One Piece: Will Sanji See Zeff Again?

One Piece: Will Sanji See Zeff Again & When?

The relationship between Zeff and Sanji is exceptionally interesting and is one of the more intriguing stories from the earlier arcs of the One Piece series. Both Zeff and Sanji are, individually, interesting characters, so it makes absolute sense that people like their interaction. We know that Zeff and Sanji parted ways at the end of the Baratie Arc when Sanji joined Luffy’s crew to achieve his dream. But did Sanji and Zeff meet again in the series?

As of the time of writing, Zeff and Sanji have not seen each other since Sanji’s departure. Zeff supported Sanji’s decision to go with Luffy and find the All Blue, but he has been following his adventures since then. Still, the two of them have not seen each other since Sanji’s departure, although the series could easily set up another meeting between them later in the series.

The rest of this article will be about Zeff and Sanji, their shared story, and their relationship, as it happened on the pages of the One Piece manga. We have given you a general answer above, and in the article below, we will provide you with more details about them, their relationship, and their shared story. Zeff’s and Sanji’s story is interesting, so we’ll have a fun job presenting it here to you. Of course, the article might also contain some spoilers, so we must warn you to be careful how you approach it.

Zeff and Sanji split after the Baratie Arc, but Zeff has kept a tab on Sanji’s activities

Nine years before the story’s start, Zeff and his group invaded the Orbit, which he had instructed them to raid for valuables and cash. He acknowledged, seeing the approaching storm, when one of his subordinates pointed it out to him, that it could be dangerous. After he noticed one of his men stealing some food from the Orbit, he attacked him, while the guy defended himself saying that he was simply hungry.

Zeff then kicked him over the ship’s wall, which caved in, repeating that he had always told them to never steal food. Then, he seized him by the head and warned him that he had always advised against stealing anything appetizing. Thinking he was about to die, Sanji attacked Zeff with a knife, but the pirate simply kicked him away. The youngster then said that his dream was to find the All Blue while biting his leg. Zeff booted it out. Zeff then gave the order for everything to be put into the ship and left after one of his subordinates informed him that the storm was stronger than they had anticipated.

The pirate broke a mast of the Orbit to cling onto it before jumping into the water when a wave threw Sanji overboard. He was stranded on an island with Sanji, and he was able to save Sanji. When the youngster awoke two days later, Zeff informed him that his ship had undoubtedly sunk because of the surrounding wreckage. He noted that the island had no living things and was covered in rock. Zeff then gave Sanji all the food while he survived by eating half of his own leg. After being stranded for 85 days, they were saved and soon founded the Baratie.


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The two had a very dynamic relationship there. Sanji considered him an assistant chef, but he would often Clash with Zeff over recipes, and Zeff was not shy of demoting Sanji to a regular waiter after a fight. On the other hand, Sanji insisted on his ideals and did not want to change his attitude towards cooking or his manner of preparing food.

Ultimately, Luffy and his crew arrived at the Baratie, and things changed. As Luffy began to ask Sanji to join his crew, as he saw that Sanji’s dream to find the All Blue was real and sincere. Sanji was initially reluctant because he did not want to abandon Zeff, but things changed in that aspect as well.

Namely, after all the trouble in Baratie, everyone changed. Zeff realized that he couldn’t keep Sanji at the Baratie anymore, so he motivated him to go with Luffy and pursue his dream of finding All Blue. After much thought, Sanji accepted Luffy’s offer and thanked Zeff for everything.

Sanji then left, and the two have not seen each other since, but as we have seen, Zeff has kept tabs on Sanji’s adventures and was extremely proud when Sanji got his first bounty. They might see each other in the future, as both are still alive and well, but we’ll have to see whether Oda opts for such a resolution of their story.

Where is Zeff now?

As for the current timeline, although he is not present that often, Zeff is still at the Baratie, which is still operational. Not many details are known about his daily life, but we do know, as we’ve said, that he keeps tabs on Sanji’s activities via the newspapers, which he reads daily. Since Oda hasn’t revealed anything else, we can assume that Zeff’s daily activities are more or less similar to what they were when we first met him during the Baratie Arc.

Does Sanji care about Zeff?

Everyone who’s seen or read One Piece will know that Sanji and Zeff have a very complex yet interesting relationship, but, at the same time, it can be a bit confusing to actually decipher what they mean to each other, which is why we have decided to tell you about their relationship before we close out this article.

Although Zeff usually behaves very harshly towards Sanji, he cares a lot about the boy, whom he was the mentor. At their first meeting, Zeff discovered they had the same dream and decided to save him. Furthermore, to prevent him from dying of hunger, he decided to feed on his own leg, leaving the child with all the food rations he possessed.

Over the years, Zeff then taught Sanji that violence against women should not be used in any way, threatening to beat him if he ever forgot that lesson. Zeff also declared himself the parent of Sanji, who, in turn, considers him a real father. Zeff always pushed Sanji to leave Baratie so that he could pursue his dream of finding the All Blue. When Sanji decides to leave, Zeff can’t hold back his tears. He later celebrates when he discovers that his student has obtained a bounty.


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As you can see, the two of them did, indeed, care for each other, and they had a very close relationship despite fighting constantly. Their personalities were like they were, but the two of them nevertheless respected each other very much, and they cared for each other as well.

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