onigashima Down? Meet Kazenbo!

One Piece: What is Kazenbo?

If you’ve seen the latest episodes of One Piece, you’ve probably noticed a flaming blob burning everything around it. The blob is an overly destructive entity, and while its role is currently quite small, One Piece fans will know that Kazenbo will have a bigger role in the future of the series. In this article, we will talk about Kazenbo in One Piece as you will find out what Kazenbo is and its exact role in the story.

Kazenbo is a flaming ghost-like entity that appeared in Wano Country. It was created by Kurozumi Kanjuro with the power of his Devil Fruit, the Fude Fude no Mi. Kazenbo’s main and only goal was to completely burn down Onigashima, as it symbolized the “burning hatred” of the Kurozumi Family against all those that wronged them. After fighting Yamato, it was accidentally destroyed by Big Mom.

The rest of this article is going to be about Kazenbo and its role in the story of One Piece. We are going to introduce you to Kazenbo, its origins, and its powers, and we are also going to tell you what happened to Kazenbo in the series. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Kazenbo was the embodiment of hatred

Kurozumi Kanjuro created Kazenbo, a fiery ghost-like being, using the Fude Fude no Mi’s power to destroy Onigashima. It was designed as a representation of the Kurozumi family’s “burning hatred” for those who attempted to harm them. Kazenbo is a massive ethereal entity with the power to change its size so that it can take up nearly all of Onigashima’s immense floors. It has two glowing eyes at the top and is initially transparent at the bottom before becoming considerably darker and more impenetrable. The surface is likewise engulfed in large flames.

The hatred of the Kurozumi family, especially of the entity’s originator Kanjuro, is manifested as Kazenbo. Although initially all he did was go to the location that Kanjuro had planned, Kazenbo seems to have a conscience and personality of his own, as seen by his replies to Yamato’s attacks. By addressing Orochi as “Orochi-sama,” he has demonstrated his regard for the man. Kazenbo is engulfed in flames and can burn anything he comes into contact with. Owing to its magnitude and difficulty to avoid, it can quickly demolish a huge region because it is so hard to avoid.


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He is impermeable and has the power to pass through any solid surface, particularly floors and walls. It appears that Kazenbo has complete control over the form, enabling him to produce appendages to help him in close-quarters fighting. Being flame, Kazenbo seems to be susceptible to ice assaults, as seen by the fact that he recoiled from Yamato’s freezing attack.

Kanjuro created Kazenbo at the behest of Orochi, his relative, moments before his death; it thus became Kanjuro’s last creation. As stated, Orochi intended for Kazenbo to be the embodiment of their family’s hatred towards Onigashima, and the entity was created with the sole purpose of burning Onigashima down. After being created, Kazenbo made its way around, burning and destroying everything in its path; it even burned two CP0 agents, thereby accidentally saving Nico Robin, whom they had been pursuing.

Kazenbo’s main goal was to reach the Armory, where it would activate all the explosives and blow everything up; luckily for everyone, Yamato beat Kazenbo to it, and using her Devil Fruit abilities, he froze all the explosives so that Kazenbo couldn’t use them. Yamato then proceeded to fight Kazenbo, and it seemed that her ice-based attacks, as we have said, did some damage. But Yamato wasn’t the one who defeated Kazenbo in the end. Namely, during their fight, the ceiling broke at one point, and through it came Big Mom, who was sent down crashing into the Armory. Big Mom accidentally activated one of the explosives, which detonated and destroyed almost all of Kazenbo’s body, making it useless effectively.

What remained of Kazenbo then made its way to the Treasury to report that it had failed its mission; there, Orochi saw it and ordered it to burn down Kozuki Hiyori. But, moments before dying as well, Kazenbo disobeyed Orochi, and instead of burning Hiyori, it went to embrace Orochi, thus setting him on fire. Orochi was on the path of death as well, but he still tried to kill Hiyori before being beheaded by Denjiro.

Kazenbo came to be thanks to the Fude Fude no Mi

A big question some fans might have is how Kazenbo was even created. Sure, the process was explained, but how could Kanjuro conjure a drawing of such immense power? Well, his Fude Fude no Mi is to blame, as it is a very powerful Devil Fruit that needs to be approached carefully.

The Fude Fude no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit allowing it to materialize anything the user draws. This fruit was eaten by Kurozumi Kanjuro, who received it from Orochi. Spawned objects become identical to the real ones (for example, if Kanjuro draws a cabbage, it will appear, and he can eat it). He usually uses a giant brush to draw. The strong point of this Fruit is that you can make anything and everything appear. It is a power quite akin to the power of creation.


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This Fruit also allows Kanjuro to materialize other people’s drawings. He can even create food, although according to Kin’emon it’s not very good. The drawing does not necessarily exist since Kanjuro managed to create a projectile with Usopp’s face. The strength and abilities of users’ drawings are highly dependent on the user’s artistic skill. Poorly drawn constructions of living creatures will have more trouble doing their tasks than a perfectly drawn drawing. If a drawing becomes too depleted, it will revert to its non-living two-dimensional state. The designs showed some degree of water weakness, but this may be due to Kanjuro.

On Zou, a large stream of water dissolved a cat that Kanjuro had drawn, but in Wano, Kanjuro’s drawings were unaffected by a heavy downpour of rain. Otherwise, this Fruit has all the common Devil Fruit weaknesses. Kanjuro creates his designs using a giant brush that doubles as his bladeless saber. When undercover in the Kozuki Family, Kanjuro claimed he was very bad at drawing, producing only poorly and barely functional creations. However, he is an extremely talented artist, able to draw more than realistic creatures, including human beings, including clones of himself.

Though he pretended to be a lousy artist for years, his genuine abilities did not decrease, as evidenced by the fact that he continued to make flawless drawings even after coming out as a spy and fooling his former Red Scabbard allies. His replicas can speak and act like regular people. Kanjuro can summon dragons, cats, and tigers to help him scale mountains, as well as birds to fly through the skies and other creatures to help him climb Zunesh’s enormous paw. In addition, Kanjuro concealed from the Kozuki family the most potent applications of his abilities, including the ability to manufacture ink from his hair and unleash a shower of hardened ink droplets that could assault a large area of the battlefield.

Kanjuro can also combine his acting skills with his living drawings, which he can use to psychologically wound his enemies, which is what he did by creating a clone of Oden and giving him the same personality to psychologically injure his former fellow Red Scabbards, servants of Oden. He also used his powers to create a young clone of himself to make Kikunojo wobble during his fight against him in the anime to bring back the happy memories they shared.

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