Oshi no Ko: Here’s Why Hikaru Kamiki Really Killed Ai Hoshino

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The entire storyline of ‘Oshi no Ko’ focuses on Aqua Hoshino/Gorou Amamiya and his quest to discover the truth about his mother Ai Hoshino’s murder years ago. Of course, the primary suspect in his own investigations was Hikaru Kamiki, who was secretly linked with Ai in the past. It was also revealed that Kamiki leaked Ai’s location so that a disgruntled fan could kill her. But why did Hikaru Kamiki even kill Ai Hoshino?

  • Article breakdown:
  • Hikaru Kamiki was always portrayed as a sick and cruel murderer who could hide his true nature behind his handsome face and ability to act.
  • Likely due to the traumatic past that he experienced when he was still quite young, Kamiki ended up targeting young and up-and-coming celebrities, including Ai Hoshino.

Kamiki was a cruel murderer

If there’s one thing that has always been true about the storyline of ‘Oshi no Ko,’ it’s that this manga and anime series has done a good job of hiding the worst natures of people against the backdrop of a seemingly happy and celebrity-filled plot. Don’t let the colorful and seemingly fun appearance of this series fool you because it is hiding a plot that focuses on the worst parts of humans in a world obsessed with celebrities who are often placed on pedestals by fans.

Of course, the focus of the storyline is on Aqua Hoshino, who is a young teenager who is looking to become a celebrity but is actually hiding a secret. He is the reincarnation of a doctor named Gorou Amamiya, who was the very same doctor who looked after Ai Hoshino (Aqua’s mother) during her pregnancy.

He was killed by the same person who eventually killed Ai a few years later, and that was when Gorou got reincarnated into the body of one of Ai’s twin children. And Aqua decided to use this second chance at life to try to solve the truth behind his mother’s murder.

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While Ai was murdered by a disgruntled fan named Ryosuke, there was a deeper truth behind that. Aqua knew that there was something more to his mother’s death even though the police had already dismissed this case after Ryosuke killed himself. And the clues pointed to Hikaru Kamiki.

The thing is that Hikaru Kamiki, while known as a person running his own talent agency after trying his hand at an acting career years ago, was not what his outside appearance would suggest. In truth, he was a sadistic man who enjoyed killing people. He loved seeing life fading away from those who became victims of his cruelty, and that means that a twisted man is hiding behind a handsome and calm façade.


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It is often believed that his sadistic and cruel nature could possibly be a product of his insanity, and that is why he loved killing. Nevertheless, he found a way to hide his true nature because he was a trained actor. As such, no one would ever believe that Kamiki was a cruel murderer.

Of course, he wasn’t carrying his murders out recklessly. Instead, he did them in a calculating and very cautious manner, going as far as hiding any clues that could eventually link the murder to him. In fact, he killed Ai Hoshino by secretly leaking her secret address to a disgruntled fan who had become disappointed by the fact that Ai was secretly a mother.

By doing so, Kamiki was able to find a way to kill Ai without even carrying the deed out himself or even telling someone straight-up that he wanted Ai dead. He manipulated Ryosuke, the disgruntled fan, and his obsession with Ai so that he could see the rising celebrity dead.

There’s also the fact that one of the few people who knew about Ai Hoshino’s pregnancy was Hikaru Kamiki himself. That’s because he was the father of the twins Aqua and Ruby. In that regard, his nature is even more twisted because he was willing to kill the mother of his children.

Up-and-coming celebrities were his targets

Another fact that could point to the reason why Kamiki killed Ai was that he often targeted young and up-and-coming celebrities as his victims. He tried to attract aspiring celebrities or those who were rising up the ranks of the celebrity industry in Japan so that he could secretly kill them. And he often used white flowers as symbols for those who he wanted to target next.

The same white flowers were seen when Ryosuke killed Ai, as this symbolized that Kamiki was behind her death. Of course, while Kamiki’s past has something to do with the fact that he targeted rising celebrities, there could be a deeper reason as to why he had this habit.

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It is possible that Hikaru Kamiki saw the rise of a female celebrity at the peak of her career. If that’s the case, then he may have wanted to “preserve” the image of this celebrity by killing her during the time of her rise. This way, the celebrity’s memory would always be at its best because she died during her rise instead of her fall. So, in a way, this could be a reason why Kamiki killed Ai as he didn’t want to see the public looking at her poorly after her pregnancy reveal.

Kamiki’s past developed his twisted nature

While there may be a lot of reasons why Hikaru Kamiki killed Ai Hoshino, the likely reason is that he is simply a twisted and insane person who loves killing people and has his own targets whenever he is looking to murder a rising actress. And this could be linked to the traumatic past that he experienced.


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When Kamiki was just 11, he was actually sexually assaulted by an older and married actress who was attracted to him. The actress had become impregnated by Kamiki due to this incident, but she kept it secret from her husband. However, the information was eventually leaked to her husband, as the man killed her and then himself out of anger. It is often believed that Hikaru Kamiki leaked this information to the husband.

Because of his traumatic past, it can be surmised that Kamiki developed a vendetta against young and rising actresses, as it was a popular actress who sexually assaulted him when he was still just a young boy. This was probably one of the reasons why he decided to kill Ai Hoshino, especially after she became pregnant just before they broke their relationship.

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