One Piece: Who Are the Pacifista & How Powerful Are They? Are They Human?

One Piece: Who Are the Pacifista & How Powerful Are They? Are They Human?

One Piece is a series whose characters are truly amazing. Whether we’re dealing with individual characters as such, or groups, they are always interesting. In this article, we are going to talk about a larger group of characters who are known as the Pacifista. In this article, we are going to tell you who they are, how strong they are, and what they are, seeing how their origins are quite interesting and how fans tend to get these things mixed up.

The Pacifista are actually human weapons created by the World Government. They were modeled after the former Warlord of the Sea, Bartholomew Kuma, who was the cyborg prototype of this expensive project. The current generation of Pacifista is labeled as Mark III, with an elite group, the Seraphim, also existing. The Pacifista are extremely expensive to make, as the production cost for one of them equals the cost of a Marine battleship. They are extremely powerful, and since they are basically robots, they are also very loyal, which makes the Pacifista so dangerous and such complex opponents.

The rest of this article will reveal everything there is to know about the Pacifista. You will find out their origins, i.e., how they came to be, which is also going to reveal the answer to the question of their very nature. We are going to list the known models, and we are also going to tell you just how powerful the Pacifista really are. The Pacifista have been among the strongest enemies of the Straw Hats in the whole series, which is why they deserve a standalone article. Of course, the article is going to contain some spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

The Pacifista are cyborg weapons modeled after Bartholomew Kuma, but the project has since evolved

Years before the narrative began, Dr. Vegapunk studied the body of Bartholomew Kuma after the latter was captured. The pirate himself chose to lose his will, being transformed into a cyborg, piece by piece. At the same time, his clones were created, then transformed into cyborgs too: the Pacifistas.

The Navy began using them to solve problems around the world. Few other than the organization members knew about it because people thought it was the real Bear, but rumors of this project reached a few, mainly pirates living in the New World.


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As clones, all Pacifistas are identical in appearance to Bartholomew Kuma. Each Pacifista is characterized by the letters “PX,” a dash, and a number, possibly indicating the order in which they were built. This code is printed on the left side of the neck. They are designed to follow orders in a hierarchy that sees the Five Elders at the top, followed by Vegapunk, then Sentomaru, and finally, those with a chip to control them. Pacifistas can talk, but they rarely do.

The known models are:

PX-0ActiveThis is the first Pacifista, and it is actually Bartholomew Kuma, who has been turned into a cyborg.
PX-1MissingFirst appeared in Sabaody.
PX-4DisabledFirst appeared in Sabaody, defeated by the Straw Hats.
PX-5DestroyedFirst appeared in the new G1 base, destroyed by Luffy.
PX-7DestroyedFirst appeared in the new G1 base, destroyed by Zoro and Sanji.
?UnknownFirst appeared in Sabaody, status unknown.
?ActiveFirst appeared in Saboady.
?DependentFirst appeared on Egghead as a police guard.
?ActiveThis was a unique Pacifista not modeled after Kuma; it first appeared inĀ One Piece Pirate Sweeping Operation.
S-SnakeActiveA clone of Boa Hancock.
S-HawkActiveA clone of Dracule Mihawk.
S-BearActiveA clone of Bartholomew Kuma.
S-SharkActiveA clone of Jinbe.
Mark III
PX-III 033ActiveFirst appeared on Egghead.
PX-III 041ActiveFirst appeared on Egghead.
PX-III 001-032
PX-III 034-040
PX-III 042-050
ActiveFirst appeared on Egghead.
PX-ZDestroyedA completely new and different model that appeared in One Piece Film: Z. All of them were destroyed.
Chico ChipActiveThis was a unique Pacifista not modeled after Kuma; first appeared in One Piece Pirate Sweeping Operation.
Super White BearDestroyedA suit operated by PX-Z that appeared in One Piece Party.

The Pacifista are extremely strong, which is why the World Government uses them

The Pacifista are cyborgs built of a metal stronger than steel, as demonstrated by the fact that when Zoro tries to attack Bartholomew Kuma, he only manages to make a cut in the metal, and if it were normal steel, the attack would have cut it in half. Also, Sanji, after kicking a Pacifista, claims that if he kicked another one, he would break his leg. In any case, as Franky states, for all their strength, they are still partially human and can still bleed.

Like all cyborgs, Pacifistas are capable of taking numerous hits before being defeated. Pacifistas can move fast despite their size. However, they can’t do it like Kuma due to the latter’s fruit, which allows them to move at the speed of light. This ability creates a large difference in power between Kuma and the other Pacifista. In any case, they are still very strong.

Further development led to the creation of fifty units of Pacifista Mark III, more advanced prototypes than those used during the war for supremacy. In fact, they can produce the bubble shield from the holes on their hands, a sort of resin shield that can be shaped as desired, is even resistant to bombs, and has the same properties as the Seastone.


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They can also identify people with an electronic detector even at a great distance and even if they are wearing a disguise. They are programmed not to attack allies, so Boa Hancock was able to defeat many of them during the battle of Marineford.

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