Peacemaker’s Final Episode Shocks With Major DC Characters


Season 1 of Peacemaker ended with a bang as the characters walked out of their mission alive, albeit seriously injured. Peacemaker was successful in stopping the butterflies and killing their cow. As he and the others walked away from the battlefield, they were greeted by familiar faces, who we know as major characters in the DC universe. But let’s find out what the Justice League was doing there and who in the team appeared in the Peacemaker finale.

What Was The Justice League Doing In Peacemaker?

Early on in the series, it was revealed that the Peacemaker team was going up against aliens called the butterflies, who take over people’s bodies and are blending in with society in the hopes of taking over. In short, this is a planetary threat.

But the reason why a small and dysfunctional team like the ones we saw in the series were sent to investigate the butterflies was that they needed to stay lowkey. Whenever a bigger team was sent out to try to investigate them, the leaders and politicians who are actually butterflies always found a way to stop the investigations. And that’s why a team like the Justice League or any other prominent hero was not asked to try to look into the butterfly mess.

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Then again, at the end of the series, when Peacemaker and the rest of the team were already walking away from a successful mission, the Justice League showed up. So, what was the Justice League doing in Peacemaker?

Early in the episode, Adebayo was seen talking to her mother over the fun. She told Amanda Waller about the entire butterfly mess and that she should send in the Justice League. We didn’t think she was serious about that statement, but Waller took it seriously as she was probably the one who contacted the League to go back them up against the butterflies.

Nevertheless, as Harcourt told Adebayo, it was probably too late to contact the Justice League because of the fact that the butterflies were already trying to teleport the cow. Relying on the Justice League, who did arrive late (to Peacemaker’s annoyance), would have just been futile because cow would have long been gone by then. That was why Peacemaker’s team had to go in to stop the butterflies with or without the League.

Which Justice League Characters Were In Peacemaker?

When the Justice League appeared at the end of the battle against the butterflies, silhouettes of the members of the League were shown. However, only four members of the six Justice League heroes we saw in the recent Justice League movie were present. Those heroes are Superman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman.


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However, what was pretty noticeable in that scene was that you couldn’t make out the faces of Superman and Wonder Woman because they were only silhouettes. While we can make the assumption that those silhouettes were based on their Justice League film counterparts, their faces weren’t shown.

Despite that, Aquaman was revealed to be played by none other than Jason Momoa, who took exception to Peacemaker’s statement of “Go f*ck another fish” by saying that he was already tired of that rumor.

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After that, The Flash was shown to be played by none other than Ezra Miller, who is the same actor who played him in the Justice League movie and the character’s upcoming film, The Flash. Barry Allen told Jason Momoa’s Aquaman that him having sexual relations with fish wasn’t a rumor.

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As such, The Flash basically confirmed the series’ standing joke that Aquaman was indeed sleeping with fish, even though everyone in the world thought that this story was merely a joke that Peacemaker thought was true when he read it on the internet.

Who Played Superman And Wonder Woman In Peacemaker?

Superman WW

As mentioned, Superman and Wonder Woman were only shown as silhouettes in the scene where the Justice League arrived. However, who played the characters?

It is believed that their silhouettes in the film were created through CGI, as no actors were credited for the roles. Stuntmen were probably chosen to act as the bodies of the characters, but it was clear that their silhouettes were quite similar to Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

So, why weren’t Cavill and Gadot chosen to portray their superhero counterparts in the Peacemaker cameo?

For starters, Cavill’s status as Superman is still up in the air. Since portraying Superman, Henry Cavill has been seen on Netflix originals, as he might have a contract that makes him exclusive to Netflix. Of course, we still don’t know whether or not he is going to reprise his role as the Man of Steel because that’s something that Warner Bros. is yet to confirm.

Meanwhile, during the time of the filming of the movie, Gal Gadot was busy with her newborn. Considering that her priority at that time was to be a mother, it was understandable that she would decline the offer to make an appearance in the series.

However, in an interview, James Gunn said that there weren’t even any conversations regarding the possibility of Cavill and Gadot making an appearance in the film. He said:

“I really thought it was going to be just Jason. And Ezra was more like the extra thing because I found that he was interested in doing it.”

That means that there were probably no efforts in bringing Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot to play their superhero roles. This is quite understandable considering the circumstances we mentioned above.

Why Weren’t Batman And Cyborg In The Cameo?

The Justice League film showed that there were six heroes in the League at that time. However, in Peacemaker, only four heroes were shown, as Batman and Cyborg were not even in the Justice League cameo. So, why weren’t they there?

As we all know, Ben Affleck is already done with playing Batman, as his final portrayal of the character is in The Flash. Meanwhile, we already know that The Batman is going to be played by Robert Pattinson. However, we also know that the version of Bruce Wayne in that movie is younger. We believe that bringing in Pattinson to play Batman ahead of his debut as the character in The Batman wasn’t something Warner Bros. was going to allow.


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Meanwhile, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Warner Bros have are not exactly talking to one another because of racist allegations made by the actor. This forced Warner Bros. to totally drop the character from the entire DCEU, as they were not even willing to recast Cyborg due to the comments made by the actor.

Considering those circumstances, it’s actually easy to understand why neither Batman nor Cyborg was shown even as silhouettes in the Justice League cameo in the Peacemaker finale.

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