One Punch Man: Main Characters’ Ages, Birthdays, Heights & Weights

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The One Punch Man franchise has become one of the most successful and popular within the past decade or so, being well-loved for its spread of amazing characters – not to mention a ton of fun and gripping adventures for anticipating fans. While the leading star of this incredible manga and anime series is none other than the infinitely powerful Saitama, there are many awesome main characters and important side characters to keep track of as well.

Each of One Punch Man‘s characters flaunts remarkable strength and unique abilities topped off with various personalities and traits, which they use to take down bad guys alongside the iconic “Caped Baldy” himself. Below is everything you need to know about the One Punch Man main characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, weights, and more, as well as how these character stats or details may differ according to many fans.

One Punch Man
(ft & Inches/ cm)
(lbs/ kg)
Saitama25 years old15th October/
21st April
5’9”/ 175 cm154 lbs/ 70 kg
Genos19 years old18th July5’10”/ 178 cm165 lbs/ 75 kg
Tatsumaki28 years old16th MayUnknownUnknown
Fubuki23 years oldUnknown5’5”/ 167 cmUnknown
BlastUnknown4th FebruaryUnknownUnknown
King29 years old12th June6’15”/ 187 cmUnknown
Lord Boros150 years old18th November/
10th April
7’10”/ 240 cmUnknown
Bang81 years old10th April5’5”/ 165 cm121 lbs/ 55 kg
Garou18 years old14th August5’9”/ 177 cmUnknown
Mumen Rider25 years old20th September5’7”/ 170 cm145.5 lbs/ 66 kg
Child Emperor10 years old15th December4’5”/ 135 cm77 lbs/ 35 kg
Watchdog manUnknown1st JanuaryUnknownUnknown
Puri Puri Prisoner33 years oldMarch 14th7’25”/ 220 cmUnknown
Speed-o’-Sound Sonic25 years oldUnknown5’8”/ 174 cmUnknown
Bad Metal Bat17 years oldUnknown5’65”/ 168 cm148 lbs/ 67.3 kg

What Do We Know About the One Punch Man Main Characters’ Ages?

The exact ages of all of the One Punch Man characters have been pretty straightforward for the most part – particularly for characters who are classified as human or are predominantly human. All of the human or mostly human One Punch Man characters appear to mature normally, following one linear and uniform timeline, much like humans would age in real life.

Of the human One Punch Man characters, Child Emperor is the youngest hero at the ripe age of only 10 years old, followed by some talented heroes and villains who identify as adolescents. Specifically, these characters include Bad Metal Bat, who is 17 years old. The infamous One Punch Man villain Garou is 18 years old in the storyline, and Genos is 19 years old.

The majority of the main One Punch Man characters and most proficient heroes are in their 20s overall, however, including Fubuki, Saitama’s potential love interest who is 23 years old. This is followed by the star protagonist Saitama, the villain and occasional anti-hero Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, and Mumen Rider, who are all 25 years old, and Tatsumaki, who is 28 as well as King, who is 29 years old.


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Some adults also comprise the list of main or favorite One Punch Man characters, such as Puri Puri Prisoner, who is 33 years old, and Bang, a skillful senior at the seasoned age of 81 years old. Blast, the Rank 1 professional within One Punch Man’s Hero Association S-Class, is currently listed with an unknown age – still, many fans expect him to be in his mid-30s, at least due to his sheer level of experience and skill, although this is purely theorizing at the time of writing.

However, things are more complex when it comes to identifying the exact ages of otherworldy beings in One Punch Man, as the saga is riddled with other species and beings with more secretive origins. One such case is the infamous Lord Boros, one of the primary antagonists throughout the One Punch Man storyline, who is classified as a “Mysterious Being” within the saga – as such, we do not know as much about this character’s background compared to many others.

139604 lord boros one punch man anime wallpapers

It is known that Lord Boros is at least 150 years old, but many fans speculate that he could be significantly older than what is known – potentially in the higher hundreds or even over 1000 years old, depending on perspective and opinion. A few fans have pointed out that his overall demeanor gives the impression of a being that’s much older, and this same logic could apply to some other characters listed as Mysterious Beings as well.

Some of the most notable points here include the fact that he treats 20 years like a short weekend in terms of time span, and he also spends time with Melzargard, who is around 500 years old. Many have also argued that his galactic travels would have likely taken hundreds of years, seemingly much longer than his reported total lifespan to date. So, while he may only be 150 years old according to the One Punch Man characters, he could potentially be ancient concerning his true age.

What Do We Know About the One Punch Man Main Characters’ Birthdays?

Many of the One Punch Man main characters’ birthdays have not officially been listed, or there are areas of debate for specific characters. Other than speculative or unknown birthdays, the main areas of conflict here are contradicting reported birthdays for the leading protagonist and the infamous villain, Lord Boros.


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Saitama’s birthday is often listed as the 15th of October among fans – but many fans have argued that Saitama was born on the 21st of April in 1990. Similarly, Lord Boros is believed to have been born on either the 18th of November or the 10th of April, with the year remaining unknown due to uncertain origins and exact age reports.

One Punch Man Main Characters’ Zodiac Signs

Based on the available birthdays for the One Punch Man characters, fans have been able to place many characters within their respective Zodiac Sign groups. Below are all of the known Zodiac signs for the most popular One Punch Man characters, although characters with undisclosed birthdays, of course, have unidentifiable Zodiac Signs.

One Punch Man CharacterZodiac Sign
SaitamaLibra/ Taurus
Lord BorosScorpio/ Aries
Mumen RiderVirgo
Child EmperorSagittarius
Watchdog manCapricorn
Puri Puri PrisonerPisces
Speed-o’-Sound SonicUnknown
Bad Metal BatUnknown

What Do We Know About the One Punch Man Main Characters’ Heights & Weights?

Starting off with the youngest and smallest One Punch Man character is Child Emperor, measuring approximately 4’5”/ 135 cm in height and weighing around 77 lbs/ 35 kg. This is followed by Bang, who measures around 5’5”/ 165 cm in height and weighs approximately 121 lbs/ 55 kg, as well as Fubuki, who is around 5’5”/ 167 cm in height.

Other characters that fall within the general 5 ft range include Bad Metal Bat measuring 5’65”/ 168 cm in height, weighing148 lbs/ 67.3 kg, Mumen Rider at around 5’7”/ 170 cm in height, and 145.5 lbs/ 66 kg in weight, and the villain Speed-o’-Sound Sonic measuring 5’8”/ 174 cm in height. Tatsumaki has an unknown height and weight stat, although it’s expected that she is relatively short and lightweight compared to many other One Punch Man characters.

Just shy of the 6 ft mark, we have the villain Garou at 5’9”/ 177 cm, Saitama measuring 5’9”/ 175 cm weighing around 154 lbs/ 70 kg, and Genos measuring 5’10”/ 178 cm and weighing approximately 165 lbs/ 75 kg. The only characters that surpass the 6 ft mark are King, who measures 6’15”/ 187 cm in height, Lord Boros, who measures 7’10”/ 240 cm in height, and Puri Puri prisoner, who stands tall at a whopping 7’25”/ 220 cm in height.


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A handful of more built One Punch Man characters have undisclosed heights and weights as well, specifically Blast and Watchdog man. However, it’s been speculated that both of these characters would likely fall somewhere between the 5 ft and 6 ft benchmarks in terms of height, with Blast possibly being heavier and bulkier than many others due to his high level of muscle mass.

That’s everything there is to know about the main One Punch Man characters’ ages, birthdays, heights, and weights. While these characters are not defined by any of their basic stats, these details often add more background for each character – whether it be a villain, a hero, or anything in between.

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