‘One Piece’: Who Is Garling Figarland & Is He Related to Shanks?

One Piece: Who Is Garling Figarland & Is He Related to Shanks?

The World Nobles, also known as the Celestial Dragons, are descendants of 19 of the 20 founding Kings of the organization known as the World Government in the lore of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga (the Nefertari family is excluded). They are usually vile snobs who use their political influence to hide their weaknesses, so practically everyone despises them (or most of them). And while our dear Saint Mjosgard is an exception here, a newly-introduced World Noble called Garling Figarland is not. And while he still has to make his debut in Chapter 1086 of the manga, he is already hated by everyone because it is quite obvious that he is a vile villain. In this article, you will find out who Figarland Garling is and his role in the story.

Saint Figarland Garling is a World Noble and a member of the Figarland Family in One Piece. He is, as far as it is known, a member of God’s Knights and thus has enormous influence, but also seems to be quite powerful. He passed down the judgment and death sentence to Saint Mjosgard for protecting the Fish-Men and supposedly helping in the failed assassination of Saint Charlos. He debuted in Chapter 1086, and it is quite possible that he is somehow related to Shanks, one of the Four Emperors.

The rest of this article will be about Saint Figarland Garling, his backstory, and his role in the world of Oda’s One Piece series. We will introduce you to his history and tell you what exactly happened to him, how he developed as a character, and tell you where Saint Figarland Garling is now, and what he is doing in the current narrative of the manga. This article will contain some spoilers, so if you’re not fully up-to-date with everything, you have been warned.

Saint Figarland Garling seems to be as vile as he is powerful

Oda’s final One Piece saga promises to be an epic one, really, as we’ll not just get a lot of old questions finally answered, but we’re also going to get a significant expansion of the original lore very soon. In this article, we will focus on the new things and facts related to the World Nobles and the Figarland Family.

The story of the Figarland Family started back in the One Piece Film: Red. There, the Five Elders mentioned that Uta could be a member of the Figarland Family due to her connection (relation) to Shanks.

Their brief remark actually implied that Shanks was somehow connected to the Figarland Family (we’re going to disregard Uta’s role here at this time, as she is not the focus of this article at the moment). In any other case, we doubt they would have mentioned Shanks and this then-new family in the same sentence.


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But since we knew absolutely nothing about the Figarland Family at that moment, as they were first mentioned in that exact scene, and since the movie itself wasn’t canon, many fans were skeptical as to whether this fact would be relevant to the manga. But, as we know now, it was an exceptionally important hint.

Things further escalated when it was revealed that the World Government had an elite unit at their disposal, known under the name the God’s Knights. These God’s Knights held more power than the Marines, and they were summoned to investigate the failed assassination of Saint Charlos and Saint Mjosgard’s role in it. And while we had no clue who they were at the time, we found out that they were quite powerful and that they had a lot of power and influence.

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And, as Oda usually does, he finally gave us a final hint that shocked everyone. First of all, he confirmed that the Figarland Family is indeed canon and not only that, that they are also a noble family with ties to God’s Knights and the World Government. This also confirms that there is a high probability that these guys are related to Shanks. This would explain why Shanks was found during the God Valley Incident and why he was found there, as we know that there were World Nobles on the island, and would also account for the in-movie reference.


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But, while we initially had no clue about any of the members of the Figarland Family, the previews of Chapter 1086 revealed, finally, one of its members, an old, vile geezer known as Saint Figarland Garling. You can see his design above, and based on what he is saying, it is quite obvious that he embodies the worst of the World Nobles. Ultimately, the conclusion of the investigation led by God’s Knights was that Saint Mjosgard was guilty of the incident involving the failed assassination of Saint Charlos.

It was Saint Figarland Garling who ultimately passed down the judgment upon him, and he sentenced him to death; the final panel also implies that Saint Mjosgard is, indeed, dead, but we’ll have to wait and see about that.

So, this is, at this moment, everything we know about Saint Figarland Garling. He seems to be an awfully powerful character and has enormous influence, so much, in fact, that he can easily execute a World Noble. He also seems to be quite vile, and we assume he will be one of the bigger villains in the final saga.


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As to his relation to Shanks, we have nothing to add besides that which we have already said about this fact – Shanks is implied to be a member of the Figarland Family, and that would account for so many things and for so many questionable moments in the series. If proven true, this would mean that Saint Figarland Garling is Shanks’ relative, but we don’t know the exact nature of their relationship at this moment.

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