‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Is Tasha St. Patrick Dead?

Naturi Naughton in Power

Tasha St. Patrick was once the engine that kept the St. Patrick family going in Power, so her disappearance from the limelight in Power Book II: Ghost disappoints many fans. The show’s ninth episode changed that when Tommy finally came for his revenge against her. It was the first time fans got to see Tasha in a long time, but the episode ended in a cliffhanger with her whereabouts unknown. So, fans are justified to wonder whether Tommy killed Tasha St. Patrick.

A last Gift ended with Tariq waking up after being knocked out during his exchange with Tommy Egan. Tasha St. Patrick was last seen pleading with Tommy and Tariq to lower their guns and prevent bloodshed since they were the only family remaining. However, Tariq got knocked from behind by unknown assailants before he could shoot Tommy and was informed by Tameika that his mother was missing. There is still no information on whether she is alive or dead, but she is likely still alive.

Tommy and 2 Bit appearing in the same episode made a stunning twist in Ghost, making it look like Ghost was haunting Tariq. Tommy has every reason to kill Tasha because she snitched on him to save herself, but Power fans know that Tommy has always had a soft spot for her. Tasha could, therefore, be making a big comeback in the Power Universe, so let’s look into it.

Who is Tasha St. Patrick in Power?

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Tasha St. Patrick was James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s wife, who fell in love with him before he built his drug empire.

She wasn’t initially happy with her husband’s plan to go legit but later agreed to help after realizing it would be better for the family.

She also helps James to snitch on Kanan and send him to prison in their plan to become the most powerful drug dealer in the city.

Her relationship with James started deteriorating when she realized he was having an affair with his high-school sweetheart Angela.

She also started having an affair with Kanan’s son Shawn out of anger at James’ betrayal.

When Kanan exited prison, the St. Patrick family started falling apart, forcing Tasha to start planning to leave James and protect her children.


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Things worsened when her daughter Raina was killed, and Tasha discovered that Ray did it to get back at James.

After killing Ray to avenge her daughter’s murder, Tasha becomes angry with James again because he killed her second lover Terry.

She then joined hands with Tommy to try and kill her husband because a prenup she signed before the wedding meant she would be left with nothing if she divorced him.

Her plans to kill James fail after Tommy shoots Angela instead of James, and she later breaks ties with Tasha after he finds out that she killed his friend Keisha.

Tasha later witnessed her son Tariq kill James. She then tried to frame her lover Quinton for the murder but was later arrested since Quinton had an alibi.

What happened to Tasha St. Patrick in Ghost?

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Tasha was initially represented by Tameika, who got her a deal to serve four years probation for criminal negligence. Still, she fired Tameika before the deal went through because Tameika realized that Tariq was the real killer.

With no money for a lawyer, Tasha’s unqualified public defender got her another terrible deal that would see her serve 15 years in Jail.

To prevent his mother from going to prison, Tariq returned to drug dealing to afford Davies Maclean’s expensive fees, who later secured a three-year probation for Tasha.


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The deal required Tasha to tell the truth about the murder, but Tasha lied, saying that Tommy had killed her husband.

Tasha, however, got released on a technicality after Cooper Saxe bungled the prosecution’s case by sending his niece to drug Tariq to get him to reveal the truth.

Despite being free, Tasha was being hunted by Tommy, who was mad after being framed for James’s murder. To keep her safe, Tariq got her to cooperate with the authorities and go to witness protection.

Tasha was largely absent in most of Ghost until the ninth episode of the third season when Tommy showed up at her witness protection house after Monet Tejada revealed the location to him.

Did Tommy Kill Tasha?

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There was no confirmation of Tasha’s death from the show, so it is unclear whether Tommy went ahead to kill Tasha, although it is unlikely.

Tommy had come to Tasha’s witness-protection house to kill her because she framed him for James’ murder in the first season.

Despite Tariq arriving to protect his mother, someone, likely working with Tommy, hit Tariq on the back of the head, knocking him out.

The show hasn’t revealed what transpired in the house after Tariq passed out, but Tameika later told Tariq that his sister and grandmother were not harmed.

Tameika also revealed that they didn’t find Tasha’s body, which means Tommy might have taken her before the Marshals arrived.

Tommy once had a reason to kill Tasha after discovering that she had killed Lakeisha, but he realized he loved her too much to do it.

The same is likely to have happened at the safe house since Tasha reminded Tommy that he was still part of her family.

Has Naturi Naughton left Power?

There has been no official announcement from Starz about Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha St. Patrick leaving Power.

However, her involvement with the franchise has diminished considerably over the years since the end of the original show.

Naughton has been preoccupied with her role as Jill “Da Thrill” in ABC’s Queens since 2022, which could explain her absence from Ghost.

ABC canceled Queens after one season in May 2022, which leads fans to believe that Naughton might return to Power.


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While speaking to Blackfimandtv in 2022, Naturi confirmed that Tasha was still alive and that she had never officially left Power.

She repeated the same comments during an interview with The Breakfast Club in February 2023 after the production of Power Book II: Ghost’s third season was completed, suggesting that Tommy doesn’t kill Tasha.

Some fans believe that Tasha might join Tommy in Chicago since Tariq lost his trust fund, and there is no reason for her to stay in witness protection now that Tommy found her.

Tommy never knew that Tasha actually saved him when she killed Keisha. Although framing him for Ghost’s murder was wrong, it never landed Tommy in trouble, so he might just let it go.

Therefore, Tasha can join Tommy in Power Book IV: Force Season 2, which will be released later in 2023.

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