‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Is Monet Dead? Here Is What We Know

Camila Diana and Cane Tejada

Monet Tejada (Mary J Blige) is a force of nature that no one wants to cross in Power Book II: Ghost, which is why fans fear for Tariq and Tasha. However, Monet spent most of her time in the third season mourning her son Zeke. She loses focus and rushes the decision to avenge Zeke, leaving the family broken, and finally gets shot by Tasha. Her diminished role as a queenpin and seeming resurgence of Tasha in the show has left fans wondering whether Monet is actually dead and whether Mary J Blige, who plays the role, is leaving the show.

Monet is not dead. The string of jaw-dropping plot twists towards the end of the third season of Ghost revealed that Diana and Dru are actually fuelling the fallout with the St. Patrick’s. Therefore, Monet’s decision to eliminate Lorenzo broke her family, as her children decided to kill her and use Tariq as a patsy. After Tasha St. Patrick shot Monet, it was revealed that she was taken to the hospital, where she had surgery but was still in critical condition.

Although most fans hope that Monet survived her life-threatening injuries, some fear that her inconsistencies in the show’s third season foreshadowed her death. With Monet out of the picture and Tasha back in a significant role in Tariq’s life, Ghost seems ready for a power shift. With Tariq, Brayden, and Tasha taking on everyone else, a Power Universe season wouldn’t get more interesting than that. So let’s look at where the show stands with Monet.

What happened to Monet in Ghost Season 3?

The Tejadas in Power

Tasha St. Patrick severely shot Monet in a drive-by shooting after Tommy informed her that Monet had given him the location of Tasha’s protective custody safe house.

Diana had convinced Tariq to shoot Monet, but Tasha showed up before Tariq could do it.

The whole thing was actually planned by Diana and Dru, who wanted Monet dead for killing Lorenzo Tejada.


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Monet had instructed Gordo to kill Lorenzo after she discovered that he had killed Zeke and tried to cover it up.

Although Monet tries to be smart about the assassination plot, Dru and Diana manage to discover the truth after Diana finds a police report with Lorenzo’s fingerprints in Tariq’s room.

Monet soon realized that the whole thing had collapsed and came clean to her children about killing Lorenzo.

She lied to Diana that her father had sent her to Stansfield because she was nosey, but Dru and Diana didn’t believe her and resolved to avenge their father by killing Monet behind Kane’s back.

Did Tariq snitch on Monet Tejada?

Tariq and Tasha St. Patrick 1

Monet suspected Tariq of being a snitch after she received Cooper Saxe’s posthumous letter claiming that Tariq was working with the feds.

However, Monet didn’t immediately believe it as she chose to investigate it first. She later believed that Tariq was innocent after she confronted him while pointing a gun at his face.

On the other hand, Diana, knowing that Tariq was innocent of the claims, chose to use him as a scapegoat to eliminate Monet.

She put on a wig to resemble Monet and delivered Cooper Saxe’s letter to Tommy Egan’s mother, Cate, who, in turn, delivered it to Tommy.

Her move ignited the war between the St. Patricks and the Tejadas, creating the perfect environment for Tariq to kill Monet.

Despite the suspicion and the fallout in the wake of Diana and Dru’s sinister plot, Monet still trusted Tariq because she was willing to work with him after she met with Noma.

Is Monet Dead in Power Book II: Ghost?

Monet and Diana Tejada

As of the end of the finale of Ghost’s third season, Monet was still alive but in critical condition after Tasha shot her.

Tasha believed she was keeping her family, including Tariq, safe when she shot Monet.

However, her move to kill Monet only put Tariq in danger and eliminates the possibility of working with the Tejadas.


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If Monet survived her injuries, she will also come after Tariq and his mother since Diana had already confirmed that Tariq was the shooter.

Therefore, the partnership between Tariq and the Tejadas is impossible, which means Tariq and Brayden will have to face the rest of the group in the upcoming war.

Monet might still find out the truth about Diana’s mischievous schemes and forgive Tariq, but Cane, Dru, and Noma might not wait for that long since they are already after Tariq.

Has Mary J Blige left Power?

The Tejada family

There is no official communication from Starz regarding Mary J Blige’s exit from the show.

Her character’s role in Ghost was greatly diminished in the third season as her life was in limbo after she killed Mecca and lost her son.

With Tasha seemingly back and Noma now leading the antagonistic gang in New York, Monet doesn’t seem to have a place as a queenpin anymore.

Her own children no longer listen to her, and no one seems to need her anymore since both Tariq and the Tejada siblings are doing just fine without her.


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It is, therefore, accurate to say that Monet is a dispensable character in Power Book II: Ghost.

If Monet dies, then Mary J Blige’s exit from the show will be definite since the Power rarely brings back actors once their character is killed off.

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