Qimir Reveals His Quest for the “Power of Two” – And We Think We Know What It Means

the power of two

Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’ returns to its slow pacing and mystery-building. Last week, Osha was taken by Qimir while Mae headed to Coruscant with Master Sol.

In this week’s episode, Osha wakes up to find herself face-to-face with a living, breathing Sith Lord. She had the chance to strike him down but chose not to.

Qimir revealed to Osha that she could unlock more power by harnessing her anger and lust, which she quickly pointed out as the path to the Dark Side. He also admitted that he used to be a Jedi and hinted at mistreatment by his Master. When Osha asked what he was seeking, he straightforwardly stated that he wanted the Power of Two.

This isn’t the first mention of this concept. In Episode 3, the witches of Brendok chanted about the Power of One, the Power of Two, and the Power of Many.

Although this chant became a meme, it’s important to consider its significance. While we don’t know exactly what the Power of Two is, we can make educated guesses. The most obvious theory is that Qimir seeks knowledge on manipulating the Force to create life. This knowledge likely stems from the witches of Brendok, who managed to “give birth” to Osha and Mae without a male being present. It could also connect him to Darth Plagueis, who is theorized to be mentioned in the show.

Considering that one of the mothers warned that Osha and Mae would be targeted by the Jedi once their creation was discovered, it’s reasonable to conclude that the witches practiced a Dark Side-aligned aspect of the Force.

Qimir clearly aims to capture either Osha, Mae, or preferably both, to access dark-side Force abilities. There’s also a chance that the twins, owing to their unique birth, possess special powers that he covets.

However, this is just one straightforward interpretation of the Power of Two. Another possibility is that it references the Sith Rule of Two. It’s plausible that Qimir is eager to recruit an apprentice to confront his Sith Master. Headland recently confirmed the show will introduce another Sith Lord, and speculation on their identity has been extensive.

Lastly, but certainly not least, another significant theory is that Qimir is actively seeking a Dyad.

A Force dyad, first introduced in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ between Rey and Kylo Ren, is a mysterious bond that connects two individuals through the Force. This connection enables them to access unique abilities such as communicating and transferring matter over vast distances.

Qimir may be attempting to form a dyad with one of the twins (Mae or Osha) or to harness a potential dyad existing between the sisters. Some speculate that Mae and Osha have had a dyad-like connection since the beginning, possibly influenced by their mothers forging such a bond.

If Mae and Osha’s clan indeed engineered a dyad, unlike the natural one between Rey and Kylo, it could clarify why the Jedi are intensely interested in the sisters and are urging their family to cease Force experimentation.

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